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Sure Okay looks like we are ready to go here. Welcome everyone to the blueprint teachings for Tuesday, January 26, 2015 or 16 rather and welcome were going to be with Mr. Mayren Keshe, of the Keshe foundation spaceship institute and pursuing the blueprint teachings for primarily for various Health Centre for a new type of health device that Keshe is to unveil today and I believe we were going to start out with the health pen blueprint teaching so Keshe. 
[Keshe]: Good morning to you as usual wherever and whenever you listen to these broadcasts this it today the 2nd blue print release of the Keshe foundation the first one on the 26 November 2015 we released the blueprints for energy and we have seen it developing in different ways as you'll decided to develop some have of you have succeeded some of you are succeeding and testing. In space energy is not one of the biggest problem or biggest concern in space how man survives in the fields of the plasma of the universe and how he can keep his own integrity and unified body together is more important.
So what is important to us in the space is how we can keep the body of the man intact in the way that no energy in space can or will affect this operation on earth we call it accidents physical accidents in the space the accident in space happens through interaction with the fields more than the matter state, you enter zones you enter conditions you enter environments unknowingly can dissolve or interact with any part of your body and in majority of the cases can lock into the amino acid structure of the  plasma of the human race. 
The present time we call these viruses so we have to develop the technique of the technology to interact with the viruses not with what you call microbes, microbes hardly ever exist in the space for man. Is the plasma of the environment which changes or attaches itself to the plasma of the amino acid of the man and this can itself lead to the destruction of the man himself. This is important because we are part of the structure. 
In the space we receive energy on unknowing does not matter how we protect ourselves so we have to have tools to reverse these conditions or extract the energy from the structure of the body of the man that does not end with literally dilution of the weakest strength of the amino acid of the man to end and create the demise of the man. 
Today’s teaching is in that direction we do not show you the tools how to operate or open the man we don’t show you system to overcome cold others but today’s teaching is the basis for the man to understand a new technology a new way to save his life in the space even though some of you might use it for in a way application of the technology for yourselves we encourage you we would like you to build as many of these units by the time you finish today we allowed 8 hours of  blueprint disclosure today if you go beyond 8 hours we carry on with it tomorrow we come back to it on Thursday trying to build as many units as you can and test it. 
In this process the cancer is a plasma in the matter state which is part of the structures the amino acid the gans of the body of the man you can  interact with it. from today be due course if man understands how to use the systems which we disclose no man should die of cancer but it’s for the man to find out how to handle these new systems to overcome Alzheimer's and all diseases known to man can be overcome we show you the path we show you the initial technique we put down the blueprint, is for you to develop for the humanity.
Today we make art of humanity one huge laboratory of science that every man who listens to this teachings will become part of the structure. We work together to make one nation and one nation works to care for each other. In the teaching today we teach you how to feed yourself free of any entity matters state in the process of the teaching some of you will understand how you can create a condition to extract energy from the body of the man that there is no need for waste or production of waste. 
In space we cannot do what now the space people do back our excrement and throw it in the space hopefully hits nobody. In space will not produce anything with the new technology to reduce today. The use of internal organs like the stomach and the rest would become minimal. The function of the lung will become minimal because now you will learn how as we said the 20% of the energy taken from intake of air and food will be replaced totally with the energy within the structure of the man. 
Some of you might not understand the usage but some of you what have seen the usage. You should not think that once I touch the machine I should not go hungry for years the body of the man consumes energy to keep alive and what it doesn’t need it creates as a waste. from now on you still need to do the same but you can feed your body on a constant bases every few hours by using the machine you have received the energy and what is waste will be given back to the body of the system. So don't think that just because I eat or use the system I have to stay alive for rest and I don’t need to eat anymore. It’s very simple you take energy and what is below sub level does not use to anybody in your structure then it needs to be released so others can use it or elevate it. 
so the systems you will see and the system will start teaching today is and works in that package in that process it works in the package of understanding how energy is transferred is done in the process to understand how energy is transferred across both intake and outtake this might be a bit farfetched for you but in the course of time you will understand how this can be done you will test it we have people tested the initial stage of it and hopefully they would be online today that they can explain a bit. You can remedy diseases but you test and you will first know we have seen the operation of the simple version of these things with the pens with the pads and you have reported.
 The human race has become one big huge test tube laboratory that where we tested ourselves  we test our humanity  to test our body to see if the process works and how it works. We’ve seen the return of the youth and we’ve seen the problem  we both can be and cause problems being in operation of the body or the others.  to achieve where we are  as part of the Keshe foundation worldwide  as a Keshe foundation family  as 1 planet 1 race 1 nation  there are a lot of people who do a lot of work in the background for the Keshe foundation some of you know some of the some of you done that is of you don’t .these are the people who have devoted a lot of their time in services to humanity. 
We’ve seen Vince and Rick for a long time they have been the backbone structure. We’ve seen Armin and Marco who have set behind very structure now that the foundation works with them. We’ve seen people like Mike Nasser who has brought a lot of joy to a lot of people even he sacrificed a lot of his own time. We’ve seen Tom Sellers out of the disaster he has made the condition and now he moving to Hawaii to teach. Andy Ross and Reverend Aniston in the US  Mr. Korn, Anicek Ninov and Abina these are the new people we should thank them will bring in the new knowledge the new directions in different part of the world. Annactia Lisa she is the backbone of the Keshe foundation in China. we will see how the Chinese will flourish and they become the goal post of the Keshe foundation in the far east. 
As some of you might know the Keshe foundation teaching centre in China is set to structure at the Chinese New Year so the teachings will move to China in Chinese language we expect the same in India and other continents but at the end it's you who brings this big laboratory to work. We have seen how Ali has sacrificed a lot of things to promote the space travel we have other people in the team one of the major backbones of the whole structure is Caroline who supports foundation relentlessly. 
We thank all these people who have been there for us but now today we are going to a new phase today we announce what we announced a long time ago. I’ve explained to you a long time ago for foundation to have a base and for our work to be carried out we will announce a name of a city which we see will be the capital of the world organisation. We call it the world organisation as a new government where people will come as one planet.
Today we announce the city of Dubai as the city for the seat of the Keshe foundation for world government. The reason I chosen the city is because it is made of over 180 nations, nationalities working together. The city is peaceful the city stands as edge of the size in development the leadership is just un replicates and its perfect for the work of the Keshe foundation. In time open the institutes and we establish the world centre governments in the way. The next point which we have to go through is to understand the work of how we will run the establishment as one nation one city. I have taken residence in Dubai to see this matter through. 
I have moved out of Italy and I am beginning to pay for past month to how it will be done and will take shape. We will receive support of the world governments in coming time to establish the first world government in the city. It suffers from no natural disasters no earthquakes and no hurricanes so it’s a safe place to establish a safe life. 
We will set up individual cases individual cities  the position of the Keshe foundation in Italy will not change  Italy will stay as the centre of education over Europe. The Barletta centre will stay the same. The establishment of the Chinese teaching centre will go to Shanghai  as it is the teaching centre and we can all agree to be done. We will open teaching centres not in the west coast of the united states but somewhere with Mike Nasser where we feel safe position  on the other hand we move to South America for teaching and development of the central teaching most probably in Brazil. We have set the structure we will follow the structure, India will have his own teaching centre and established and we support it. 
The teaching of the Keshe foundation will go ahead relentlessly  today for the first time will show you  the end products of the Keshe foundation  carrying the logo of the Keshe foundation and nobody else. Rick can we have the pictures of the products of the Keshe foundation which is ready from release from today. You have the pen and the pads please? While Ricks is getting this ready  let’s just explain to what this means. We call the city of Dubai the spaceship city  we call Dubai  the city of peace  and we call Dubai  the city of the governments of this planet  so it's important for Keshe foundation supporters to work in that direction we don’t change anything  but now we give is a capital we give it a centre to work towards one nation one planet. 
凯史基金会的教学将继续,我们会第一次给你们展示凯史基金会带着标志的独一无二的最终产品,瑞克,可以给我们看一下今天要展示的凯史基金会的产品图片吗?你们有笔和止痛贴吗?  在瑞克准备的时候,让我们解释一下这是什么意思。我么称迪拜为太空船之城,和平之城,这个星球的政府之城,所以它对凯史基金会支持者来说十分重要,他们在这个方向工作,我们不改变任何事。但是现在我们将建立一个首都,成为所有支持者向一个国家,一个星球的方向共同努力的基地。
There is something important  we always spoke about one nation one planet one race but if you notice I never mention religion  because we don't need one religion on this planet. Religion only tied up with this planet beyond earth atmosphere  there is nothing called religion because once you believe in God you believe in your own creator  you don't need to believe in his subordinate  so we done with the religious and religious leaders. this way we work as one with peace and we believe in the creator and work in govern of equality  so we go with one planet one nation one race and we ask world leader religious leaders to step down on their position as of today  we don’t support any uprising or any revolution but understanding of the totality  we will finish with the term of the Vatican as of today has no power and shall carry no power. 
We have finished with the Islamic leaders position being ayatollah or Evans. We finish with the Jewish leaders the same and other religious leaders as one nation one race  we believe in the creator itself and not to his assistance and whatever has been made to abuse the man  on the other hand we finish with the Kingship and Kingship done  as of today we abolish the Kingship  there shall be no kings as the man are all equal. 
You have all the tools to make yourself equal  so the Kings in Europe and the Kings in other parts of the world your term has terminated. You are no higher than the ordinary man  and ordinary man is higher than the King  this is established and will obey it  our wish is our command and we will see it through. The basis of the election of the world government will be those who promote peace only  on the base of no arms no guns and no conflict. 
You will understand by the end of today why we announce these things and why we chose today, today is 26 of one 2016  which adds up to 9  we chose 26 of 11 2015 for release of energy which adds up to 9.  9 is the end and the beginning of new and from today is a New World order for the man  in the world of peace and unity  so we teach you everything by the end of the teaching appropriate today  you have the energy  you have the space technology  now you have food and that what is need for you to survive. The pen in front of you is what you can buy from the Keshe foundation  or you can produce it yourself. We have told all the ways and people are doing it using different way. The pens would be available on the Keshe foundation website sometimes today the same goes with the pad. Do you have a picture of the pad please?
今天结束之前你们会理解,为什么我们会选择今天公布这些事。今天是2016年1月26日,加起来会加到9。我们选择2015年11月26日进行能源蓝图释放,也是因为数字加起来可以加到9。9是结束也是新的开始。今天起人类拥有新的世界秩序,和平与统一的新世界。所以我们在今天之前会教你们一切。你们有能量,有太空技术,现在你们有食物和生存需要的东西。在你面前的笔 可以从凯史基金会买到,或者你们可以自己做。我们已经告诉了所有的制作方式,有人正在用不同的方式制作。治疗笔可以在凯史基金会网站上获得,还有止痛包。你有止痛包的图片吗?
These are the pad which have produced and carry the logo of the Keshe foundation within next 3 days 4 days we will release it within Europe with CE certification but outside Europe you can purchase it as you like  the power units will be restructured on the packing and presentation  and you can use the new power units for the space technology and medicine we will explain to you how you do it one by one as we come across it . Do we have somebody from the united states who wants to present the first blueprint for the pen? Do you see him Rick  have you managed to find him?
这些是生产的止痛包 ,带着凯史基金会的标志。在未来的三到四天,我们会在欧洲发布它,它有CE认证,但是在欧洲之外你也可以购买。新的重组的能量单元会有新的包装与展示。你可以在太空技术和药物中使用新的能量单元,我们会一步步告诉你们怎么做。 我们有从美国来的人吗?谁想要展示这个笔的第一个蓝图?你能看到吗?瑞克,你能找到他吗?
[Vince]: No I don’t see him in the list yet as well as the other person you are asking Keshe
[Keshe]: Is Arnold or Almond or Arnold on the line?
凯史: 是阿诺德还是阿蒙德,阿诺德在线吗?
文斯: [Vince]: I don’t see them but let me check again 
[Keshe]: Has anybody risen his hand for diabetic?
[Vince]: Armand? 
[Keshe]: Yeah 
[Vince]: Is that his name Armand? 
 [Keshe]: Yeah 
[Vince]: Okay I will promote you to panel list 
[Keshe]: We can see Renon in the background do you see?
[Vince]: Yes Armand is now in Armand you can unmute your mic 
[Armand]: Hello there can you hear me? 
[Keshe]: Yes 
[Armand]: okay  its pleasure to be here  I'm kind of new to the zoom  but I'll try to get some things up for you  hi I'm Armand from the Long Beach group  and what were really excited about here is a new well were calling it a health cannon survival canon if you will  and I think if you can see the picture there Is it up on the screen?
[Vince]: Yap I can see it 
[Armand]: okay  yes this is what we came up with  and it's really not a far throw from the pain pens  I will go through its construction and how it was produced in a few minutes  I just go over very briefly  what we did is we took 2 coils  and we nano coated them which I will show you the process that we did with that it's a little different so it's two coils with 18 lines and we did the trident star formation at the bottom with the points and as a stylist in the middle which gives us our third point around the quartz crystal and I put a little bit of gans  some herbal concoction that I came up with  and I'll tell you about how that worked when we ready to do the testimonials or I can start explaining now or would you like to see how it was built? 
阿曼德:好的。这是我们想出的,这和治愈笔相差不远。我将要展示它的建构,如何在几分钟之内生产出来。我会尽量简洁的说明,我们要有两个线圈,给它们纳米涂层,我给你们展示这个过程,这有一点不同,这两个线圈有18转,在底部做成带点的三叉戟似的星型组合, 作为一种在中间的造型,周围放了石英晶体,我想出再放一点甘斯,一些草药混合物,当我们准备好进行测试时我将介绍它怎样运作。或者我现在就解释,还是你们想要看看它是怎样构建的吗?
[Keshe]: show us how it’s built and then…
[Armand]: okay what we did we think we may have come up with a new way to nano coat and produce the gans  let me show you what we did. What I'm doing is I'm using copper wool  it’s the copper chorboy scouring pads that they sell  and what we are doing is we are nano coating these and they come out pitch black and  the good thing about this way is as Mike has mentioned is the surface to volume ratio seems to be greater than that of the copper plates  I noticed when I was doing the copper plates making the gans  that the nano would sometimes,kind of slide off and run down and would this I can show you a picture here is the way let me get that shot up here. 
阿曼德:好的,我们现在做的,我们可能有了一个新的方式做纳米涂层,制作甘斯。我来展示一下我们怎么做。我正在做的是,使用铜细丝, 这是网上卖的铜丝制的清洁球。我们所做的是给它们进行纳米涂层,然后变成漆黑。这样做好的一方面就像迈克提到的表面积大于铜板表面积。我注意到,当我在做铜板,制作甘斯时,纳米有时候可能会滑下,我可以给你们展示一个图片,(我来把图片放上来)
this is the way the gans comes of the coils  it comes off in a cloud and it's really beautiful to watch  and we have found now this will produce close to an inch gans on the bottom.  This is seawater in here  and I've got about 90 - 100 mV and about 1.2 1.4 V with zinc plate  and over here I've got some brass which I can go into in a couple of minutes and  basically what we did we took the shiny chorboy scrub pad here you can pretty much pick up anywhere and through that treatment it comes out like that and then what we did is took the coated we took the coils here,
这是甘斯从线圈中出来的方式, 它像一朵云,看起来很漂亮。我们现在发现,这个将会在底部产生近一英尺的甘斯 。这里是海水,给里面通90-100mV 的电压,锌板有1.2到1.4V,这里我用了一些黄铜从而可以在几分钟之内进入里面 (右边箭头)。基本上,我们做的带着这个闪闪的铜丝球 ,你可以带到任何地方,通过处理后就变成这样 ,我们把这里的线圈 
 let me show you a quick picture of the way that were doing  this is the way were doing the coils  were doing a steam pressure cook  and in this particular picture they'd been through one 4 to 5 hour pressure cooking are still just a little bit of copper showing on some of them,  so we are dipped them back I mean we put them back and steam them again  and they came out nice and shiny black here  and this is what they look like with 18 turns now after these were nano coated .
让我来给你看一幅图片,看我们做了什么。这是我们处理铜线圈的方式 ,做了一个蒸汽压,在这个图片中,他们经历了4到5个小时的蒸汽压力烹蒸后,只是有一点铜显示在它们中间。然后我把它们放回去,我的意思是放回去重新用蒸汽蒸,他们出来就会变成很好很闪亮的黑色。它们看起来有18转,现在他们已经被纳米涂层了。
I took the large coil and I swirled it in the CO2 gans  let it dry  I took the inner coil into the CU  and with the stylists I dipped it in the this solution here  I'm sorry this solution here  which I'm calling the honey  and this is one of my favourite ganses as it kind of has a mind of its own seems to be defying gravity almost here  its kinda leaning to one side it will shoot up occasionally kinda wander around and come back almost  like it’s trying to escape  so that's what that's in this jar here  so as the after they were coded and the stylus was coated with this here  after they were coated while they were drying just about before they were dry we put a voltmeter on them  and was reading the just charging and reading the voltage and I was putting the negative down on this end with the positive here 
我拿起这个大的线圈 ,把它放进二氧化碳甘斯中 ,然后让其干燥。把这个里面的线圈 (下面)放入这个铜........抱歉,我把它放进了这个溶液中 ,这个溶液我称之为蜂蜜, 这是我最喜欢的甘斯之一,它好像有自己的思想,在这里拒绝重力的影响 ,它似乎倾向于到一边来 ,不时的向上聚集并向两边徘徊,好像它尝试要逃离。这就是在这个罐子里的东西。所以,它们被涂层后,尖笔 然后在这里涂层 (中间瓶子),涂层后再让其变干燥,再变干燥之前,我们放伏特计在上面看读数,显示它在充能,读数是伏特,我把负极放到这边 (右边),正极放在这里(左边)。
I wasn't switching polarities just my intuition says  might mess up the way it's been structured so I care my meter leads the same on all of them with the negative point   and while they were drying  is when I did that  and I was reading up to a 100 sometimes 120 and higher millivolts  I just stop these coils just sitting here while they were drying  so that was pretty interesting that I was pretty interesting  and then we assembled them in the tube  let me get a picture here  now we do have some very nice engineering drawings done by Robert.
我没有转换极性,只是直觉认为这可能会打乱它构建的方式,所以我用仪表时把负极都接在右边 ,当它们正在干燥的时候,我就是那样做的。读数显示到100到120mV甚至更高。我停下来,坐在这里,这个其实很有趣,很有趣,然后我把它们组装在管子中。我来放一张图片,现在我们能看到罗伯特画的非常棒的工程图 。
  the actual construction might be a little easier to understand  he drew those according to the specs of the one I built   that's little easier for you  not too complicated with the twisted ends of the top  is pretty straightforward to straightforward device  but the key is the delivery system  and that is what I would like to go over Keshe I heard your beginning to talk there and that was quite inspiring  and I believe with this delivery system putting the tube into the water and consuming it  we can turn ourselves into the alchemical gold from the inside out  it's amazing Keshe what you have brought to this world ,
实际的结构可能会更容易理解。他根据我构建的单元的规格画出了这些,能让你们更容易理解,它扭曲的顶端也不是特别复杂,是非常简单的一个设备 。但是关键是传送系统,这是我想要重温完善的。凯史先生,我听到您谈到那里,十分鼓舞人心。我相信有了这个传送系统可以把这个管子放在水中 ,然后可以喝它(治百病)。我们能从内而外把自己变成炼金术里的黄金。凯史先生您给世界所带来的东西真是不可思议。
 let me just share my experience with this first I am a hypoglycaemic diabetic  if I miss a meal during the day  it's really bad news for me  bad headaches confusion things of that nature   after I made the pen I consume the water and just wasn't hungry and just went with it and didn't eat and I didn't eat for the rest of the day  and I usually have a snack at night sugary to get my glucose up while I sleep  I didn't feel I needed that so I didn't do that   the next morning I had a cup of coffee no breakfast  and  lunch time I forgot I had a lunch date and I had some fish little bit of rice and for the next 2 days   that was on Saturday and on Tuesday evening I finally said I should probably eat and you get such an up lift ment from this   what I think is happening is  its energizing the plasma in my blood  and it sending it directly in my brain of course  and it's hard to explain the feeling but the closest I can comes about  is a pot of coffee  but without any of the effects of jittery and nervousness and things like that   I had energy to clean the garage rearrange the furniture in my bedroom walk-through lows which are usually leaning on a shopping cart  halfway through I'm just walking along like you know normal  and that was without food that was after three days without food  so I have proven it beyond any doubt to myself now .
others may have different reactions everybody's little different diabetic might take this in and drink the water and wind up curing something else  he wasn't even aware of I suppose as possible anything really is possible  just one more testimony the lunch date that came over an old friend of mine  he's a he's 83 years old he is also a diabetic  and he saw my glass of water and he goes what’s that  so I explained it to him and he goes can I try it  he is quite an adventurous guy  and I said sure it's not exactly tested yet but I am having very good results with it so sure  I expect only good from it so  he drank two glasses of glass you see on your screen  that was on a Saturday on a, he has to take his medication daily to give his levels down specially first thing in the morning and he is been doing that for about 10-12 years now and I talk to him on Wednesday 
其他人可能会有不同的反应,可能会有不同病情的糖尿病人服下这个水,然后意外治愈其他疾病,他甚至可能都不知道。我设想是可能的,任何事都可能会发生。另一个例子是,午餐时候,有一位老朋友来我家,他已经83岁了,也有糖尿病。他看到我杯子里的水,问这是什么,我就向他解释,他想尝试一下,他很有冒险精神。我说当然可以,虽然还没有严格测试过,但是我的效果还是比较好的,所以我希望会是好的一方面。他喝了两杯你在屏幕上看到的这种水 ,那是在周六,他需要每天服药来降低血糖,第一件事就是在早上喝药,到现在已经持续了10到12年,我周三跟他聊天
and he said he hadn’t taken his medication since Saturday  since the day he drank the water and  I just went what because I did I wasn't aware at that time it could be used for lowering the glucose levels  or bringing them back to normal so  that was a just a very pleasant unexpected side effects which turned out wonderful  and my levels are fine  energy busting through the roof  if there's any questions I can answer I'd be more than happy to 
[Keshe]: what are those crystals in the tube?
[Armand]: well in that my tube I put the quartz crystal there is topaz, triline, rose quartz and that about it 
[Keshe]: Could we have a copy of the blueprint we add it to the blueprint page please 
[Armand]: I sure will sir absolutely and I'll go ahead and include these done by Robert
[Keshe]: Please
[Armand]: okay 
[Keshe]: Let me explain this that it’s the first time we see the three pin base  and at same time different people use different ganses  we better give the detail of your honey pot  maybe you are taking the energy from the honey pot which is nano coated  so in the way you have replaced the energy in the plasma condition  and this is more or less if you can give the direct life and the body can learn on time  that it does not need it maybe that is the honey  which the end in a way transfers the energy of itself to the structure of your body 
[Armand]: It could be and it’s actually a an exotic herb that's in Africa, I'm sorry 
[Keshe]: can you explain to us how you made that 
[Armand]: well I was going to explain that the ingredients in that I would like to if I could forward those to you  instead of 
[Keshe]: explain to us now it has to be done we are a public teaching. Explain to us what done please  we have all the time in the world 
[Armand]: Okay I was to going to send that to you but 
[Keshe]: You can still send it us there is no problem
[Armand]: okay okay 
[Keshe]: so we it will go on the blueprint 
[Armand]: well you want the actual recipe? 
[Keshe]: of course we don't like your colour of your eyes you think we are here for that 
[Armand]: I'm all to share it Keshe but I'm just concerned about certain folks hearing about this 
[Keshe]: doesn’t matter now we are stronger than ever those folks you are worried about that’s their problem today 
[Armand]: Okay Keshe there could in this country yes 
[Keshe]: Pardon? 
[Armand]: Yes Rick 
[Keshe]: They are what? 
[Rick]: It’s a legal thing that’s what I had in mind 
[Armand]: I can tell you the process Keshe and what I did
[Keshe]: Please we need the process 
[Armand]: absolutely sir and you can do this with many herbs not just this particular one  I've heard people anyway what I did sir was I took this herb and it is not herd nobody's ever heard of this problem except you Keshe because you mentioned it in one of your teachings  it starts with an I and know this well what I did was I made…
[Keshe]: what is the I? 
凯史: I是什么?
[Armand]:  Iboga  so what I did is I put it in…
[Keshe]: What is that can you explain to us what is it 
[Kevon]: okay Keshe let me explain Iboga is a African root which is used by shamans in Africa for Trent psychedelic therapy therapedical  especially against addiction  has is 95 90% effectivity rate  and use its highly useful and effective in a lot of for a lot of things 
凯文: 好的,凯史先生,我来解释,伊博格是非洲的一种植物木本植物的根,在非洲是萨满巫师实施特伦特迷幻疗法的药物,尤其是针对上瘾,有效率达95.9%,充分利用它对很多事物都有效。
[Keshe]: like what?
[Kevon]: addiction that's for sure and a lot of 
[Keshe]: to recover from addiction or to make them? 
[Kevon]: Yes to recover totally recover like totally 
[Keshe]: The reason I accepted this presentation before mine because when we received this original communication from Armand was that it can help with the recovery from addiction that’s why we brought this up that’s why I allowed you to come on not only for diabetic but for addiction resolve 
[Armand]: and I am so excited about this Keshe if I can explain a little further I went down to Costa Rica years ago I've been studying this and experimenting for years and I went down to Costa Rica and worked with the shaman for a couple weeks  
and I saw first-hand heroin addicts cold turkey taking this substance, it’s a tree bark is what it is  it's tree bark like penicillin  and they took as they had no withdrawal symptoms and they walked out of there after a week happy smiling  no pain no misery  just glad to be alive and with a spiritual enhancement  they were in touch with their inner self and  I just life was good for them so  and I saw that was several several severe cases they just walked out just fine  and that's one of the reasons I am so excited about this is because it does work 
[Keshe]: in your email to me you mentioned some dust falling in detail  there is problem a huge problem with addiction around the world 
[Armand]: yes sir 
[Keshe]: especially your part of the world  it's your responsibility now that you can save a life of a man for drinking water from this and bring a lot of families into misery to disclose it fully
[Armand]: It would be my dream 
[Keshe]: so carry on  you have the whole day  explain to us how you do it the way you do it 
[Armand]: I am sure it needs some refinement but this is the way I made my 
[Keshe]: lots of people will do it 
[Armand]: I know they will 
[Keshe]: if it means we can produce these in South America with the American, South American Keshe foundation to export to rest of the world that  it can help and the right way to do it.
[Armand]: absolutely 
[Keshe]: the only people who suffer from this is the presidents and the kings who benefit by the drug trafficking 
[Keshe]: So that’s their problem not ours 
Armand]: absolutely 
[Keshe]: I think you make a big hole in the pocket of the queen of England  they control most of the drug trafficking in central east Asia 
[Armand]: oh my gosh 
[Keshe]: That’s where the money for the monarchy comes from  as you know Afghanistan has been used heavily by the British government in invention of drugs  
that’s how they did in Helmond area in Afghanistan they brought the Chinese to their  knees in the last century  and this actually they are using again Helmond area for the same purpose for bringing drugs into middle east of the world to control the purpose of the war in Afghanistan was not Islamic  was to reposes the Helmond area to control the most of the world through drugs through the British monarchy we have seen it working that how they got the Hong Kong they brought the Chinese to their knees to their knees with the drug 
so maybe it will be offering it will offer a solution to world people that they can plant as much as they like and the glass of water can reverse it so what you teach is more than what I teach so you solve the problem for centuries for man which the British found a way to finance their operations  so you have all the time to explain it thoroughly 
[Armand]: okay so the way I was doing it was I made a teabag like out a coffee filter in which I placed the bar in the container and I hung it down about here in the gans solution and let it sit there for about four hours and I could see it travelling out of the out of the filter I could see brown particles mixing some type of absorption a solvent or coagula something like that coagulating down here with the gans and it had little brown particles I don't know if you can see in the glass but I guess not but here's a couple other little items are you just pop these in a sport bottle  
[Armand]:好的,我是做了一个茶包,就像在外面的咖啡过滤器,然后把一个棍子放在容器里,把这个茶包放入甘斯溶液里悬挂起来,大概在这里 。让它在那里停4个小时左右。我能看到它从过滤器中渗漏出来,能看到棕色的颗粒,相互形成一种凝块状的混合物,它们与甘斯相互混合沉淀在这里 (鼠标所指),仍有一些棕色的颗粒物,我不知道你们在杯子中看到没有,我猜没有,但是这里有很多小的物体 ,你只是把它放在运动瓶中吗?
[Keshe]; No no go back to where 
[Armand]; I’m sorry sir, I’m sorry okay yeah let me get back here and it just seemed to work fabulous that way I washed it now washing in an alchemy is quite important and I'm assuming the number of times like 3 6 and 9 is always recommended all my been doing that a minimum of three and about six times I believe I did the one of my pen about six times 
阿曼德:抱歉,先生,抱歉,好的,让我来倒回到这里 ,它看起来运作的很有效,炼丹似的清洗它是非常重要的,我设想次数大概是3次,6次,9次都可以。我做的每次都是至少3次,大约6次。我有时做一个笔的时候洗了6次。
[Keshe]: What do you mean by 6 times what did you do?
[Armand]: I washed it  I took the gans out of the container  I poured it into a jar  and I let it sit for about a day, day and a half until everything settles on the bottom  and then I suck the excess water off the top of the solution  all the water until it's down to about maybe an eighth or a quarter of an inch above the actual solution at the bottom the gans  and then I  take distilled water and I swirl around  not too violent but I swirl it around  and I watch things settle and I let it sit for another day  I take that water out the same way with a hypodermic turkey pester are usually works good  and I repeat that process 3 to 6 times  and that's the washing that you do to get it purified  and to get all of the gross material out that might be left  and it comes out very very clean and then after that let me see if I can get the picture  after well it’s the other picture, after it came out it looked like that 
阿曼德:我清洗了它。我从容器中取得甘斯,把它放入罐子中,静置大概一天,一天半,知道所有的东西都沉在底部,然后我把多余的水从溶液顶部吸掉,吸掉所有的水,直到剩下溶液高度的八分之一或者四分之一英尺,底部是甘斯。然后倒入蒸馏水,搅动之,不要过于剧烈,搅过之后,我发现物体沉积,再静置一天。我用同样的方式把水取出来,用一个土耳其注射器通常很有效,我重复这个过程达3到6次。这就是清洗的办法。把所有的脏东西取出来,它就变得非常非常干净。之后,让我来看看能不能放出这张照片,哦,这是另一张,在之后,他看起来就像这个 。
[Keshe]; so repeat the process you took the bark of the tree or the root 
[Armand]: It’s the outside bark correct 
[Keshe]: so you placed it in a tea bag and you put it while the CO2 was getting produced with the copper and the zinc in the container.
[Armand]: that’s correct I was figuring during that process  the information the actual information was being transferred also  that was my intuition so to speak  is that the all the information will travel and get accumulated and be transferred into the test tube and 
[Keshe]: okay let me ask a question, which country did you go to get the bark? Or where can you get this bark?
[Armand]: it's a small country in Africa called Gabon, G A B O N
[Keshe]: Where else do you get it from?
[Armand]; that’s the only place I know of there is tribes there that that's their it’s very celebrated through all the tribes in Western Africa 
[Keshe]: okay 
[Armand]: if you're adventurous you can search online 
[Keshe]: wait hold on is Alex online Alex? Alex you a there?
[Vince]: Alex is there you are just not unmuted yet. Alex can you hear us?
[Keshe]: I was talking to him this morning he was online. Where can you get this material easily in the 
[Kevon]: Keshe can I show you I have it with me, it’s a powder you can get it legally in Austria
[Keshe]: ok listen both 2 of both Armand and Kevon is Renon online? Renon are you there? 
[Renon]: Yes sir I am here sir 
[Keshe]: let’s put team together  this is our responsibility now. If this is correct and what we have seen works I don’t see if it looks like it is working  can we put a test trial in Philippine and you 3 get together with the innovation team in Philippine and produce something like 100 units of these very urgent  and send it across the Keshe foundation on clerks around the world  and let it be tested with the drug addicts and people with diabetic 
[Renon]: okay sir 
雷兰: 好的,先生。
[Keshe]: Kevon can you produce can you provide that to Renon.
[Kevon]: Well I can get it here the other question is I mean can we send this to Philippine?
[Keshe]: Pardon? Hello
[Robert]: its illegal some places  there are other herbs and stuff that are very similar though  Ayihuasca which is made of 2 mellow root and mallow bark and Ayihuasca 
[Keshe]: Who is speaking? 
[Robert]; Robert Stubblefield  there are other ways  even the San Pedro cactus has small amounts of the compound 
[Keshe]: okay let’s solve the biggest problem for humanity now you have found the solution to it most probably. First of all they don’t need to drink it we can just produce these pens and just give it to countries which are heavily what I call loaded by the nations to drain the finances from them. I am sure we can get the support of the Iranian government I will speak to the Iranian leadership in transferring some of these pens for testing we can literally take them in immediately. 
We give the full support from the Iranian government in that respect  what I would like you to do is to as many as these pens and any of you who are listeners and you have access to these and  give it to the people who are drug addicts and I t’s a pen in a glass of water it can change the lives of a lot of people. The drug addicts don’t suffer themselves  it’s their families which pay for it. The children the wives the mothers who brought up these youngsters and what I call the dragons of the money to sit in their kingships have supported it to control. 
So if any of you have access to this  follow the blueprint which is I think it is a more important than what we are going to show or teach today  use this and you put back on the testimonial. Renon take Armand as part of the innovation team  and let’s work it out  and let’s see how we can change this if it can be changed  any of you who have and understood because we could spend a lot of time on this today that we can understand the process report back to us. How long do you take Armand to see the result? 
[Armand]: well let’s see from do you mean like just the gans or the whole process?
[Keshe]: the whole process from the time you drank it and you saw the results
[Armand]: Oh my goodness oh geez  less than an hour  less than an hour  I felt my I felt more alert  I felt like it had the energy of a couple of cups of coffee without the coffee  appetite was gone  well not gone but  I just wasn't hungry and I was gone and the rest of the day  I flew through it, it was marvellous  so about an hour 
[Keshe]: okay this what you see can affect the drug addicts and the diabetics 
[Armand]: one thing  Keshe with the diabetics in case that there is some listening out  there be caution because you still need to check your levels and still have plenty of food around so you know 
[Keshe]: fully understood 
[Armand]: I just wanted to share that 
[Keshe]: We do not say we have found the solution 
[Armand]: no I just wanted to share it 
[Keshe]: We send it to be tested that’s for other people to share. 
[Armand]: Thank you 
[Keshe]: This is what is important  that’s why when I saw your email a few days ago  I said to Armand this has, we got to talk. We have another situation which hopefully we will bring you down if we can get into it with one of the Keshe foundation supporters or people who support us has lost a finger  I will try to test the first time the regrowth of the finger within next day or 2 if we can get access to him. 
So we spread the knowledge and the technology very rapidly in that way. Today is end of the teaching I will explain to how to build these units for regrowth and give it freely to the hospitals to follow the procedure. This is part of the blueprint if I forget remind me. The process please go in fine detail we have all the time explain to us step by step how and what you have done the rest of it please. 
[Armand]: Okay let me look at the pictures well I'm really fairly excited about this process here too I think this may add something to your every little bit adds to the whole and I think with the scour pad that it could be a better finish I'm not, I'm just guessing could be a better finish on the coils because they did come out looking fantastic just not a great shot but
阿曼德:好的,让我仔细看看图片 。我对这个过程感觉十分兴奋,我认为这个可能给整体里加了一些东西。我认为有了冲刷垫可能结果会更好一些。我只猜测可能对线圈的完成会更好一些。因为他们看起来十分棒,不是最好,但是
[Keshe]; did you use a steam caustic 
[Armand]: yes I did
[Keshe]: For the wires as well 
[Armand]: yes, no no no not for the wire and not for the coils no  I used, let me get that back up here this  I use the steam cooker this is what I used for the coils to yeah and  so that yeah this is this here was for the for producing the gans  this is what I put in the coffee filter.
阿曼德:是的,不不不,不是用于电线,不是用于线圈,我是用蒸汽法,这是给线圈使用的方法 。所以这是用来制作甘斯的 ,我把它放在咖啡过滤器里。
[Keshe]: we have this in the lab in Barletta  we bought these we have a few of these  we know what it is 
[Armand]: okay 
[Keshe]: We have the, okay let me explain something to you very interesting  now you open this this is, this is part of the blueprint teaching. If we have Ukoko from Japan who was with the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers  we build these scars this what you call it the sponges and it was to Tokyo with the Ukoko for helping Fukushima  if you go back on the Fukushima teaching  you see these sponges in a sinuses tubes  they were woven and stuck together. These meshes  copper wire meshes which is used for cleaning  have a lot of properties for disinfectant and cleaning of waters.
凯史:好让我给你解释一下。很有意思。现在你打开,这个是蓝图教学的一部分。如果我们有日本来的Ukoko,她是与凯史基金会知识寻求者在一起的,我们制造了这些东西,你们称它为海绵 ,这是UKoko为了帮助福岛带到东京的。如果你们重新看福岛教学视频,你们能在试管里看到这些海绵。他们像被编织在一起。这些铜丝网用于清洗,可用于杀菌与净化水。
 This is part of the blueprint teaching that you understand  when you nano coat these things and you can put them 3 or 4 of them together. We have a picture somewhere in the teaching  Armin has the taken pictures of it.  Armin was in the background he should be able to show us.  When you cross contaminated materials through these sponges  they have ability to clean up or in a way they don’t clean up  they release an energy that it transfers the binding energy between the germs and the molecular structure of any other element  so in a way you dilute it and you find out it can be used for disinfecting and in a way for water decontamination. 
This is been used successfully by Techco in Japan  for decontamination from high level radiation. We gave it to them  we supplied it to them  it was made by Armin and Marco and the lab and the Japanese took it in they tested it  that was part of the success.  If you go back into the teaching of the when Ukoko had been when he was in Japan she went to test she showed in part of the thing we tested it  these copper sponges have a lot of usage in plasma technology for the rapid conversion   with the pin you are very limited with the surface   this thing creates a huge surface area and creates if someone, one of you could take a picture of it, it creates a huge atmosphere or a bowl of plasma 
he has a huge what I call atmospheric magnetic gravitational field around it  and in the centre of it, it literally behaves like earth, you can crush it into a literally a sphere and  you get the behaviour of a plasma in a very easy way     especially for disinfection so if in the blueprint add this mesh and Armand  I am sure he has go some pictures on his package if he is in the background  is Armin still awake? Or we still don’t see him?
[Kevon]: I tried calling him Mr Keshe but he doesn’t… 
[Keshe]: I think he was, is Sylvester on the line    1:00:12
[Sylvester]: hello 
[Keshe]: Is Armin with you or do you know or do you know…
[Armin]: Yes I am here 
[Keshe]: Armin
[Armand]: Armand yes this is Armand 
阿曼德: 是的,我是阿曼德。
[Keshe]: No Armin Keshe foundation Armin because I know they are more or less all together in one area
[Kevon]: He was awake sir I had contacted him on skype and he was awake I don’t know if he is now.
[Sylvester]: Armin is here with me 
[Keshe]: Hi Armin hello, Armin Rowland where are you?
凯史:嗨,阿曼 你在哪?
[Armin]: Hello 
[Keshe]: Hello 
[Armin]: I am here Keshe I am looking for it 
阿曼: 我在这,凯史先生,我一直在等着。
[Keshe]: Ah okay do you know which one I am talking about? 
[Armin]: Yes definitely I made them 
阿曼: 当然,他们是我制作的 
[Keshe]: These copper sponges you can put this as part of the blueprint section if you give it to Vince to put in that lock, these copper wires create a beautiful condition for creation of the free plasma for disinfectant. What’s this one? 
[Armand]: That’s mike’s coffee pot I am sorry sir just thought we might like to see that I'm sorry 
[Keshe]: Don’t worry we wait when Armin finds out its because we have seen we use this copper sponges before ,they have a special property and they been used here copper scrubbers. These are used we use them extensively in Fukushima they create a very good condition for absorption of the especially high level radiation. If you have a poison contamination this is one of the answers to it If you have river contamination you can use this sponges for rapid cleaning of, you will see the salts of the river will create with the metals which are suspended in the water of the river it could be any kind of like a silver contamination mercury contamination. They create a gans which neutralises the poisoning of the rivers is extremely effective so 
凯史: 没事,我们就等阿曼找到我们要的,我们以前用过这些铜制的海绵,它们有特殊的功能,它们被人用作洗涤器 。它们在日本福岛被广泛使用,它们能够创造一个有效吸收高强度辐射的环境。它能有效应对有毒污染物。也可以快速清理河流污染物。你可以看见河里的盐与悬浮在河流上的金属发生反应,这些金属有很多种,如银或汞的污染物。反应后会生成甘斯,能够中和水中的有毒物质,效果非常好。
[Vince]: will it work with the problem we are having in Michigan right now? 
[文斯]: 它能马上解决我们在密西根的问题吗?
[Vince]: will it work in the state of emergency they are having with the lead in Michigan right now? 
[文斯]: 它能立即解决密西根州的铅污染吗?
[Keshe]: you mean in flint yes 
凯史:你是指弗林特, 当然了 
[Vince]: yes that's correct I really want to help the people there so 
[文斯]: 是的,我真的很想帮助那里的人
[Keshe]: I know you we have advised how to do it the way to overcome the situation in Flint as we have given you we have forwarded a solution to the people who will ask for help and we will try to get in touch with the governor of the state because the president Obama his excellency president Obama has declared a state of emergency in Flint and the marines are there to support and they have changed back because of the lead contamination in the pipes. 
If any of you have access to the governor’s office all you need to do with them is to create a gans of copper and you need of copper and gans of CO2 and the gans of CH3 and these, the waters it can be put in gallons of water wait of about an hour 2 hours and the water becomes drinkable most of the time. The lead will interact with the copper and the copper oxide gans and it goes down as a sediment and the water on top should be totally clear you can use these sponges for decontamination in by passing the water through it. 
It works let me explain to you we all know this technology they all understand. You know you go to the shops and you buy these water filters and it’s got a chalk and it’s got a different kind of stones and minerals put in there that the as the water goes through it, it gets cleaned up that’s a matter state cleaning. When you use these kind of sponges you go into the plasma cleaning there is a huge difference. So as salt water goes maybe you have to renano coat the sponges every now and then for as they lose most of their system but as we seen with the teaching of last week from the innovation centre where they showed you how copper wires were changing the acidic water to alkaline this is what this copper sponge will do and because the water changes from acidic to alkaline it loses all its damage power in the body of the man. 
This is what happens so if you have cancer you can put this sponge let the water go through it change the water from acidic to alkaline the same as you done and this will create a water when you drink it that it reverses the cancer. Some of the cancers can be handled with this because if you go to one of the most successful people who have reversed cancer they always they give you carbonate soda, bicarbonate soda because everybody says it does this all bicarbonate does in the stomach of the man it changes the acidity of the stomach to alkaline and change of the cells to a permeant cells for the heavy element to gather to coagulate does not exist to lead to creation of the cancer cell when is in the tumour condition 
so if you understand how to use these sponge balls in a very effective way in a long term is a solution for the conversion of acidic to alkaline for the same time because of gravitational magnetic field of the copper which sees to the attachment of the physicality of the man to its neuro system it informs the neuro system in the balance condition that it will not accept attachments or what you call cancer.
 This is how it works it will work in a total plasma condition so those of you who are afraid to have a to might grow cancer or might have cancer with the simple usage of these copper wires meshes where water can go through it and you let it settle and you just only drink the top you can disinfect most of the rivers which are contaminated with all kind of poisons you have to allow the sediment the water on top will be clear to drink. Copper oxide and CHCO2 have the capability at this moment we have Benjamin in Ghana who did the laboratory have started the testing of the water do we Benjamin online? 
[Vince]: no I don’t see him online, I don’t see him in the yours
[Keshe]: maybe he doesn’t have the internet connection so we know this fully we can this sponge as part of the blueprint Armin have you managed to find it in your files? 
[Francois]: Keshe 
[Keshe]: yes
[Francois]: this is Francois from Quebec 
[Keshe]: Hello Francois 
凯史:你好, Francois 
[Francois]: Hello I can get those very easily anywhere here in Québec at the dollar store you can buy them very cheap and I have a place where I can order in the box and I have buying them for 600 a box you can buy them in copper you can buy them in stainless steel and also brass. 
[Rick]: Are you sure it’s not copper plated steel 
[Keshe]: but you need the copper one 
[Francois]: Yeah you can get them as well. 
[Rick]: Are you sure it’s not copper plated steel because a lot of copper plated steel at the dollar steel at the dollar store noticing I bought some of them, if you use the magnet you can tell if the magnet sticks to them it’s wrong so 
瑞克: 你确定不是镀铜钢?我发现一元店里好多都是镀铜钢,我在里面买过一些。你也可以用磁铁区分,如果磁铁黏在上面,那就不是镀铜钢。
[Francois]: I can test if you want it but I use them to make a gans all the time so I know that they works 
[Rick]: Yeah it will work until the copper coating comes off and they you are into the steel there you tap into the steel then you have a different kind of gans 
瑞克: 是的,直到铜的纳米涂层脱落它都会起作用,然后就是里面的钢在起作用,你会产生不同的甘斯。
[Francois]: let me test I will let you know 
[Rick]: Okay because I have a whole box the copper plated steel there is zinc ones as well stainless steel and then of course the plastic ones 
瑞克: 好的,我有一整盒的铜,镀铜钢,还有镀锌钢、不锈钢以及塑料包的钢
[Keshe]: Let me explain to you at the moment companies like Mitsui sorry Samsung run a very heavy program for desalination of the sea waters at a very expensive cost you can use these sponges for desalination if you are going anywhere where you can carry them where most of the diseases cannot stand it’s the repulsion of the heavy elements from this in the new nuclear system which is used in the Fukushima.
there is an accident at the moment in Argentina am I correct Caroline? With the rivers which is expanded with killing the animals with the mercury in the water in this area if you got you go the Keshe foundation support is there if you add the sponge as it is now nano coated add a CH2 into the mercury because its causing a lot of problems I think it’s in the Argentina where a dam has broken where it was used for gold or that kind of refining the river has brought a lot of mercury down. 
If you add this copper sponge or produce a nano coated and then use a copper oxide sponge use the mercury and hopefully in the condition of the system of the process of conversion in the mercury if has come in contact with the any radioactive material which usually carries around this, this material decaying you will find out most of your mercury will change into gold. This is how we advised the Japanese government Techco to convert all the tritium containers in collecting gold because when you add mercury which is a contaminant with the presence of gamma alpha and beta radiation in the process of additional energy and the presence of more or less beta radiation, you will find out that the mercury converts its composition to the state of the plasma gold and you literally produce gold.
this is the new way of alchemy to produce gold this have been the dream of governments and people who wanted to produce gold this is how we advised Techco and that why Techco kicked a lot of people that were supporting Keshe foundation and with the work with the Keshe foundation because we told you from every tank they can produce up to 50kilos of gold. What you do you spread copper oxide with CH3 and CO2 with mercury into the tank and what you get at the bottom is the sediment of gold because it’s the only way you can convert the radioactive material to become to make it neutral so as I said today is a teaching so we open a lot of books. 
Those of you who are wondering why Techco reacted in such a way it because they have managed and they manage now to convert most of the radiation tanks into gold if they can clean it up. So with this sponge in front of you and you can put this sponge in a contaminated water if I am correct it is Argentina whose Dam is broken with a lot of mercury, mercury contamination don’t forget we have a heavy mercury contamination in Russia an ex-communist nation because they were never taken in account of there is heavy heavy mercury river contamination in China maybe Chinese Keshe foundation can start on test. 
The mercury can be changed into gold this is been the dream of alchemist now you know the solution. The, you need a material like tritium that they releases radioactive material that the radiation from it in conjunction with Mercury will release will convert the we add the extra neutron to mercury and division the plasma it will change to gold so in so many ways you create gold and then gold says is one of the best disinfectants it’s in the plasmatic condition it can be used and it behaves as a disinfectant you literally change it and you receive a total decontaminated water to drink. 
You can put this as part of the blueprint in how to produce gold and the lot of you can test it and if you get it the right way especially in the conditions of radioactive and mercury contamination you can change the position. In so many ways when you have any or chemical affect radiation or nuclear radiation or biochemical interaction one of the best solutions for it is combination of CO2 and copper oxide gans you need to add a combination of CH3 to it that it gives the energy to support the body to go through the crisis this is important this is part of the teaching.
Don’t forget we keep on telling you we are not here for human race on this planet we are here to take man to space but this you and I we have to be showing and we have to be there to solve a lot of problems which is been created in the past to clean up the desk so in what you have shown today we open a lot of knowledge. A lot of people in who have metal contamination in the lands this is one of the ways to clean up what you do this is what we advise if you go back if you never understood what happen in Fukushima we added water it was a moisture when we went to the machine and when it came out I asked him to check for the gold content. In contaminated lands copper oxide is one of the best solutions of decontamination but what you have to do you have to do it by you have to put motion into it that it becomes that is can reach every cell. 
Decontamination is one of the biggest problems we were going to disclose the next week or the week after in a blueprint for decontamination and agriculture the reason I put agriculture in the back end because in the space we don’t need to grow anything. Agriculture doesn’t exist it’s like the religion it’s never heard of it’s the same as money as I was explaining to you it recently these 3 things don’t exist in the space at the same time you got to understand how you at this moment you can change the things which been the what I call cause of a lot of harm into a very mutual affective way to convert to harmless situations this copper sponge the way it sits it can change a lot. 
I have collaborated with Techco on this and we can tell you exactly how they were so angry that it was disclosed. You got to understand usually every gram of gold dug out of the gram is registered bought and certified now the Japanese government has access to tons of gold without registration out of a share and this was not supposed to be done it’s become part of the national assets of the nation without ever showing the gold existed. 
If you have heavy contamination heavy radiation contamination you see the change if you remember we spoke last time last Thursday in respect to Brad one of the way that the body rejects radiation from the body of the man is by drinking CO2, water it absorbs and neutralises and in the process because he was using the CO2 gans and there are copper oxide because you produce your tool in the presence of copper nano coated material and zinc so you always have the plasmatic energy field of the copper within the CO2 and when they drink it when you drink it brings a minute to the system because the body rejected in a way of the solution. It dissolves it. Is Brad online? Can we see him or is he still asleep? 
[Brad]: I’m here 
[Keshe]: would you like because the last time you fell asleep can you explain to us what happened to you? 
[Brad]: just a second there is a plane flying over 
[Keshe]: Be careful there are not listening to you 
[Brad]: Basically I got really really sick and I was about dead 
[Keshe]: Tell us how you got sick. I have to tell Brad is not an American agent I put if for him but he can explain it himself what happened and how he became to be contaminated 
[Brad]: I was living in Turkey and I went to Iraq for a while and I drink some water from a natural spring or whatever is and I didn't think anything of it and when I was in Dubai I got really really  ill I didn’t know what was going on. 
[Keshe]: can I rephrase or add the knowledge?
[Brad]: Yeah sure
[Keshe]: did you come into contamination with the military hardware while you were there? 
[Brad]: No I didn’t but there is military everywhere but there is building that there is blown up everything so it's not unusual 
[Keshe]: so you were not part of a group that were investigating nuclear material depleted uranium or handling nuclear what do you call it biochemical warfare of what do you call it Sadam time just passenger through the space. 
[Brad]: Yeah 
[Keshe]: Okay and so what happened? 
[Brad]: so I got really really sick I couldn't eat any food I was throwing up and then about maybe over a month after living in Dubai I fell on the floor and started throwing up blood and so I went to the hospital before that I you had me makes them different gans mixtures with water and drink it every so often to help me and as soon as I drink it is very fast I saw the effects because before I couldn't talk I couldn't type is all my mind was all scrambled it was horrible but I it definitely helped me get better 
[Keshe]: okay the guy who helped you who stood by you all the time you taught him how to make things 
[Brad]: Yeah I was teaching him how to make nano materials and various ganses 
[Keshe]: he is a very nice guy
[Brad]: Yes 
[Keshe]: And a doctor who helped you survive, 
[Brad]: have you met with him yet there no. 
[Keshe]: you can thank him 
[Brad]: Alright. I will test the gold too the gold making the new one 
[Dr. Paris]: Hi Brad this it Dr. Paris I am enjoying the live show Keshe personally 
帕里斯: 嗨,Brad,我是我是Paris医生,我正在观看凯史先生的教学视频
[Brad]: Hello 
[Dr. Paris]: Good to hear your voice my friend 
[Brad]: you too thank you for your help also. Dr. Paris owns a clinic there with technologies and alter the sciences that help me also heal
[Dr. Paris]:  thank you for introducing us also to Keshe foundation we really appreciate this opportunity 
[Brad]: my pleasure 
[Dr. Paris]: I hope to see you my friend very soon take care 
[Brad]: Thank you 
[Keshe]: As we said we have moved the Keshe foundation headquarters as an international organisation into Dubai and we are collecting team of scientists’ elite scientists on the world to establish the world government and Dr. Paris is part of the structure for setting up the hospital organisation in Dubai as part of the structure for all diseases. 
I advise Dr. Paris when Brad was critically ill in how and what it is and how his body got contaminated. This is known as what we call micro biochemical nuclear viruses and this is one of the biggest problems in the future half of the American soldiers which leave Iraq come down with these kind of diseases suicidal or die of unknown diseases this is done because they come in contact unknowingly with chemical warfare which Saddam used don’t forget he did the same with the Iran border wars and this time the Americans being moved from different parts of the locations of the Iraq they come across both what we call depleted nuclear warheads and the chemical warheads which was used by Saddam against the Croats and Brad went through this process and you get crossed it and in that process he got contaminated both ways so you are 
[Brad]: So these things these elements that I exposed to they can make you go insane it transfers a level of energy to your body that most people can't handle it if I wasn't used to handling some these higher energy levels I would have totally went insane I mean it can make you suicidal put it that way 
[Keshe]: so how you feeling today you are still alive 
[Brad]: I am perfect now 
[Keshe]: We went through a lot with Brad trying to find a solution for him but we met Thomas a couple of nights ago he was surprised feeling the way so if you are from Emirates invite your government for collaboration we already met with what do you call it with the people who think right making change and they are people working in the background to make the change. 
So what it matters we shown it works the clear what do you call it the testimonial with this Brad thing there. If you know American soldiers who are suffering from return from the wars with all the diseases that the American military cannot find the solution for American hospital cannot find the solution for these are fathers these are daughters these are sons of families and the whole family suffers with them offer them a cup. Made of gans of copper CO2 and CH3 you will see them changing. They will go back to normality this copper oxide will support the structure of the physicality the CO2 will support the mental state because most of it carries some zinc with it and then the CH3 gives the energy to the cells of the understanding of the emotion.
 You will walk you American soldiers out of disease within days. I thank you Armand for opening the door I needed an excuse to release knowledge and you gave me the floor for it. In so many ways where there we are on the juncture of 2 ways ,do we use vaccines? Or do we use injections do we use do we build vaccines or viruses or do we give people who are contaminated by any kind of disease or viruses drinking water from the cups the solution can be both ways we can use an injection or we can use as a drinking the solution is drinking. 
A lot of organisation world health organisation has no credibility they work in one direction to satisfy the pockets of the investors investing in it not the advantage of people we gave we delivered the solution for Ebola and E.coli to the Saria Leonean government the scientist working deliver the technology were threatened the equipment was taken by the world health organisation for the disease not to be controlled in the conditions especially in Saudi Arabia where we have this business with the camels is a flu is a virus. I met with the guy very recently who is involved in it I am sure he is listening we are meeting in the next time very shortly. 
CO2 gans and copper oxide and CO2 and CH3 can reverse most of these diseases you can give it to the animals you can give it to the human race, understanding that with the new understanding of the harness creation of the life of this planet we are all 85 90% the same because we all came from carbon nitrogen and hydrogen and oxygen so we are no different than a dog a cat and a basic structure so these copper oxides these CO2 will affect no one should die of flu. 
You can produce this in a right way some of you might not see result because you not do follow the pattern. Produce it the right way mix it the right way and you can use the water as serum the way we just seen shown by Armand the way you put the pen in the water you create the position of creation of the energy in the glass in the water that you can use other serum this is the new evolution in the world of health you don’t need to you can wash your face with it you get the contamination you get all sorts of problems in contaminating being contaminated even by chemicals just use the water to wash yourself with. In the process you change the condition you balance it the condition of the body of the structure. 
Do not rewash your hand again or you will face all the contaminated area just soak it in and leave it and you will see the process of the reversal we can do the same with drinking the water. Do not ever touch or drink the gans itself this is crucial the way it’s done and the way you see in the pen which has shown that its released by the Keshe foundation different types of pens when you put them themselves we made it out of plastic for this purpose that when we release it people can use it, when you use when you receive these pens in most of the cases just put it in a glass of water and see what it does for you does it solve your migraine does it solve your headache does it solve your headache not just is there to  release the external pain but just putting it there it works the same I you drink the water when you leave the pen inside. 
This is a new way to overcome a lot of problems in space we do not carry any medicine now you understand how in space we do not carry any kind of food with us now you can see how, if you change the combination of the what I call the gans in the system you can receive all the energies you need from it. These sources are for ever eternal does not change please anybody who posted any email address delete and it and ban him from this sitting I see people passing up. Be aware the people who are sending you emails please contact me these are the people who are virusing your computers. 
Do not respond to anyone who invites you we have seen this stuff through Belgium and Germany people after the sessions they dial the thing the email which I have seen, I have seen people putting emails on the screen and then they infest your computer, these are the enemies of the foundation enemies of the these are paid by the pharmaceuticals and the rest to disturb. 
Be very aware do not accept any email from anybody who just because they are on the foundation Facebook these are paid to be here we have number of names we can release who infected other computers they come here delivery for every computer delivering in fact they get paid heavily for it to discredit and to stop you from being around the foundation. 
We can release 2 3 names who done this job and they don’t exist they end up in the agencies in Brussels and with the people in Germany there are part of what I call illuminatist they are interfering with the work of the foundation because they know their time is over I explain to you something very interesting people of the red circle as you know in Antrel and the others are the agents of the governments it’s something very realisation is when before I return from Tehran I was told I had to go to the see the prime minister of Belgium on my arrival and strange enough they did not inform me they informed the red circle to do it its strange enough how could that be done unless the man sits within the structure of the Belgian government
 so we explain more to you please do not respond to anyone who gives you email or link on any of the teachings unless you know them very well they give you what is known as a broken link. Broken is that they put a virus string into your email you don’t see the rest of it its written in a white in transparent ink and then when you click it they actually takes you directly to where that literally destroys your computer it load the virus. 
So please be aware of anybody that post any email to you during the teachings be it an open teaching or closed teaching do not ever use it because you don’t see what they put on the back end of it. This is used heavily by the American secret service especially in the embassies while its known as a white sheet you read but amongst the lines if you look there is a big gap between the lines in that line they write their codes and the real message if you change the transparency you read the full message so please don’t put up any emails on the internet or on the Keshe foundation teaching and do not respond to it because this is how they operate its heavily supported through the companies which are set in Belgium and the others we will not mention name we don’t give them a ground for them to attack us but we all know who they are and how they operate. We see 2 or 3 of them disappearing very quickly thank you very much. 
On the other hand going back to the teaching please understand something very simple you can use not only metal they are other materials in the nature especially in Africa which you can use which has the same property as the copper for disinfection. In South America there are materials like this available some of the roots will behave because they absorb and convert the energy of the plasma into the matter state of the copper plasmatic energy field. 
You got to realize how these systems work do not look at them as a matter state but look at them as an energy transfer state. Try to test as many as you can and report it on the Keshe foundation forum testimonial we try to bring 2, 3 organisations which are using testimonial they are collecting it to be linked to the Keshe foundation that anybody can use you don’t need to look for them somewhere you go to the Keshe foundation there will be there. Keshe foundation spaceship institute the new website and the SSI spaceship institute has been released if I am correct am I correct Vince? 
[Vince]: we have noticed on the website as well of our new sites so you can go to the Keshe foundation and we have notices on their what we have is sites 
[Keshe]: so we are separating different sections of the Keshe foundation to what they are there for can you explain to us what they are which sites are we? 
[Vince]: Let me just get the other mic I mute it here so we use the KFSSI as the new education portal have spaceshipinstitute.org as the spaceship section of the Keshe foundation and also the Keshe foundation site itself and we do have the blueprint site our support site which now includes support for the education section was well and the testimonial sites that’s about
[Keshe]: are they all linked to the Keshe foundation mainframe. 
[Vince]: yes under the home button you have the ability to go to each individual sites no matter where you are 
[Keshe]: Thank you very much okay sorry Armand carry on at least we get enlightened if you are still awake hello? Is Armand asleep or he is still with us? 
[Armand]: Hello can you hear me? 
阿曼德: 听得到我吗
[Vince]; Yeah I just had to unmute there no problem 
[Armand]: Ok 
阿曼德: 恩 
[Keshe]: just before you go I ask Armin have you found the pictures yet. Hello. Armin is in United States and Armand is in somewhere Barletta or somewhere in Barletta in Italy. Armand but he still got a jet lag of Florida he just arrived so it’s his middle of the night for him
[Vince]: He could be still trying to scramble to find the mute button Sylvester is Armin still with you? 
[Armin]: Yes I am here 
阿曼: 我在
[Keshe]: Have you found it? 
[Armin]: No but I have another USB stick so I will look 
阿曼: 没有,我还有其他USB,再找找
[Keshe]: who is got if you go the Fukushima videos of Ukoko all the videos in Fukushima we can take a photo pictures of that or does anybody have it? Is Marco online? Hello, Marco anybody in the institute is Farbio of Gomani in the centre are online? 
凯史:谁有“如果你去福岛”的视频,所有福岛的视频。我们可以给它拍照,谁有?Marco在线吗?Marco?谁在机构里面,中心的 Farbio Gomani在线吗?
[Marco]: Hello.Yeah, we are all here. 
[Keshe]: okay Marco we have these sponges in the lab somewhere do we or have they all gone to Japan 
[Marco]: okay we will go downstairs and see where they are 
[Keshe]: Please then we can show it, thanks very much. Thank you. okay carry on please Armand 
[Armand]: what we also have that might be of interest is a similar coil to these in the smaller bottles and its got the this is the nano coated. It has 18 turns its identical to this except smaller. it has the collection of your favourite crystals or stones at the bottom and I included a little bit of the again the honey gas mixed with the co2 and…
阿曼德:我们这有趣的东西可能还有这些放在小瓶子里的相似的线圈 ,被纳米涂层,有十八转。除了比旁边的这个小点以外,没有任何区别。瓶底是你最喜欢的晶体或矿物的混合物。我往瓶里稍微添加了一些“蜂蜜”甘斯,用到了co2和…
[Keshe]: can you spell this material which you just told use that people can know.
[Armand]: I B O G A  
阿曼德:I B O G A
[Keshe]: I B O G A we had Robert telling us another component. Robert can you spell the whole 
凯史:I B O G A 好,罗伯特将会为我们介绍另一个成分。罗伯特,你能把它完整地拼写一遍吗?
[Robert]: Ayahuasca, A Y A H U A S C A
罗伯特:Ayahuasca, A Y A H U A S C A
[Keshe]: slow down slow start again 
[Robert]: I apologize. Ayahuasca A Y A H U A S C A there is a couple of different spellings for it so you want to search but it will come up it's a mix between mallow to soften the effects on the stomach and the root. I am also since I’m on I want to if anybody is in flint Michigan or near there. If they can send me a sample of the water just get in touch with me on my Facebook I would really like to take responsibility for this as Americans and help to take care of the situation 
罗伯特:不好意思,Ayahuasca A Y A H U A S C A。死藤水。它有好多种拼写方式,但只要你想搜索就能找到。它是介于锦葵属植物间的混合物,能够减轻软化对胃部和树根的压力。我还想,呃,我想知道是否有人在密歇根州的弗林特,或者附近。他们是否能给我送一份水样,在脸书上联系我就好。作为一个美国人,我想尽自己的一份力,持续关注那里的情况。
[Keshe]: you're in the California? 
[Robert]: I am in Utah. 
[Keshe]: You are in Utah. 
[Robert]: but another way to do that same dmt molecule is through San Pedro cactus you have to boil it and prepare it the instructions or online you will be to find them but that is a source which is available everywhere pretty much and is not illegal 
[Keshe]: can you spell it please 
[Robert]: yes san S A N space P E D R O cactus C A C T U S 
罗伯特:好的,san S A N space P E D R O cactus C A C T U S。
[Keshe]: and how do you do it please, please explain. 
[Robert]; There are certain parts that you will use. you will cut it boil it take the remnants that are left after boiling and you’ll be able to boil it down again and make a stronger mix or a stronger on serum of this 
[Keshe]: so then you can nano coat your wires with it and put it in a glass and hopefully you can use it as an antidrug 
[Robert]: exactly there so many so many uses for these kinds of things depression PTSD and all the devices that are given now that I’m using are working very well just to let that out there 
[Keshe]: What are your devices what are the devices? 
[Robert]: I have got everything made here and I’m using it one thing has been working well for myself and my family is the pain pads for infection I have a co2 pad touching the skin on either side I have a copper oxide over top of that one and I used the pen at the site of it over top of one of the pads and so it provides a difference in the field through the pen and it is working very well 
[Keshe]: okay this part of the teaching what you spoke about the use of the pen we will come to it in a blueprint 2nd part of a blueprint teaching which will come from Philippine we are going to other section of the teaching. 
[Robert]: Okay and then also you were talking about in one of them putting a coil and using the pen opposite of the coil to focus the field with that and that works very well as well that’s something people can fell almost immediately they actually feel the fields 
[Keshe]: Don’t go into detail because then I explain this in another part of the teaching today. 
[Robert]: Yes if I were using my hand I would put the coil on the backside of my hand and then the pen would be on the front side of my hand say just opposite of one another so that your skin and your hand would be between the fields of the 2 and I found it is not always always the strongest in the centre of the coil I don't know why but moving 
[Keshe]: You mean the double coils
[Robert]: yes that's correct I don't turn it 90° obviously I just have straight up and down laying there connected to one of the battery capacitors and then I use the pen opposite to that  and I use 
[Keshe]: Let me, how long have you been using this? 
[Robert]: two weeks.
[Keshe]: Robert is part of the group you work with Renon correct? 
[Robert]: no sir I have not been contacted back by him 
[Keshe]: okay its very interesting you would go into the teaching of the what do you call it the second part of the Keshe foundation teaching today and then I’ll ask you if you can still online and come online because you can inspire a lot in what we about to show.
[Robert]: Absolutely 
[Keshe]: do go anywhere to stay there because then we can go further with this Armand can you carry on with what you showed us what you do and then we carry on
[Armand]: Oh yes just one little footnote about the addiction department of the iboga it is been proven for a very long time to work its magic on specific opiates specifically opiates so the other 
[Keshe]: Explain for non-English-speaking what opiates is please
凯史:请对非英语母语的观众解释一下opiates 是什么?(01:48:03)
[Armand]: Oh okay opiate is what the heroine is derived from comes from the poppy plan and that's in the might be mentioned Afghanistan and Iraq of the CIA flies it over to this country gets us addicted send us to jail charges us a fortune and keeps the money but it’s been known like I mentioned previously I’ve seen with my own eyes heroin addicts coming in and leaving completely cured without any of the awful misery of the withdrawals it was just unbelievable I didn't think it could happen I mean in the most extreme cases so i just wanted to put that out there that i 
[Keshe]: so in a way your pen the same structure you done can be used for reversal of the heroin addiction 
[Armand]: I believe it can yes 
[Keshe]: I think you brought the United Kingdom kingship down in one stroke 
[Armand]: let’s hope 
[Keshe]: because the money to finance money comes from in sighting wars and drug trafficking so now we know how many people are gone out of job okay carry on 
[Armand]: okay it just a this is just a can a quick picture of the power supply and that I was using it is a pretty good one I found this to be the best way so far are to do the coils and I found yes I can find a picture again it just disappeared here we go and this is the… and I’m sorry and this is the best way I found to coat the copper mesh the copper scrub pads and again I just use the caustic distilled water and it came out beautifully came out just beautifully. I don't really have a lot more to show Keshe just these little guys here that’s about it you could whip there up by the thousands drop them out of airplanes but yeah that's about it that's all I have Keshe 
阿曼德:好,这是,这是一个我用的电源的照片 ,这种特别好用。我发现目前为止这是处理线圈的最好方法了 ,哦,我在找一张图片,刚才不见了,啊,就是这个,它是…不好意思,是这张,我觉得这是让铜网(清洁球)形成氧化铜涂层的最好办法了 ,我只是用了烧碱蒸馏水,它就变得非常漂亮。我展示完了,凯史先生。这些小家伙就是这样,就是这些。 你可以打散成上千碎片,然后把它从飞机上扔下去。呃,这就是我想介绍的全部,凯史先生。
[Keshe]: do you see any questions? 
[Robert]: let me add something to this real quick all supplied heroin the chemical they are talking about are beginning can be used for pain killers too lots of people are addicted to pain killers and I’m not going to tell you how to do it but you can make dmt from crabgrass if know how to, you can figure out and go research it and also its banned and illegal in certain countries so be careful so you don’t get yourselves in trouble
[Keshe]: Thank you very much any questions anywhere that we can answer before we go to the next part of the teaching?
[Armand]: Yes they are glass test tube and I seal the top with beeswax but that’s just me they come with stoppers you can get them a six-pack for like six bucks on amazon and they are glass yes. Yeah it goes back to some teachings i read a long time ago about the history of bees and the information they carry about the planet and when you put the beeswax like between your thumb and forefinger and you press it and you put your intent you're really putting yourself into that beeswax you know you're all your dnas in all that beeswax and is just in my mind the pen the 2 now has a connection with you with your dna with your field and that was my logic about putting the beeswax. 
阿曼德:好的,这个是玻璃试管,我是用蜜蜡封口的,但这只是我的选择。瓶塞你可以在亚马逊网站上买到他们,只需要几块钱,塞子也是玻璃的 。蜜蜡在很久以前的教学中我就知道了,我读过关于蜜蜂的历史,以及它们身上携带的地球信息。当你将蜜蜡放到你的拇指和食指间挤压时,你就把你的意图,你就真的把“你”放进了蜜蜡,你明白你的全部DNA都进入蜜蜡了,这就是在我的想象中,两个就能和你产生联系,和你的DNA,和你的磁场,这就是我选蜜蜡的原因。
[Keshe]: he uses distilled water to wash the gas. No he used the sea water when he was producing the gas and washes it with the distilled this is what we do in our labs too. Yes that’s why I asked Armand to get in touch with the Renon and with Robert. It should be these pictures will be available it take most probably the innovation centre to put these things together with Almond on a 3D and with the team in there and we release it initially these pictures as it is going part of the blue print till that get loaded on as a medical blueprint 
now we divide the blueprint into energy into space and into medical and agriculture and food so please do not mix them together its, Vince you need to separate these that everybody can put their blueprint and testimonial in each section because I have seen the testimonial blue print of the energy is with the medical with the pen. 
Okay these are there I think as we say we have heard it from the horse’s mouth exactly what to do with it we make it into and made in that blueprint section we need to put this part of the recording as well that people can listen to it that how that somebody is done than just the pictures. 
Hopefully in time one of the manufacturers will produce these pens as part of the pens release for what to you call the for the application and meanwhile if you can’t you got to wait weeks for these things months make them as I said when you go on the 13 and the 14th of February 21st, 22nd, 23rd of February give a pen to every soldier for in exchange for peace instead of their guns give the pen if you can make it if you can get hold of the chemicals which are needed  it wanted the drug addict because it’s not the addict you save it’s the life of the family you save the people who get drug addiction they steal from their wives the food of the children the money of the grandfather and the father so sell the addiction these pens can save a lot of misery so as you produce pens and pads to give to soldiers in exchange for peace in the coming weeks do the same. 
We need to take control of society ourselves as a worldwide community and not be the hand of the few. As I said in space no one can exchange a single dollar with a man in space. The money and the religion does not exist. Just one second hold on please. Can you just, if you can start talking or Marco have you found the thing video the brushes the containers in the lab? 
[Marco]: No it not in the lab most probably is in the basement
[Keshe]: It’s with the other packages okay 
[Marco]: Most probably it’s from Rome and it’s still in the basement 
[Keshe]: it’s in the basement okay, just give me one second I’ll be can you take over Rick till I finish this conversation is important, sorry 
[Rick]: Maybe we can continue with questions for Armand here see we have got. How many turns on each coil of the health pen please and what thickness? Can you answer that Armand? 
[Armand]: yes I will on the water pen I have got 18 turns on the outer coil 18 turns on the inner coil and I am using 14gauge wire.
[Rick]: What kind of gas was used some people are wondering about the copper oxide gas if that was used and whether that should be used around the body?
[Armand]: well the second part probably someone more qualified than I could answer what I used was the CO2 gas for the body on the outside coil of  the 18 lines and on the inner coil I did use this jar that you're looking at now with the gas that I explained will be written up for the institute the exact recipe there and the stylus was coated with CU not much but just a bit so that helps and I put a little bit of this is honey so speak and the co2 at the all bottom of the tube here at the very bottom and it’s got your crystals there so that’s how that went. 
阿曼德:哦,在视频的第二部分,可能有人比我更有资格回答这个问题。用在身体上的绕18匝的外部线圈上的是CO2甘斯,在内层线圈上,我用的是你现在看到的罐子里的甘斯 ,这点我将向机构作出有准确的配方的书面说明。医疗笔上确实镀了少量纳米铜,这样有效果。我在所有试管的底部都放了一些“蜂蜜”和二氧化碳甘斯 。它会和晶体反应,然后发生变化。
[Keshe]: yeah but can you explain again why you chose these crystals 
[Armand]: just my personal preference I know that the quartz crystal studies is a very fine line between the material and the immaterial and it may be the actual transition point for those frequencies energies that's why I used the quartz crystals on the rose quartz of course it’s for well-being feelings of joy the its about 3.30 here let me try the camera here amysist there we go emerrald of course is a very powerful healing rock its used in many healing circles there is plenty of information on the crystals and what they are used for different particular healings there is a lot of information on the internet you can find you can place crystals on your body also for healing so there's quite a lot of information on those on the internet I hope that helps 
[Keshe]: Thank you very much any other question?  
[Rick]: there's a question on the health pen, which way the wind and goes on it or is it relevant 
[Armand]: very good question and I did forget to mention it yes all windings of the long beach shop so far except once for special testing a wound counter clockwise left-handed thread
[Rick]: so that means they are wound clockwise then
[Armand]: that means they are wound counter clockwise right hand is  a screw 阿曼德:这意味着,逆时针旋转,右手螺旋。
[Rick]: counter clockwise will produce a right hand screw 
[Armand]: yeah that’s already been established there how to determine that yeah 
[Rick]: so it’s a left hand screw type
[Armand]: Its counter clockwise wind yes 
[Rick]: Well Keshe  counter clockwise wind he means a right hand screw thread is that’s the problem with the definition, that’s why when I say clockwise and anti-clockwise people say that I just go deaf and I don’t even address is anymore because its gets into a half hour discussion 
[Keshe]: Anyway it doesn’t matter how you coil it 
[Armand]: how about left handed thread how is that? 
[Keshe]: left handed thread no problem
[Rick]: That’s a good way to describe it thank you 
[Keshe]: Okay any other, any other question?
[Rick]: someone asked what is the logic of these three coatings in this order? 
[Keshe]: which coating? 
[Rick]: I am not sure what they mean by that
[Armand]: Probably because 
[Keshe]: yeah carry on
[Armand]; I was going to say probably because there are 3 coating in 3 different devices I just went with my gut
[Keshe]: Your gut is correct itself so we can try different combination of it. The outside was CO2. The magnetical was CO2 the gravitational is copper oxide and the central is what we call the honey pot
[Armand]: Actually the inner coil was the honey pot and the stylus the pen was the CU 
[Keshe]: And what was the outside co2
[Armand]: co2 yes 
[Keshe]: so the magnetical is co2 the gravitational is what I call the honey pot and the central is CO2
[Armand]: CU yes 
[Keshe]: okay because a lot of people make a lot of mistakes 
[Armand]: and again they can experiment sure
[Keshe]: Okay now we lets go back is there any other question? 
[Rick]: There was a question regarding what you are just saying there I guess about the I think it was the what kind of gas I think they were talking about the copper oxide gas being used is that okay to use copper when dealing with the body.
[Keshe]: The copper oxide gas do not touch with the water the body whatever. Secondly as we say why touching it drinking it or whatever but we can transfer its plasmatic energy to the water or the environment don’t forget we come back to the next session if the questions are finished now we go to
[Rick]: there is one other important question is it possible to use the pen for many people or should it just be a personal one? 
[Keshe]: You can do, these pens can be used for many walk into the addict centres and just give it to the people all of them they will walk away with no addiction 
[Rick]: You could give them cups of water
[Keshe] Yeah you can use it this drug addiction is a nightmare of governments one of the biggest resources of the youth in the country especially in middle east is drug addiction and we will talk the government in the middle east I will talk to the Iranian officials that we can test this as fast as possible. 
Addiction to opium and the rest the encouragement of the British government in Helmond has become a curse on the back of the nations in Middle East. They actually cut the hump of the camel and they hide it in there to make sure that the Arab nation get addicted to this so we cut it off with this. Please Renon in the research centre as fast as you can get this tested if it is correct we thank you for what you have contributed to humanity 
Armand.If any other of you has more knowledge in this come in and join us and teach us we are all knowledge seekers of life. Now we start with the process which we promised you to deliver a comprehensive system for change of any disease in the body of the man be it the virus be it cancer be it Alzheimer’s be it paralysis be it immune system defects some of the genetic processes we think can be changed through this process too. 
This system which we are introducing as I go back again is not done for humanity on earth is done for humanity in space to guarantee that we can feed we can receive energy we can reduce packets of energy which we  receive that we can interact with the amino acid body of the man so in that respect we try to find a universal system for reversal of any diseases in space if man can use this on this planet to support itself and change the misery of life to painful conditions maybe we can find a solution this way. 
Let us go back to our teaching if we go back to the double coils which we started do we have any pictures of the double coils from the archives anywhere from the internet can we go to Renon lets take Renon up because everything is there. Renon can you come online please  
[Renon]: hello Keshe
[Keshe]: Hello Renon good morning or good afternoon to you first of all I would like to thank deeply for what you have done in the past few months and especially in past few days especially in past few days getting this units and administration ready. First of all thank you to your team you have a hard working 
[Renon]: you are welcome sir 
[Keshe]: could we see you live that we can know who is behind and who is working with you 
[Renon]: Okay sir I will share my video. 
[Keshe]: That’s your beautiful wife? Don’t show that you are not supposed to see that go somewhere else that’s worse. Okay that’s Renon 
[Renon]: so we going to demonstrate the picture we took the drawings 
[Keshe]; Yes 
[Renon]: so will show you the adjusted screen for the drawing and the system the first pen the simple pen and the other drawings for the capacitor connection to the Magrav 
[Keshe]: what I need to do what I want you to show is the original coil we produce for energy the double coils do you have that on your
[Renon]; Yeah okay the normal Margrav power coil
[Keshe]: Yes the Margrav power coil this is the Magrav copper coil 
[Renon]; Yes sir
[Keshe]: what we have seen in this yeah okay if you have a picture of it or on a blueprint of it we can have a look are those. What we have shown in this is the flat coil system and what these flat coils have done if you noticed they have a small variation from the real process in space or in the plasma of the man if you notice these I try to go on the, you can show it Renon on your hand the magnetical and gravitational coil end up in the same position on the top they are connected in that position and in space this does not happen in the plasma this does not happen the connection of the gravitational magnetic field is in different position the magnetic field enter from the bottom and exit from the top. 
凯史:我们看到了什么? 如果你有它的图片或者蓝图的话我们可以看一看。我们展示的是平的线圈系统,这样的线圈做什么呢?如果你能注意到它们与在太空或者人体的等离子体环境中有细微变化与不同的话,如果你能注意到,我继续说,你可以在你手上展示一下,雷兰:,磁力线圈和引力线圈在顶部结束的位置相同,在这个位置他们是相连的 ,但是在太空中这在等离子体中并不会出现,磁引力场的连接在不同的位置,磁场从底部进入,从顶部穿出。
The way these coils are set we had to re adjust them the new coils which you need to use for the health is the section which you have to move the gravitational coil 90 degrees in respect to the magnetical and then turn it, this is still now correct because now you still connected in the wrong way so for the health sections we have developed a new way of connection can you show us the coils used for the health application please 
这种圈的设置方式,我们必须调整他们。 你需要用的医疗用的新线圈在那个部分,你必须相对于磁力线圈旋转引力线圈90度,然后转过来 。现在算对了,但还是一种错误的连接方式。所以为了医疗的部分,我们发展了一种新的连接方式。你能展示一下医疗用的线圈吗?
[Renon]: I will show you a 3D version of it sir and I will 3d I will share my screen.
[Keshe]: Okay when you build the blue print when you build your new coils for the health you have to follow this way of connection. Now the way you use for energy or space even the space needs to be changed slightly to this connection as it gets adjusted because in this way you create a specific direction where the field will move from up but they get interacted through gravitational field from the bottom this is the new connection that we advise for the health units to be done. 
凯史:好吧,当你构建蓝图的时候,当你构建医疗用新线圈的时候,你应该遵循这种连接方式。现在你有针对能量和太空所用的连接方式。在太空中的连接方式有轻微的不同。通过这种方式你创建了一个特定的方向,使得引力场将从上移动,但它们通过引力场从底部进行相互作用。这是我们为医疗设备做的新连接 。
This what it does if you look into the centre creates a plasma in the centre of this system so if you keep it there can I come in with the drawing, in here in this space. Let me just increase my pen in this space you create a plasma, This is what we are doing this is what we are trying to archives to creation of a plasma through the centre point I am trying to find a thicker line you find the plasma here. This is where we are looking to create a plasma and this plasma will have the fields entering from the bottom and leaving from the top.
这就是这样。 如果你往中间看, 在系统中心创造了一个等离子体 。 那么,如果你把它放在这,我能画图表示一下吗,在这,在这个空白地方, ,就是在这你创造出了一个等离子体。这就是我们正在做的,这就是我们试图在中心创造一个等离子体。我找更粗的线,你看这里就是等离子体 。这就是我们正试图创造的等离子体,这个等离子体使场体从底部进入,从顶部出去 (下面是底部,上面是顶部)。(02:14:43)
Do not look at the structure of these copper windings or anything else so these are just a decoy it’s a diversion but we need these to lead to the creation of this plasma this is our ultimate goal and this is what we need to consider in so many ways excuse me in so many ways if you look at it we sit in the interaction of the fields of the plasma in the way where we can use it exactly the same as the plasma of the man in the body of the man of your amino acid so this bowl of plasma here is all our concern. 
不要太在意铜绕线圈的结构或者其他什么,这只是诱饵 (画叉叉),这只是一种转换方式,但是我们需要它(指线圈)创造等离子体,这就是我们最终目标,这就是我们需要考虑的。如果你看它,我们就像正处在等离子体的磁场的相互作用中,我们可以运用这个中心的等离子体,同理,人体氨基酸等离子体也是一样的。这个碗状的等离子体 (中心)就是我们关注的全部焦点。
The rest is in a way a process to create this plasma and hold it whatever we do we change the fields in any of these 2 coils we change any of the fields in this coil is all to affect the delivery of the strength of the plasma in the middle what is this, so what is important is to see when this plasma is created in the centre what field it makes in totality around the body of the plasma because the strength of this field in a fact it becomes a sphere in this body and then by changing any of the fields in this or this then these 2 dictate a condition which we see with the man beyond. 
剩下的是构建等离子体并保持它的过程,无论我们怎么操作,我们改变两个线圈中任意一个的磁场时,我们改变这个线圈的任意部分磁场时,都对中心的等离子体的强度的传递产生影响。重要的是,当你看到等离子体在中心被构建之后,它所制造的磁场覆盖整个线圈区域 (画了一个绿色外圈),因为事实上,磁场强度在这个线圈构造中变成一个球状,然后改变这里或这里磁场 (在内圈与外圈上都画了一个绿叉叉),(就能改变身体的状态),然后这内外线圈可以创造一个人体之外的环境 (左边的波浪)。
You control the strength of this field by changes in magnetical or gravitational field processes in these. When you see the total blueprint of what we are talking about what we are going to show then you understand what it means so the plasma goes beyond the boundary. This is important even for the spaceship program which Ali is working on we told you how to turn the 90 degrees coils but if you can create such a correction that the fields are not connected directly in the same point where the field as,
你可以通过改变磁力场或引力场来控制磁场强度 (左边长线)。当你看到我们所谈论的以及所展示的内容的总蓝图时,你就能理解这些意味着什么,等离子体已经超越了边界。这太重要了,即使对阿里正在研究的太空船项目也很重要。我们已经讲了如何将线圈旋转90度但是如果你能创造一个这样的改进,即在同一点上磁场并不直接相连接,在这个位置上的磁场.....
 can you reduce the size of your picture slightly please, Renon ,that we can see the full coil we don’t see the upper part of the coil just so slightly yeah a little bit more, smaller so what happens is that not only the fields thank you very much not only the fields will go across then you understand the whole structure will go in a very clean way in this manner where the fields now will go this way as a field expands beyond, some of the fields through the connection will come back to the bottom and goes to the top so we get your feedback internally and externally and this plasma will continuously update itself this way. 
你能把图片缩小一点吗,那样我们就能看到整个线圈了。稍微调小,小一点就好,我们现在看不到线圈的上部。小一点,再一点,再小,所以发生的是,不仅是磁场,哦,多谢 。不仅是磁场穿过了,这下你就能清晰地看到整个结构了 ,这样非常清楚,磁场像这样流动,扩展开来 。一些磁场通过连接部位 ,回到底部,再穿到顶部 ,这样我们就得到了内外部的反馈 ,并且等离子体也通过这种方式完成自我更新 。
These connection are the connection you seen which used by Arman introduced with the coil of connections so if you twists it turn it in a different if we can see it please, just turn it and its in base just rotate it, the other way the other way backwards away from us, that’s good no problem you see that plasma always stays if you rotate it you see that plasma stays always inside and you can increase and decrease the field not only you can increase and decrease the field strength but you can change the strength of the gravitational or the magnetical to create the condition of the plasma inside of different elements 
这些连接就是你之前看到的阿曼所介绍过的那种,和线圈的连接是一起介绍的。如果你以不同的方式拧它,扭转它,如果我们可以看到,(请弄一下图片)从底部把它旋转一下,后面的那边,好,没问题 。你看,这个等离子体总在那里,你旋转它,等离子体总在那里,一直在这。如果你旋转它,你能看到等离子体一直在里面。然后,你就可以增减磁场强度了。你不仅可以增减场强度,你也可以改变磁力场或引力场的强度来为里面不同元素所形成的等离子体创造一个环境。
so these coils become the replication plasma of any elements which you like, be it iron be it cancer cells be it of let’s say in the body you have too much water in the lung, you can produce gravitational and magnetic field of the plasma of the water when you transfer the energy from the mucus in the lung and you can enjoy it without even interfering so what you see it the introduction of the new positioning. When you make such a thing and then you connect such a thing to another system which is for example here can we show double of this things together next to each other please, Renon can you duplicate this and put 2 of these next to each other with the space   2:21:03
所以这些线圈能够复制你所喜欢的任意元素的等离子体,可以是红细胞里的铁,可以是癌细胞等。假设说你患有肺积水,你可以制造这水的等离子体的磁引力场,当你以能量形式将肺中的粘液转移出去时,你可以顺畅的享受这个过程,所以你所看到的是利用新的定位。当你在这样做时,你可以把它与其他系统构相连接,比方说… (左上方的线)我们现在能展示紧邻一起的双圈吗?雷兰:,你能复制一个线圈,把它们两个紧邻在一起吗?
[Renon]: Give me a minute sir I will copy it up and make 
[Keshe]: Okay so what happens in this process, the plasma itself that it opens up and it closes.now we have the capability to control the size of plasma. we have capability to control the shape strength of the plasma. Now go back into your understanding of the pen which you were just talking about, the field interaction now this time the coil and the cup of water. you put the body of man in between 2 coils. 
The energy was transferred of the information into the water that the man drank .now the bottle of water comes between the coil plasma itself. What this means, it means now we can put the body of the man in between the 2 coils which is configured in this way. What you do, now you have to build a process where the whole information can be controlled in the coil which shows the plasma. 
The reasons these systems work effectively is because now the body of the man is made of gans and plasmatic condition and these plasma both of the magic, now you see exactly what we are talking about. Can you separate the 2 slightly and turn it 90 degrees or a slightly different way that we see them directly in between. Send it a little bit the other way ,the other the other way ,where we see the gap between the 2 please .yea a bit more yeah okay if you move the 2, can you increase the distance between the 2 please, yeah a little bit more okay.  
这些系统能够高效工作是因为人体就是处于甘斯和等离子体的状态下,这些等离子体都具有魔力,现在你就知道我们一直在谈论的东西, 你能把这两个线圈稍微分开一下吗,旋转90度或稍微朝向不同的方向,这样我们就可以直接看到两个线圈的中间,往那一边,那一边,直到我们可以看见2个线圈之间中间的空隙,好,再转一点,好的 ,你看能不能再增加两个线圈之间的距离,好的,再增加一点,好的 。
Now you understand here if we create a plasma of let’s say cancer here, I am going to choose thicker line that we can see. If we choose the plasma of a cancer here, could be anything cancer of lung, cancer of lymph, cancer of anything and then we create a matching one of slightly different strength here in this one ,then what is going to give us. 
现在你就能看到,如果你在中间创建一个等离子体比如肿瘤,我换一只粗一点的线,如果我们在这里作为癌症的等离子体 (右边线圈的中心),这可以是肺癌、淋巴癌或是其它癌症,然后再在另一个线圈中心创建一个相匹配但磁场强度略有不同的(肿瘤) (左边线圈中心),接下来就观察发生的现象。
In fact what we going to get ,is transformation of the plasma across the body of the man, If you place a man here now and position him in the right place in transferring energy from one side to another which is the balance energy ,you will find out within seconds the cancer is reversible ,but you need to create a conditional flow .
事实上我们所得到的是穿过人体的等离子体的转换。如果你把人体放在中间,并将其放在正确位置 ,能量将从一侧转移到另一边,以实现能量平衡,接下来便会发现癌细胞很快就会反转消失,不过你需要在这里创造一个磁场流。
what you need to do is to place a plasmatic battery on this side which connects to and then what you need is to connect this side to a source which can be drained or plasma can get into .you use a plasma battery in this end ,you used salt on this end ,salt water is one of the best absorbers of transfer of the energy from body of the man. 
你需要做的便是在线圈右侧放置一个等离子电池 (右边),将左边的线圈与一个源头相连,这个源头能够被消耗以及便于等离子体进入 (左边线圈连接一个消耗的源头)。你在这一边使用等离子电池,在另一边使用盐,盐水是最能吸收从人体转移的能量的工具之一。
So when you put a man in this condition ,you can be anywhere you can even increase put the head of the man in between the system, now you see a new development you can produce this at home less than $50.
 this is the beauty of these what we call blueprint teachings. we want you we to ask you to replicate it and report back. we going to show you real systems .this is one system ,we put the body of the man is a tumour in the middle, let’s say in the lung or in the stomach and in that process ,you'll find out you change the whole plasma of the whole environment here. 2:26:03
这就是我们所说的蓝图教学的美妙之处。我们希望你们能复制这个系统,并向我们反馈。我们会给你们展示我们建造的系统实体。这是一个系统,我们把人体,这个肿瘤放在中间 (中间的圆圈),肺部或胃部有肿瘤,你会发现你改变了整个系统中的等离子体环境 (画了一个大圆圈)。
So with this process ,secondary cancer is impossibility. because now you covering the totality of the body of the man. it cannot appear somewhere else. it cannot go because now you bring balance because now you bring balance in respect to the whole body of the man in every aspect .
因此,在这个进程中,癌症绝对不会复发。因为磁场覆盖了整个身体 (中间两个横线),它不会出现在其他地方,也不会离开,因为从各个方面来说,你的身体处于平衡的状态。
so secondary cancer is impossibility, but you got to understand it’s the same thing with viruses. if you have viruses and you can create the balance energy of the virus in the 2 that you can create a ,what I call Marco’s favourite word ,a gradient you will find out in that process as long as the body of the man can be considered as a point of the sphere and the gradient ,you will find out you can handle most of the diseases.
因此,不会有二次癌症,不过你要知道病毒也是这样。如果你体内有病毒,那么在两个线圈的中心便能实现病毒的能量平衡 (两个线圈中心涂实了一些),因此,你便会创建一个,用马可喜欢说的话,就是在这个过程中,你会发现一个梯度,只要人体处于球形结构或梯度上的一点,你就会发现你能治愈多数疾病。
 for body of man in a simple direct better condition ,this becomes handy. but what if the man is got from your chest, your head ,your brain .what you can do, I try to put this on the memory I cannot remember it. Can we go to the structure the drawings on the sixth set please, Renon ? 
can you rotate that we can see it. I have got a lot of drawing on that. I am trying to clean it, can I clean it ?okay you clean it for me .thank you very much, it there back there again can you take it off?  You have to clean the board of my writings. Can you take the drawings yeah thank you very much .can you rotate this 90degrees that the we can see the gap between the 2, yeah thank you very much,  a little bit more, just with an angle that we can see the plates. 
你能稍微旋转一下吗,这样我们就可以看到。这上面画了很多线条,我想把它们擦掉,可以吗?好的,你把它擦了,非常感谢。啊,有了,可以把画的这些线清除吗?你要把我画的线都擦了,你可以吗?好的,谢谢。 可以把这个装置旋转90度吗,这样我们就能看见中间的空隙,好了,谢谢,调整一下,调整一个角度使我们可以看见这个板子。
You see here is where you can place the where we can place the body of the man, his shoulders to the stomach, that’s his head and this his legs can you turn it a little bit please that we can see the systems the coils. So what you see is what we shown 6 the coils, the individual coils, now we have 6 sets of coils. 
你们看中间这部分就是放置人体的地方,他的肩到腹部,上面是头,下面是腿 ,可以再调一下装置的角度吗,这样我们能看到系统的线圈 。你看到的就是我们之前展示的6个单独的线圈,现在则是六组线圈。
The reason for the 6 coils in this combination is that you have the you have the right side and you have the left side. So for example if you want to process only cancer in let’s say bladder ,you choose this spot and this so you need only to use 4 of the systems. If you have a cancer of lung, you need to use these 2 in the top and these 2 and now this process gives you a combination control, where this system for example is connected to a plasmatic battery and this system is connected to a drainage that it creates a condition, but we can expand this further. can we bring the helmet unit into play on the top where the head  by any chance. Renon? 2:30:00
之所以在这个组合中有六个线圈是因为这个系统有左右两边的分布,比如,如果你想治疗膀胱癌,那就只需要左右两边下面这个位置的四个线圈 ,如果是肺癌,那就需要两边上面的两个线圈 。如今,现在这个过程给予你一种组合控制。当这个系统这边与等离子电池相连 ,这边与排泄装置相连 (左边),这便创造了一个环境,不过我们可以再扩展这个系统。我们可以在上面头部放一个头盔装置吗?雷兰:?
[Renon]: The 3d image for that is not yet ready, so we can show…
[Keshe]: Pardon?
[Renon]: We can show the …
[Keshe]: I cant hear you 
[Renon]: We can show the actual helmet. 
[Keshe]: The actual helmet okay so we stop for that actual helmet let us go to more teaching the more teaching if you can clean up the board please and everything else that so we speak to it before we go to it. Okay now can you open the space between the 2 that we can get into it or I can use the side of the platform to draw. 
What we can do now is if we can make a helmet which fits onto the body of the man where we put the helmet over the head and then in the helmet we create the same kind of things where in the helmet we can place the same coils now we have the 2 coils which you see here which has the 6 coils on them and you have the coils on this side with the 6 on them. Now you can see the power of the technology if you understand it if you take the body of the man and split it in half. Lets say you have cancer or lets say you have disability in left hand on the left finger to me this is the left and this is the right. All I need to do I need to choose. This one in conjunction with the finger lets say using this part of the system. You connect the brain back to the system through the helmet and through the body unit. You allow the brain internally to build its own link and what you will see is the end of paralysis. You can grow nerves this way. You can disconnect, disconnect the nerves, you can do for example if the right arm is paralysed use the same system and use the upper arm section of the coil on the helmet so you can reverse and repair.
现在我们要做的事就是,如果我们可以制作出一顶正好适合人类的头盔 ,在头盔里面放入同样的线圈 ,现在这边上面有六个线圈,这边上面有六个线圈 ,现在你们可以见证此项科技的力量,如果你们能理解其中的原理的话,假如你把人体分成两半, 假设你得了癌症或者左手的手指有残疾,从我的方向来看这边是左这边是右 ,我只需要选择,这个 (右上角圆圈)与手指相结合,就使用了这个系统的这个部分 (左下角圆圈),通过头盔和身体单元可以将大脑与系统连接起来。使大脑内部建立起自己的联系,就能够看到治愈中风或瘫痪 (两个圆圈用一条线连接起来),还可以用这种方法培植神经,或者分离神经,还可以,比如说,你的右手残了,用同样的系统 (左上画了一个圆圈),用头盔中线圈的上臂节就能够逆转修复 (左上对应右下画了一条线)。
 You can literally change anything in the body of the man for the first time man has control over replication and control. This what you see I have done for years and it works those of you who receive the units and you can walk those children those children who have been autistic or born with a lack of oxygen we can grow the brain in that way. We were limited up to now to magnets now with this technology we are not limited we can replicate that children who are handicapped people who have a stroke and get damaged in the brain we can help to process the health of the brain back to normality. If for example you receive energy pack in space where it cause what do you call a virus of whatever you like it you can create a system energy pattern that you can drain the system out of the energy and there is no virus. 
你事实上能改变身体上的任何部分,这是第一次,人类掌握了复制与控制的技术。你所看到的正是我多年来致力于研究的这项技术,被证明有效。你们中无论谁接收到了这个装置,可以用在患有自闭症的孩子或者先天由于缺氧而导致大脑受损的孩子身上,我们可以用这种方法让其大脑恢复正常。以前我们一直受制于磁铁效应,但现在有了这项技术,我们可以突破限制,我们能复制那些残疾儿童、中风患者、大脑受损人群的大脑状态,使他们的大脑恢复到正常健康的状态 。比如说,你在太空中接收到能量包,但它产生了病毒 (中间的方块),那么你就可以建立一个系统,一个能量模式,把病毒系统从能量中抽离出来 (两边的直线代表从能量包中抽离病毒),就没有病毒了。
Death in space through this technology is impossibility unless you die by accident but remember if you go on the other side of the board use the same helmet use the same unit use the body of the man you can feed the man through the same process what he needs and from the other side you can take whatever he does not need. You can feed his lungs with the energy that is need for his brain and you can do the same taking what is not needed so you can walk into these systems reverse the process of any disease and you can walk through these systems every few hours and feed yourself. 
有了这项技术,太空中就不会有死亡,除非是意外引起。但是记住,如果你在飞船上的另一边,用同样的头盔和装置,用人体 ,你可以用同样的过程来供养他所需的 (右边的横线代表供给所需),而在另一边,你可以拿走他不需要的任何东西 (左边横线代表拿走不需要的)。你可以把他大脑所需的能量供给他的肺部 (头部与身体的连线),同样的方式,你也可以拿走他不需要的东西,所以你可以进入系统中,逆转疾病运行的路径;你也可以进入这个系统中,每隔几小时为自己提供能量。
Dr. Paris is online we have tested a single version of these 2 weeks ago and the gentleman with the rectum cancer has a pain in the stomach and instantaneously the pain disappears but you remember in all the teachings in the past what we said the reversal is more painful because a lot of things have to be reversed. So what you see now is a grew by one of the first universal systems for any disease you can have this at home you go hungry you go through it you have a cancer you go through it you have a child who has a disability you can still do something with it. This is the blueprint who will change a lot of things in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals have no control over. You can put one of these units in any village connected to a plasma battery and the whole village can be fed you have viruses you just press people pass them through it, it can change because its tuned to that virus to dilute it. In so many way you can make the shape of the man and place as many of these coils as you like to cover the whole body of the man and you can control everything with it. Renon would you like to show us the physical structure you built  
[Renon]: Yeah of course I just would like to share what I have 
[Keshe]: There we are this is can we go closer that we can see. This is literally the system built in matter of what less than 4 or 5 days you are in the innovation centre of the Keshe foundation on Philippine very small accommodation but a lot of new knowledge coming out of this place can you show us the totality please those panels has been put on so that you don’t come in touch with the gans, can we have one of your very nice people in there to go in between who would like to volunteer we might zoom you into space. So this is how the other way turn 90 degrees and just close the 2 gaps you have to be touching both sides then you will see that’s all is needed. It reaches every dynamic you can adjust it and you can reach any position in the body of the man balance field no secondary cancer and if it hungry man he will be fed the same 
凯史:这就是了,我们可以把它拉近一点,看得更清楚 ,我们建立这个实体系统大约用了四五天,现在是在凯史机构的菲律宾创新中心,很小的一处地方,    但是从这里产生了大量的新知识,你能给大家看一下全部吗,拜托 ,那些面板装上去,你就不用接触到甘斯, 能不能麻烦你们中一个友好的人当志愿者去那中间,谁愿意?我们可能会把你发送到太空去 。那么,这就是另一种做成90度的方式,减少两边之间的空隙,必须要触碰到两边 (将中间的人夹紧了一点),然后你就会知道那就是所需的。它变化万端,你还可以调整它,能够接触到这个中间位置上人体的任何部位(场体涵盖任意部位),使场平衡,不会产生二次癌变,如果饿了,同样也能供给能量。
[Rick]: So Keshe would it be true there is no focusing ray as such is just the field balancing field its similar through the whole part was you wouldn’t focus on a particular area you just do the whole area
[Keshe]: That’s correct you can do the whole area as a full plasmatic. Now you see the helmet, if you like if you could fit the man with the helmet. Can we see the helmet first please if you can show a close up this is the same coil system set up in the material used for helmets these type of helmets I made for nearly 15 years and we see the changes when we said people couldn’t talk they can talk this is how you control, you need this combination of the 6 the top and the left and the right so each one controls one side of the brain because its plasmatic it cannot do any harm because the brain only takes what it needs from it in every cup there is one 90 degree separation the way as we saw in the drawings in so many ways when you place this one the head would you like to let the gentleman to wear it. Who is under the cap?
凯史:对,你可以像一个完整等离子体一样覆盖整个领域。现在你看到这个头盔,如果这个头盔刚好适合这个戴,我们可以先看头盔吗?你能把它移近一点吗? , 这是一样的线圈系统,被用来制作头盔,这种头盔我已经做了近15年,看着它一直变化,以前人们戴着它不能发声,现在可以了 ,这就是你怎么控制它,你需要这种组合,即上面的六个线圈和左右的线圈 , ,这样每一个就能控制大脑的一边(共12个线圈组合), 它是等离子体性质的,对人体无害,大脑只会吸收它所需的 ,每一个杯中都有一个90度的图画中所展示的相互垂直的线圈组合 ,你可以用各种方法把它戴到这位先生的头上,让这位先生戴上吧,这位先生是谁? 
[Renon]: Andy…
雷兰:瑞恩 安迪 
[Keshe]: All the people you see working there helping out and making this are part of the Keshe foundation innovation team this is where your donations goes to pay people to live a couple of life to produce the system for you and that’s why we say we need donations to be able to produce the next step of these machines that can be mass produced or come to agreement to the companies that can mass produce it but it’s got to be Keshe foundation companies so what you see now whatever, don’t connect him he has got no problem. Here they are connecting him up he is always got a smiling face so what you see is the helmet in both directions now you can control any part of the body from any disease but don’t forget 90% of the disease of the man especially cancer and the rest comes from emotional so these plasmas because they have an we can control different elements to them we can control the emotion that the people reject the disease through their emotional part and you dilute everything and there is no way for it to come back because you elevate the soul of the man and the emotion of the man. Are there any questions up to now before we go to the next one? Thanks very much Andy thanks for you standing in there. Can we look at your helmet don’t wear it and go for a ride 
凯史:你们看到的所有在帮忙的,并制作这项工具的人都是凯史创新团队的一员,你们的捐款也都投到此处, 用来支付给他们从而为你们生产这些系统,这就是我们需要捐款的原因, 这样我们才能进行下一步,制造这些机器,投入大规模生产,或者与其他公司签订合约使其得以大规模生产,但是只有凯史公司才能做到 ,现在不管你看到了什么,不要与他连接起来,他没事 (去掉了头盔上一根线)。他脸上总是挂着微笑,你们看到这个头盔向着两个方向,现在你可以控制身体任何部分的任何疾病,但是别忘了,人类百分之九十的疾病,尤其是癌症,以及剩余的都产生于情感,我们可以控制不同的元素来控制等离子体,我们能控制情感,人们就可以通过情感部分来抵抗疾病,你可以稀释任何事物,减弱疾病,它们就不会再回来,因为你升华了人的灵魂、人的情感。 进入下一步前你们有什么问题吗?安迪,非常感谢,感谢你能站在这儿,我们能看一下你的头盔吗?你可别戴着它去骑摩托车。 
[Renon]; Thank you sir 
[Keshe]: Thanks very much, is Renon there?
[Renon]: I am here sir I am here 
[Keshe]: Can we see this in the schematic 
[Renon]: Yeah the 3D drawings 
[Rick]: Some asks there no gans balls in these coils 
[Keshe]: no there are only nano coated and the coils are in the gans of the CO2
[Rick]: And the coils on the helmet are they single coils or the double magnetic…
[Keshe]: Double coils everything is double from non-adhesive because you to produce both gravitational and magnetical at the same time this was it allows you to create the condition you need and as we show the connection is different than before that’s is directly in 
凯史:双线圈,所有的都是双的无粘性的 ,因为你能同时产生磁力和引力,这允许你创造出你所需的条件,正如我们所展示的,这种连接方式与此前不同,它是直接在里面.... 
[Rick]: There is a question should the coils be placed, sorry 
[Keshe]: Pardon. Carry on Rick 
[Rick]: Should the coils be placed near the regions of the brain that need to be developed in the case of autism 
[Keshe]: This the way we built the system for the helmets you needed the, can we have the configuration of the helmet if you have it please, this configuration which is set here you need it has to be this way all you need is to which one you energize more you can choose for example energizing this I’m gonna go just wait one second please, you can energize this and this one to create a condition in this region but you have to remember to brain doesn’t work just in that region it takes a blueprints on the same side too. You can create by separation of the two helmets you see on the side is separated if for example you lost control of the right hand and he can control these reactors the right way you teach it from the left of the right. You transfer the information and you find out it becomes a blueprint the man will walk and talk all time in no time 
凯史:这就是我们为你所需要的头盔建立系统的方式,头盔的结构图能给我们看一下吗,好了,这就是你们需要的头盔结构示意图了 ,你们需要做的就是给它哪部分供给更多的能量,比如说你选择这个供能,等一下,你选择这个,这个,还有这个 (在左上角三个线圈上画了叉叉),在这片区域创造了一个环境 (圆圈),但是记住这片区域大脑是不工作的,在同样的一边也出现印记 (右边圆圈),你能将两个头盔分开创造这样的环境 ,你看,在这一边已经分开了,比如说,如果你的右手不听使唤了,就可以通过控制右边这些反应器 ,教它们辨别左右 ,转换信息,你就会发现它变成指令模式,这样人就可以立刻行走和说话了。
[Rick]: So it seems like it might have to stimulate the opposite side of the brain and then the part that is damaged in a way
[Keshe]; you don’t stimulate you copy transfer energy the energy transfer is across you create the same gradient type one to the other and it flows across. We done this coma patients no one more or less should die of coma if you understand these helmets is what I have built for years so I know exactly how they work but now for the first time we have the flexibility of control of the field strength and everything else. The condition of these coils if Renon can you put this helmet somehow on top of the body unit the 6s somewhere between the 2. 
凯史:不需要刺激,只需复制转换能量,能量在穿越中转换,你创造了同样的梯度效应,从一边到另一边 ,它在流动中交叉穿过。我们用这个处理昏迷的病人,没人会死于昏迷,如果你能理解这个我构建了多年的头盔,我知道它是如何工作的,这是第一次我们能够灵活的控制场强以及其他。这些线圈的环境,雷兰:,你能把这个头盔放到这个身体装置的上面吗,在这两者之间的某处....
No no not that one, no no the helmet yeah place it somewhere can we have a picture of the helmets somewhere on the top between these 2 to have you when you finish let me know then I come in ok that is perfect know then I come in ok that is perfect okay so now let’s say you have a problem with the prostate cancer or you have a problem with breast cancer in the present health conditions they operate on a person which is somewhere here I come to the neck
不不不,不是这个,是头盔,对, 把它放到那儿,有头盔的照片吗,放在这两者之间的上面,你放好了就告诉我,我再回来,好,刚刚好 。比如你有前列腺癌,或是乳房癌,在目前的医疗条件下,他们会给你在身上某部分做手术。我画个脖子。
 sorry I have to make a drawing here you put a  neck into it here you put the body of the man here you have the breasts and you have the prostate here there cancers are psychosomatic the created through emotion because you're creating a plasma condition with CO2 here and here and here and here and you can control it that the plasma for example sits here and here for a prostate and somewhere here and here for breast cancer to match the 2 you change the gravitational magnetic field flow from here to here and with it because of the choice my choice of the field strength you find out the cancer dissolves. 
对不起,我得先画幅画,这里是脖子,把人的身体放这里 ,这里是乳房,这里是前列腺 (上面是胸部,下面是前列腺),患癌与身心相关,情感引起的,因为你创造了一个有CO2的等离子体环境,在这里,这里,这里,还有这里 (在线圈组合里画了几个圈),就会产生二氧化碳等离子环境,你可以控制这个等离子体,位于这里,还有这里 (左右下面各对应一个圆圈),对应前列腺的位置;这里和这里对应乳腺癌 ,这两部分相对应(指人身上的胸部与装置上的部位相互对应),你就会改变磁引力场,等离子体,就会从这里流到这里 (中间一条线),凭借着这个过程,由于所选择的场强,你会发现癌症消失了 。
You should be able to watch the reduction of cancer over period of 2-3 weeks you can never go for the change of cancer in mainstream because what is produced the body has to get used to as well you cannot rush in one goal so you take your time, 10 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes through the same process not only the plasma changes but the emotion in the brain changes too. You can do this thing with the prostate you can do with any cancer. Cancer majority of the time is condition to the physical part of the body of the man with the long we can do the same.
 You can support energy through here and here that you can support a heart in the centre to have a rest but receive energy to give to the blood for the emotional side of the body of the man to exist till because there is no pressure on it to repair itself you can do the same use the collective energy and do the same with the lung of the man. All these systems have been tested and it works. 
你可以支持提供能量通过这里,还有这里 (左右两个大圈),你也能给心脏提供能量让其休息一下 (中间大圆圈),但是(心脏)收集能量传递到血液中,支撑人的情感部分,需要情绪的推动,因为还没有任何外部的压力可以使它自我修复,你可以把收集的能量做同样的事情,用到人的肺部 (左右的长方块)。这些系统都已经经过测试并成功了。
so if you have a disease you have to find the position of it in the brain and then connection of it with the physical part of the body of the man simply through the system because you have connected it you connect directly you got to remember is the potential difference which cancer not the current in so many ways so you can help all your system connected in parallel or series depending how you want to do it what you are expecting of it. Total cost of this system I don’t know how much did it cost to make it Renon? Hello
所以,如果你患病了,就得先找到疾病在大脑里对应的位置 (画了一个小叉叉),然后通过这个系统将它与身体上的部位连接起来,因为你已经连接起来,直接的连接;记住癌症与目前流行的疾病的根本区别,你可以把所有的系统并联或串联,取决于你的想法和意愿。这项系统的总花费是多少来着,雷兰:?在吗?
[Renon]: …sir 
[Keshe]: how much did it cost to build the whole system? 
[Renon]: this system cost a about 100 Euro and the metal cases and flat base but 200Euro is enough 
[Keshe]: Now you can see how much the pharmaceutical have gone down the drain. You can feed yourself you can replace change the plasma create the condition place on the side or this side energy source a plasmatic energy in the source. Can you show us the plasmatic system you use? 
凯史:现在你知道医药业的努力付诸东流了,你可以自己自足,你可以替换改变等离子体,你能在这一边创造一个能量来源环境,一个等离子能量的源头 (左边的方框),你能向我们展示一下你使用的等离子系统吗?
[Renon]: The hold on sir, Reny will share the video 
[Keshe]: Can we see Reny we never seen him can we see his beautiful face we always hear his voice, is he camera shy ? Share? 
凯史:我们可以见见瑞尼吗?我们从没见过他,让我们看看他英俊的脸庞,我们经常听到他的声音。他的摄像头害羞了吗?/ 他分享他的摄像头了吗?
[Renon]: Yeah he is camera shy I will show the system and Reny will show the video 
[Keshe]: This is on the back you can see the energy systems they put on can you show it please. Each coil has got its own energy system that is energised independently then you can then you can control the flow you can control if it is certain energies you expect from it and it gets controlled back directly internally you can bring the proximity of these coils closer to each other you can use a single stacker coil very much like a all the ones in line or in one column for a specific use fantastic there we are.
凯史:这就是在后面他们放上去的能量系统 ,能仔细展示一下吗? 每个线圈都有它自己的能量系统,能独立为自己供能,这样你就可以控制场流,如果它是你所期待的某种能量,就能从内部直接在你控制下返回,你可以把这些线圈之间的距离缩小,你可以用单一的能量层线圈,所有的线圈特别排成横向或纵向可以作为某种特定用途。很棒 ,
 Now we see this one this system is a single unit system with the energy systems behind it and it has a drainage system on the other side  where you can put for example on a position of lets say a finger which is damaged you want to regrow it cancer in the given condition you have its energies you can control in the back but putting the 2 coils opposite to each other does not give you the results you have to create the energy transfer and here we see the using of copper coils because it been nano coated everything in this structure has to be nano coated that you only work in the plasma condition. 
好了,现在我们可以看到这个系统 是一个单一的单元系统 , 它背后有一个能量系统,另一边还有一个排泄系统 , 你可以把受伤的希望重新生长的手指放在上面,以及特定条件下的癌症,你有能量,你能控制,但是把这两个线圈像这样对立放置在一起并不能达到你想要的结果, 你还必须使能量发生转换, 我们用铜线圈,因为它被纳米涂层,这个结构中的所有事物都必须被纳米涂层,这样你就在等离子体环境下工作 。
This is the way into the future for eradicating all the diseases the eradicating all the problems which sits with the operation of the world at this moment. Be café you don’t wear any gold cold ring with you because you can cause yourself a lot of problem he absorbed the energy he was wearing the ring. Now yes now you seen a single unit we have tested another version of this single unit few weeks ago and I have tested this about past 10 years without people knowing those people who’ve been with the Keshe foundation different processes they have seen how they have had a pad in the front and a pad in the back and they sit and they see the changes this is how it works this is a very basic system of being able to do something. Now very interesting point with this is that if you connect let’s say the energy side with the non-energy side or a receiving end with the supplying end of the energy and connect the wire connection on the receiving energy side to a pen we have this somewhere I think, Renon it’s on the biggest structure of is it here and the biggest structure so if you connect the energy the output of the receiving end or on the supplying end if you want to do it from another coil. 
我们将来就会用这种方法解决所有疾病,解决现今世界运作中存在的所有问题。小心,不要戴任何冷金饰,它会给你带来很多麻烦,金饰品会吸收人体中的能量。好的,这是一个单一的装置,我们几周前已经测试了另外这个简单装置的另一版本 ,过去十年来我一直都在测试它,别人都不知道,那些参与了凯史机构的测试的不同过程的人,他们在台前幕后见证了减痛包的形成过程以及一系列变化,这就是它如何工作的,这就是我们有能力做其他事情的一个基本的系统 。有一个非常有趣的事是,如果你把有能量的一边和没有能量的一边连接起来,或者把接收能量的一端和供应能量的一端连接起来, 然后把接收能量端的线与笔连接起来,我们在哪里有这样的,雷恩,我认为这是最大的结构了,如果你把接收端的输出的能量和供应端连接,如果你想在另一个线圈上这样做。
Can we go to the drawings of the 6 units please. So what you can do if this is a supplying side when I change to bigger one, sorry about that need you to go up if this is the supplying side where the energy comes from and this side is the receiving plate and now you have the body of the man here and this is his heart and this is the heart valve. if you bring the pen in the direct position where the heart is where the valve is and point it out in the right strength and even use three pens and these three pens can cover the area of the heart you can literally reconstruct the whole valve because the body knows what is received is aware of and the plasmatic conditional of the valve and is getting supply if it is back himself and in feeding back you can pin point accuracy reconstruct everything in a way you give it enough energy that the body replicates itself in a very fast way 
我们能继续看一下那个六个组件的图示吗 。所以,你做什么呢?如果我能换成更大的,需要你向上一点,如果说这一端是供能端 (右边的箭头),那一端是接收盘,你把人体放在这,心脏在这 ,这里是心房 ,如果你把笔正对在心房上 (红线),释放适当的能量强度,甚至可以用三支笔把心脏部位覆盖住 (三条红线),这样事实上你就可以重建整个心房,因为你的身体知道它接收是什么,是有意识的,如果它知道是在支持它,那么心房的等离子环就会在接受供能,然后在反馈中,你可以精确的定位进而重建一切 (向右画了一道线表示反馈能量),供应了足够的能量后,身体就能很快地自我复制。
but at the same time you need the connection to the brain which is responsible for the heart so what you are doing in fact you are you are doing the job of the lymph you are doing the job of the blood you are going the job of the neuro system but this time you are controlling everything in that specific area if you change the position in a slightly different than you have let’s say a tumour in the stomach and in nowhere else you can do the same thing by saturating very slowly and the tumour over time disappears the whole game of working applying the technology without any intrusive and you can do it at home you just understanding it in a full detail. 
同时你还必须与负责心脏功能的大脑连接起来 (连接头盔的红线),实际上你在与淋巴液打交道,和血液打交道,还有与神经系统打交道,但这一次你在这个特殊区域控制所有事情,如果你稍微改变一下位置,比如说改变了胃部肿瘤的位置 (下面的圆圈),慢慢的渗透它 ,肿瘤就会消失,这一切的工作无需其他(工具或人)的干预,你在家就可以做,只需要把每一步了解清楚就行了。
These blueprints are the guideline it’s you, you who have to decide how you want to produce it and use it. You can use and create a condition where you create and control the whole atmosphere of the body in the space you walk in the zone where you pick up the energy which can behave let’s say like the Aids or HIV virus. You change the environment of the whole section of the body you walk away without any. AIDS virus and other virus we know on this planet are just a toy compared to what the man will come across in space from a virus point of view energy transfer which lock into the amino acid chain. This is one of the reasons why the present time medicine cannot find solutions so easily for viruses because they never understood the virus is an energy pack attached itself to a microbe to amino acid. What is does it creates a plasma around which is locked into it now with being able to create the copy of the energy of the virus what we call the additional plasma you remove it and what happens what you have is literally amino acid left behind you empty in a way the sack. In so many ways if we go back to the single drawing can we go back to the pictures the units you had on the tables please? 
这些图纸是指示图,还要靠你自己来生产并实际运用。你可以创造一个环境,一个能够创造与控制身体整个气场的环境,在太空中,你可能会行走在这样一个区域,在这个区域里你会得到一些表现像艾滋病毒和HIV病毒的能量,如果你改变整个身体的环境 (斜线),你就能远离艾滋病毒和其他病毒。从病毒的能量转换观点来看,在地球上(的病毒)相比人穿越在太空中(所遇到的)简直就是小儿科,它(病毒能量)融入进氨基酸链条中,这也是为什么当下的医药学家无法轻易地找到解决这些病毒的方法,因为他们并不明白病毒就是依附在微生物和氨基酸上的一个能量包,它在其周围创造的等离子体都被锁在里面了,通过创造病毒能量的复制体,就是我们所说的额外的等离子体,你移走了它,就只是氨基酸留下了,把能量包清空了,如果你再回头把这幅图看一遍,请把桌上的组件图回放一遍吗?
[Renon]: Okay sir 
[Keshe]: You came with it very good, it says the Iranian president is in Rome a beautiful one. So what you call this what you can do where you have these 2 rings you can place a cup of water, you can place a fruit you can place anything and imbed in it the plasma of a virus and then that water becomes like a vaccine antidote then you can drink it you have to create a reverse plasma for it that in a way receiving it dissolves sense in plasma in the energy of the man in a way you can use the energy of the virus as a food if you know how to handle it does not need to be rejected. 
凯史:你做的很好,它说伊朗总统在罗马,很漂亮。 所以,如果如果你有这样两个环,你可以放一杯水,你可以放一个水果,你可以放任何东西 ,把病毒的等离子体注入里面,水就变成了疫苗的解药,你能喝下它,你必须创造一个它的反向等离子体,接收它,然后就会在人体等离子体能量中消解。你可以某种方式使用病毒的能量,就像食物一样,如果你知道怎么处理它就不需要拒绝它。
You can drink cups of water or any liquid or anything or yourself and reproduce the same entity, somebody is very busy drinking in there. In that process you can create whatever you need as a plasma in the matter state of the plasma that in the body of the man changes into the plasma the lymph of the body. You can embed the core directly in between two. So any of you who have people who are working to eradicate cancer for you father your brother wife or your husband or your children build one these and test it do not connect it to electricity you have to build yourself a plasma battery that you create a plasma which is made on the process of yours.
Can we show the drawing of plasma battery which you have done please. Caroline is reminding me please remind them that if you have any what do you call it pace maker or the things be careful any metal or implants. So this you see this is a system which we saw what we call combination battery capacitor which was developed by Alex. We use this because now we can do a lot of things with this as a power source. You can nano coat P1 or P2 or P3 or all them to be connected as you choose or A1 A2 with anything of the foods you might need that a continuous base energy for a specific job are fed through the plasma so when you take the plasma of let’s say the problem is let’s say with the infection or with the various you nano coat that with a specific virus energy or if you want the energy of an apple you can do the same because  now the coil deliver the energy into the body as you eaten an apple. Can we look at the feeding pipe please?
[Renon]: The double will be the feeding pipe sir the connection 
雷兰:双装置就是供能管道 这种连接
[Keshe]: The coil itself because you already made it 
[Renon]: Okay sir 
[Keshe]: Can you explain to us what we are looking at please. 
[Renon]: So this is the capacitor battery capacitor and we can put gans over it if we want to have the see it with second energy by just putting rings in here and pass it inside. So you can bring many of these gans here and this will be utilized connecting the one side of the Magrav health unit so the energy of gans ring will influence the flow of plasma passing through this so this is pretty great
雷兰:这就是电池电容器 ,我们可以把甘斯放在上面,如果我们要看它第二种能量的话,只需要把铜环放在这里,穿过去放在里面 ,所以你能把许多甘斯放在这里(甘斯环), 它的一端连接磁引力健康装置,这样,甘斯环的能量就会影响经过这里的等离子流,所以这很棒。
[Keshe]: So what is it that on each ring you can put what you want? Apple banana and pardon 
[Renon]: The fruit gans compulsive ganses and …
[Keshe]: And as the plasma crosses the energy line to one stacker or the other we will carry the information of the gravitational magnetic field of the plasma of the  apple and is as you receive the energy which is not the apple which you need it’s the energy that the apple creates that is needed by part of the body of the man, so in space we do not need to carry we can replace these rings with another combination coil on top of it in a way do you have a free Magrav unit ring? In so many ways now you need one ring to produce whatever energy you want to be carried to the body these thing things in next few weeks we will see you delivering you will tell us how you done with it and how its progressing. Now you understand how if you can control this the star formation unit one star formation unit can be used for any kind of application while you are creating and maintaining plasma you can change to maintain food energy and in a way you can send all the passenger of the plain at the same time together to toilet if you like it because you drain that given energy from them and you can feed them all with the energy of the banana at the same time the ones who like banana they will take the energy of banana the ones who do not need it they do not do because it’s like we walking in the sun we don’t absorb all the energy which the sun produces we will release very detailed drawings of this into the manufacturing side and the blueprint for development by you and you that think of what it can do.  3:10:00 
凯史:当等离子体穿过能量线到达一个能量盒后,我们就会携带着苹果等离子体的磁力磁场的信息,你接收到的能量不是你所需要的苹果本身,而是人体某部分所需要的苹果所产生的能量。等离子电池就能产生身体所需的能量,所以在太空中,我们不需要携带什么,我们可以用另外的联合式线圈替代在上面的这些环,你有自由磁引力场能量环吗? 你需要这样一个能携带在身上的产生出能量的环,接下来的几个星期,你就会看到它传输能量,你会告诉我们你是如何做的以及它的运作过程 。现在你明白,如果你能控制这个星型组合,这个星型组合装置可以应用于任何领域,当你在创造和维持等离子体时,你可以用它来保存食物的能量;你可以把平原上的旅客全部一起送到厕所里,如果你愿意的话。因为你把里面的能量抽取出来,你可以同时给他们供给香蕉的能量,那些喜欢香蕉的人将会得到香蕉的能量,不喜欢的就不会获取到,就像你走在太阳下,我们不是吸收太阳释放的所有能量。我们将会公布这个十分详尽的细节用于工厂的生产和蓝图,蓝图给你们来完善发展。
[Armand]: That’s beautiful Renon. is it enclosed with like glue or something, to keep the inside moist, so that it doesn’t, what was that
[Keshe]: We don’t need moistures 
[Armand]: okay 
[Renon]: It only because it’s just recently been nano coated the tube, so it’s absorbing the moisture in the air .so it’s still not that dry and also its raining here, so the moistures are strictly on the nano coated tubes 
[Armand]: okay great thank you very much. so dry gans would work just as well then 
[Keshe]: okay ,Robert would you like to come in. because now it is due we’ll do it. Because now we can start of discussion the discussion in different ways. 
[Robert]: Okay ,certainly whatever you need 
[Keshe]: okay now you explain that you are using the coil on one side and the pen on the other. 
[Robert]: yes that’s correct . 
[Keshe]: now you seen it can be used for the medical application the same concept .
[Robert]: your system seems to be much more powerful than mine are of course. but yes my works and it has been working very well .one thing I forgot to mention is I set base of it, its sitting on like a nano coated coil I set that on a mixture of earth ,and mycenia, it’s like a plant which absorbs water and so forth .I figured that I would kind of be a grounding point for it
[Keshe]: what is interesting you can do, is that if you create this,  these units can be used effectively for burns .when you have accidents with the 1st  2nd degree burns,  burn if you understand what you explained with coils and with the pen and you put a CO2 tissue package on the skin, you create the 3 layer which is need for the skin to repair .so you make the system and the body follows, that’s why this systems will be very effective in burn units. it can literally cure people ,coming into 1st degree or 2nd degree or 3rd degree burn into the hospital and within day they walk out as they never had any burns on their body. 
凯史: ,有一件事挺有意思的,你可以试试,如果你创建了这些装置,可以有效运用于烧伤,当发生意外造成一级或二级烧伤,如果你知道这些线圈和笔的用法,,然后你在皮肤上放上二氧化碳面纸,这样你就创建了皮肤修复需要的三个皮层。因此,你做好系统后,身体就会在这个过程中修复,这就是为什么这个系统治疗烧伤十分有效。不夸张地说,它可以治愈那些因一级、二级和三级烧伤进入医院的患者,几天内他们就可以随意走动,好像身体从未烧伤一样。
[Robert]: That’s incredible
[Keshe]; You can test it in a way Benjamin has tested part of this without him knowing in Africa and some places. we have seen that with the all sort conditions, skin conditions can be eradicated and these systems are perfect .if you understand it with the helmets and with the body unit, for people who have the serious systems who have the skin defects. If you only control the CO2 and connect, can we go into the frame ,standing frame please, with the helmet? 
[Robert]: just to mention, one thing that I had the most luck with ,was using CO2 gans and copper gans and it healed an infection on a friends hand and I did twice over 2 days and it was
[Keshe]: so the copper we explained, works with the physical part the red meat and the CO2 does with the emotion of it. when you take the emotion away and seek support, physicality repairs itself very fast, to understand the principle behind ,don’t be misuse. if you put the helmet here please, where is the unit where you have you with the helmet on, please the picture you had. 
[Renon]; Right now there is no 3D of the helmet .I just go back to the 2D
[Keshe]: no problem. it’s perfect
[Robert]: one other thing that I didn’t mention, is that inside coils of my system are aluminium wire and the outside are copper wire and so, I don’t know that held I mean, I’m not sure it can hurt
[Keshe]; no it doesn’t .but you made  magnetic more effective than gravitational
[Robert]:  right yeah I figured the silver, I learned from Mike that the silver coloured wires are more giving and that the darker ones that when nano coated, take better and so and I went into that as just a sample.  3:15:06 
[Keshe]: What you will see is for example, if I can go on this one,if you connect  the section of the lung? in the brain, in the same field strength, as the lung? especially with young people, people who suffer from asthma, they walk away within minutes and you never see them coughing again in their life, because by going through the system and being nano coated with CO2 ,especially on the battery charge on the feeding side, you put create gravitational magnetic field of the CO2 and zinc combination, you feed the emotion of the person, asthma is emotion connected and this will literally reverse .
凯史:比如你看到的这样,我继续用这个装置,如果你连接在大脑中控制肺的区域 (上面小圆圈),这边在同样的磁场强度下也有肺部区域 (两个圆圈), (画了一个长方形)尤其是肺部有气喘的年轻人,这样他们很快就能四处走动,以后你再不会看到他咳嗽了。因为穿过这个系统,再加上被CO2进行纳米涂层,尤其是在供能边的电源上,你放上二氧化碳的磁引力场和锌的组合,你就能喂养这个人的情感。哮喘是与情感连接的,这将逆转过来。
because that is why it satisfied the emotion, the lungs are the confirmation of it and you see the people walk away with, without any asthma or what you call it, I can never get the name right, the skin problem psoriasis, because the psoriasis is the same as the asthma which is transferred to the skin of the man.
emotions which cannot be hidden. don’t touch me, I am hurt.  But I want to show you how I am hurt ,so you find a CO2 combination system with the helmet on the lung, which is the upper part will help with these 2 conditions deceases very rapidly, these conditions very rapidly,
if you have a condition like , let’s say Alzheimer’s ,you don’t need a body part, you only need the helmet. You satisfy the emotion of the man ,he will remember everything. 
You have people with Parkinson, you connect the condition on the side to the arm. You take one part of the unit and you put the arm of the man here, and you connect it to the other side, you make a transfer from this side to that side, that they copy perfect sized copies on the damaged side ,or producing and this brings the side. 
如果有帕金森综合症的人,就把这边与这部分连接 (头盔上右边圈与左边的方框),你就用这一部分装置 (左边方框),把手臂放在这里 (椭圆),并将其与另一边连接 (与头盔圆圈连接),从这边转换到另一边 (头盔上面一条线),然后它就能在受损伤的一边复制出同样尺寸的复制品,或是生产出同样的复制品再传输到受损伤的部位 。
Brain stroke, brain hamorrhage ,the same process. don’t connect the cores on one side or if you connect, you got to do it, in a way that it feeds, and then its controlled by the same and if you can produce this and walk away with worse ever nightmare of man, With this spots on the screen, in time when you all develop this .no man should die of any disease on this planet ,no man should die of any hunger on this planet.but this is made for space. 
this is what we call decontamination unit ,the feeding unit and everything else unit. You can make it very small, make it as small as three ,it has to be matching in every way it has to be matching and whatever you match here, you have to match there. 
这就是我们所说的净化装置,供能装置和其它装置。可以把它做的很小,小到只需三个元件,不过这种装置必须在各个方面都匹配,这里匹配的话,那里也要与之匹配 (左边与右边相匹配)。
You see there are 6 units here and as you see, there are 6 units on either side of the helmet. The process is very simple ,if you understand this ,it should be very easy to eradicate diseases, viruses, you want something in a way you can add to it ,or take it away as you wish ,now that you control the plasma in side every single one
 .it will take another 3 months. 6 months for you to complete the understand and copy this ,and a lot of you will do, those of you who are doctors and are in the world of medicine and testing it, test it yourself. 
You can walk people through this and you see them walking away without any disease ,they come in on one side ,dying of a virus and walk out the other side with nothing .because you balance the situation ,you create a field flow between the 2 that the body of the man in reverse will take it .because it’s in the same condition, the same plasma condition. are there any question?  3:20:24
[Amad]: hi, Keshe,the transport unit that we talked about in last teachings .this will have the same effect for healing and balancing. would it not?
[Keshe]: in a way no and in a way yes .you have no control over that, because it creates a spherical everything under it and then you find out somebody who has another cancer, it cannot compete with the one who has. this is an individual system for the condition, every condition which you have.
that creates a balance environment within the structure of the system .I refer to this structure as you see it, 2 3 weeks ago, in one of the teachings ,when I explained that you can walk through the system and you can adjust it.  but what it is you have to understand ,the way the coils are produced, is different than the way you connected the coils, up to now 
这就在系统结构中创建了一个平衡的环境。我指的是你看见的这个结构 ,在两三星期前的一次课程中,当我向你们解释你们可以穿过这个装置,然后进行调整,但是你需要理解的是,迄今为止,制造线圈的方式与目前连接线圈的方式不同。
[Amad]: Alright thank a lot 
[Keshe]: Alright thank you. any other question? 
[Rick]: Just wondering if anybody in the panel list have any live questions to ask, several people have their hands up to get into the panel list. im wondering if there is a live question there. 
[Dave]: thanks ,Rick. your audio ,your mic sounds good tonight .it was interfering with a lot of white noise ,you know that shh before ,but it's real nice and I'm glad itself back to normal.
 yes I've got an important question .my mom's been suffering from emphysema ,you know she is on oxygen machine 24 hours a day, and normally that sort of thing is terminal ,to you r on the machine for about five years and then you die and assume that the problem is probably mostly did, she can get rid of the CO2 and I was wondering if you any suggestions from Keshe. this is Dave in St. Louis ,you know me 
[Keshe]: the way to do it, Renon ,can you go back to the system of the breathing you made. You made a system for breathing from the system 
[Renon]: Yes sir, the stroke. I show the video there 
[Keshe]: can you explain to us how you made it and what it is, hello, Renon
[Renon]: I forget one unit. here is the straw, it’s just a it’s a double core, copper cores inside and I just wrap it around with a nano coated plastic tube ,and there is also a plastic tube inside the coil and the double core coil going on top on the orange area which is where you will breath in .so this is not nano coated the orange ,the green colour tube is made ,the green tube that’s not nano coated, that you can breathe in ,breathe out your air inside there
雷兰:我忘了一个元件。这就是吸管,它是双核心的,里面是铜核心线圈 ,在外面裹上了一层纳米涂层塑料管 ,在里面线圈中还有一个塑料管,双核心线圈延伸到橘色区域也就是呼吸口  ,这橘黄色部分没有纳米涂层,橘色的这部分,绿色的管子也没有纳米涂层,这样你就能吸入,呼出里面的空气。 。
 you can suck it in or inhale in again or energize air to have a, to energize the emotional part of the body which is the brain part and the lungs to then 
[Keshe]: the biggest problem with the lung, what do you call deceases, is to create a condition that the lung can absorb the energy it needs for the blood ,that the lung tissues get the rest. they can step down and in stepping down ,they repair themselves. because somebody else is doing the work. 
So by using these systems which you got to make sure, that no air whichever comes in touch with the nano layer, so your tube has to be over your tube,your normal winding has to be over a tube ,that goes through the centre of the double coil ,that you never breathe in air which is touched the, what do you call it ,the gans material or the nano coated material. 
The centre tube is made ,I usually use for this ,what is normally called known as a 4mm 6mm tube in hospitals they use them in the labs .so the 6mm your winding goes over this 6mm tube ,and people who have been with the Keshe foundation processing, they have seen this view quite a lot .so the air you breathe goes over the coil and it never touches the material, the gans or the nano material and when you breathe it ,you breathe a very perfectly plasmatic energize, when it gets to the lung, the lung takes from the plasma what it needs ,then consequently the lung tissues do not need to work. 
That’s the one you can see it the way they show. this is what I have used for years and it works 100% for all the lung diseases .we process ,we do not cure, then the body finds its own process.
 on the other hand,you can connect this coil where you have the pen coming from the system ,so body finds is balances and feeds back to its cells and breathe through it .you find the process very rapidly converting and systems what you are talking about. 
 另一方面,你可以把系统中的医疗笔连接入线圈, 因此身体会找到自己实现平衡的方式,然后反馈给细胞,再从中呼吸。你会发现这个进程在快速转换,也会发现你所说的系统。
[Dave]: can someone please turn off the other macro, its interfering with Keshe’s conversation 
[Keshe]: so what you see, this tools I have used a long time, people have seen use the, we are not in Italy to show, now you all know we are in Dubai .we are here to set up the world government in Dubai ,but it’s in, it is in Barletta with the tools we are carrying. 
凯史:那么你就能看到这些我用了很久的工具。人们会发现,我们现在不是在意大利上课,而是在迪拜,我们在这里要建设世界政府 ,但是这些工具是我们在巴勒塔的。
So you use a 4mm pipes and you use the centre coil as a way to transfer the energy, you have both 2 coils on top of each other and then can we go back to the frame we just had before ,if I can go back to it, please Renon, with double frame ,we could right on. 
那么你要用一个4毫米的管子 ,然后用中间的线圈传输能量,在上面各有两个线圈,接下来我们就回到刚才的架构,我们能回到刚才的地方吗,雷兰:,就是那个双结构的装置图,我们可以看下。
[Dave] I just want to emphasize that Keshe said, you breathe through the inner pipe and the coils are wrapped around the outside of it and then there is one more pipe on the outside of that, that way you make sure you won't breathe in any particles, you only breathe in as 
[Keshe]: Correct .so what that happens I am going to draw, who is speaking, is that Mike Nasser? 
凯史:是的。接下来我要画,刚才是谁讲话,是麦克 内萨吗?
[Dave]: this Dave Markman from St. Louis, Keshe
戴维:是来自圣路易斯的戴维 马克曼。
[Keshe]: Hi there perfect for adding to the knowledge. so what happened here, what you do is when you take this and you breathe it ,you carry the energy and information what is wrong, corrected collected balanced up and delivered back to. 
凯史:哦,你好,感谢增加的知识。那这里会怎样呢,当你带走这个,呼吸,然后带着能量和错的信息 ,将之收集在一起并进行平衡,再传递回去 。
It’s the same process as if you remember in you coils as a feedback coil. this bleeding of the ear feedback, it changes ,upgrades itself and it goes back in and it comes back out again.we have seen in the cases in Holland ,a gentleman who was told that he has a few months left to live, you are going have a nice time ,see you later. 
这是同样的过程,就像你知道的在你的线圈中作为反馈的线圈。耳朵出血反馈 ,它改变之,不断更新,返回去 ,再出来。我们知道荷兰的一个案例,有个人被告知他的生命只有几个月,好好享受吧,再见。
So what you see is what we seen is that ,the gentleman was involved in a car crush, the seat belt creates the solidification of the blood ,cogitating and this blood went into and got stuck on the veins of the lung and this blockage was creating inflammation and more blockages and the lung was gradually starving or blood circulation and death, they gave him 6 months or so .what we did ,I used a very similar system and we saw because we gave the rest to the lung, we managed to change the structure and we managed to get the gentleman, the good measure it, the blockage over time reduce it not expand ,and the gentleman went and bought a house in Caribbean or somewhere. 
because at that moment he was not hoping to live ,so he have no use to do anything. this is the way you do the working with the pen. You do the way with the pipe, with the breathing ,the information comes when you take the things like the pen ,you feedback what it needs to be done .
因为那时,他没有生的希望,因此觉得做什么都没有用,这就是你使用医疗笔的方式,用同样的方式使用管子,然后呼吸,当用类似于治疗笔的东西的时候,信息就来了,你反馈它所需要做的 。
these pens and these pipes are the feedback because continues the energy comes, collect it you add to it, you correct it, it balances itself. don’t forget you are taking gravitational magnetical ,if it’s not needed ,its given if its needed, it’s taken. 
You can do with any disease. there is no need for open heart surgery anymore, if people understand how this things work, you can put a unit or a small unit with 4-6 core on top of the heart.one in the back and one in the front, with 2 contact points from it on the heart .the energy which the heart needs to give to the blood, to energize, to carry on with the life of the cells in the emotional part of the body of man is fed .
the heart steps down in operation, it takes time, it heals itself, it repairs itself and then it can take the unit away. then you see the change. because it’s a continuous feedback, so you can build it a small unit and place it in the back and the front, you have people who have a broken spinal cord as long as its cuts it not washed ,you can create a condition that in the plasma, you can replace. you can create one of these coils ,can you give me a clean page please ,can I share a screen?  3:33:27
这一过程中心脏会减弱,这需要花费时间治愈,它自我治愈,自我修复,之后就能把装置拿走,你就会发现改变,因为这是一种持续的反馈,因此你能建立小单元,把它放在人体前面和后面 (小方块)。如果有人脊髓出现破损,只要它切断了,没有被清洗,你就能创建一个等离子体环境 ,进行替换,你能创建其中一个线圈,能给我换一个干净的页面吗,我能换个屏幕分享吗?
[Dave]: Keshe ,I will never forget a long time ago, I believe in a private time. No ,you were on a lady’s name Lady Dragon of something and you mentioned that the lung doesn’t actually just dissolve oxygen in the bloodstream ,but there is plasma thing going on. i couldn’t help to think about how unique that is, but in fact the heart lung machine does that it actually, does the same thing that the lung does and transfers the oxygen to the blood, however probably not as good as lung 
[Keshe]: yeah but the thing is ,you can do this very easily .if can I get the screen to share? Can I have a screen share? I need a whiteboard. i cant share my screen there .now can you give me back my screen, because I can use it myself that way. I can use the option ,doesn’t matter ,it’s okay. let’s see what does it give me, okay, I am going to share the screen. check the press one ,I put there, I want this ,I want this, no it doesn’t allow me to share. No, give me the wide screen, I can’t get out of this one. 
[Dave]: and also can you also mention ,what type of gans would be best to put on those coils for the emphysema 
[Keshe]: lung has to use CO2 ,nothing else never use cooper oxide .
[Dave]: It makes perfect sense 
[Keshe]: the lung is for the emotional part of the body of the man 
[Dave]: in fact I thought the best thing for a emphysema patient ,will probably be, to live in a room with big tank of the salt water and a copper nano coated in a zinc plate .so it's collecting the CO2 from the atmosphere .am my correct? 
[Keshe]: can you repeat that ,please 
[Dave]: Keshe, if we have a salt water bath in the nano coating and were making CO2 Ganz, when it ,the atmosphere ,that tank is in wouldn’t that be the best atmosphere for someone who needs to get more oxygen in their lungs?
 [Keshe]: not the way I understand the work 
[Dave]: In other words, I would think since, we are since it’s, since the sizing CO2 molecules are solid particles, it would be absorbing CO2 from the air and 
[Keshe]; the problem is that in the plasma condition ,we are not concerned with CO2 ,you understand? Hello?
[Dave]: I have to think about it 
[Keshe]: in a plasma condition, Rick somehow I cannot get hold of this process .ok have got mine back, okay, but I need to go here, this is a difficult to get.. what you got to remember is this, you have created a body of the man and you have created the machine, so you are feeding energy into them, system you are changing and controlling it into the size of the plasma you want and then you are transfering  the energy to the other side,to another system.
凯史:在等离子环境中,瑞克,我不能把控这个进程。好的,把我的弄回来,好的,但是我需要去这里,这很难得到,你需要记住,自己创建了一个人体 ,然后制造这台机器 ,因此要向系统中输入能量 ,你要不断改变,控制把它变成你想要的等离子的大小 ,然后再把能量传输到另一边,也就是另一个系统 。
 in this process you do it through the physical structure, but the system goes though the plasma accordingly. because here is all is stronger, here the plasma goes though the body of the man ,reduces some and it gets to some and it gets to the side ,so now you feed it back.
在这个过程中,你是通过物理结构来做的,但是系统相应地会穿过等离子体 ,因为这里的能量更强 (未穿过人体之前),在这里等离子体会穿过人体 ,其间会减少一部分等离子体,然后就到了另一边,因此这样你就会对其进行反馈 (从右边到中间的一个箭头)。
 when you feed it back, the energy is different. but it is the collected energy for what is needed to feedback on, when you breathe, you do the same thing. but you create a condition, most of the condition of the lung is emotional based. 
so you allow it in a way you keep on topping it up till it receives more energy, as is continuously receiving energy from here, plus reference point, if you understand this ,change the lung to the kidney, you will find out these systems make a perfect dialysis machine ,without ever connecting to the blood of the man.
因此,在某种程度上,你不断增加能量 (涂实箭头),直到能接收更多能量,在持续从这里接收能量时 (左边的两个箭头),加上这个控制点 ,如果你能把这弄明白,把肺换成肾 (下面的方框),你就会发现这些系统是很好的渗析机器 ,不用再与人体血液相联结就可以进行治疗。
 because you going to find out what is blocked in the kidney which stops the change which the change is always plasmatic and then you find out the system itself it starts working .
因为接下来你会发现肾中阻塞的东西 (左边的圈),这个阻塞的东西会阻止改变,而这种改变就是等离子体的,随后你会发现这个系统自身开始工作。
so you tune into what energy which is rocking the process. You can regenerate because when you do this job, you allow the kidney itself to regenerate in a way with no pressure, and then after a while, you can take the systems away .
因此,你与能量调和,进而调整这个进程 。你的身体组织可以再生,因为当你在这个进程中时,肾在某种程度上会再生且毫无压力,之后,你就可以把系统移走。
you can use this system in a very simple way in the femur ,especially for the people who need the bone transplant ,depends where in the femur ,you place it and part of the bone ,you create a condition to energize the bone marrow. in the other part, it creates a condition where you release a higher strength, bone marrow and then the immune system is done.
这个系统在股骨中也很容易操作,尤其是需要对骨头进行移植的人 ,这取决于股骨的位置,你放在上面,你创建一个环境为骨髓供能 ,另一方面,它创建了一个环境 (上面),在此你会释放更高的能量,便会生成骨髓和免疫系统。
 there is no need for stem cell. there is no need for open operation to create the right bone marrow when you see children are they need it or people need the bone marrow transplant. the bone marrow transplant it means you don’t have the right energy, now with these system,you are allowed to do that .
不需要干细胞,不需要给人动手术进行骨髓移植 。骨髓移植意味着没有合适的能量,现在就用这些系统 ,你就能生成合适的骨髓。
you can energize the bone marrow to the level you like, destruction of amino, immune system is become literally impossible .because you place this unit on the femur point on the point of exit and the other one on the point of the entry of the lymph. so you dictate how much the bone marrow is increasing power ,we have seen this operation and it’s been used. I use this coil heavily in the systems and you see people with the problem with the immune system, they walk away after a few months.
你可以根据个人需求,为骨髓提供能量,对体内氨基酸或者免疫系统的破坏变得不可能。因为你把这个装置放在股骨上,在出口,另外一个放在淋巴的入口处 (左下箭头),这样你便能决定有多少骨髓在增加能量,我们之前见过这种操作,而且它也被采用。我在此系统中用了很多线圈,你会发现很多免疫系统有问题的人,他们几个月后就恢复了。
 because the body learns in it operates itself, you allow the system to be cleaned up and then they go because the bone structure here, it got clotted with something. With you energizing it, slowly reduce the size of this cloth ,the energy of it and the bone marrow literally too close the lymph. 
因为身体能认识并自行治疗,你让系统自我清洗,然后它会运转,因为这里的骨架有些东西被凝结 ,当你为其供能时,这会慢慢地减少它的尺寸和能量,骨髓很接近于淋巴。
[Dave]: I just want to say you said femur that means the leg bone right? 
[Keshe]: yes the upper leg bone .most of your T cells and B cells come from the femur, because its capacity and size of the power it creates. if there is a huge pressure which creates a plasmatic pressure 
[Dave]: and of course we know how important the bone marrow is, for creating red blood cells 
[Keshe]: everything you can control literally, any diseases which are connected the source of it sits with the bone ,you can use to systems. Don’t look at the huge size you see in the lab, they can be miniaturized.
[Dave]: and lost, I just lost my father because he was leaving church and he fell and broke his thigh bone and they cured him in surgery for a just had a stroke or something and we need to make sure we don't lose our calcium 
[Keshe]: but maybe the soul had a call, the accident was just a what do you call, it a step forward
[Dave]:  well he didn't want to keep living. he kept on telling me he is 89 years old and he doesn't believe why he is still alive .like you said people die because they want to or they believe they have to. 3:43:16
[Keshe]: when the soul call you have to obey, physicality follows .it finds a way ,you can’t strangle yourself ,so it finds a way to reach where its destined .so if you go back in the whole process, you can do the same thing by creating the helmets .
you control the operation of the brain ,nobody can control your emotion. doesn’t matter what they do, because remember in the structure on the plasma. you only receive what you need. and the structure is set in your information disk which is your RNA which is connected to connected to your DNA .
this is part of s the structure which you have to understand. This is the way the system will work. If you want to have on earth a banana,we used to have banana. I wish I had a banana, it’s the emotion of the banana, you can create the condition, the plasmatic condition of the banana and the man will receive the energy of it in a feedback through the, what I call ,your banana section your feed of the energy, you will feel you will taste, you will go through same emotion as you was having a banana. 
这就是你需要的一部分结构,这就是系统工作的方式。如果你想一个香蕉,我们常用香蕉。我希望我有个香蕉 ,也就是情感香蕉 (圆圈),你可以创造一个环境,香蕉的等离子体环境 ,这个人就能通过香蕉块 在反馈中接收到供给你的香蕉的能量,和你吃真正的香蕉时产生的情感别无二致。
you have seen this with the people who tried the cup with orange and the rest. now we can control ,because today I don’t want a banana ,you can put a banana ring on my system, I will not touch .I might receive the energy but I don’t want the taste and the feel of it and I don’t have it.I don’t create the emotional feel to get it. 
So this is important, this what we shown today will become the corners stones of the health in the space and feeding, but the difference between this system and what we have at the present time, these system feed both your emotion and physicality at the same time. 
这很重要, 我们今天的所展示的课程将成为太空健康和供能系统的奠基石,但这个系统与目前我们所有的系统的区别是,这些系统会同时为情感和身体供能。
Aspirin only tries to find a way to divert the energy from the time being you don’t cure the source ,you don’t reverse the source .these are both emotional and physical systems and in that process you can use it in any shape or form you need. 
Humanity has a big challenge as I said at the beginning of this talk. now you have everything .do we need organisations and people to tell us when we want a banana or do we take the charge of being correct, because we have everything we need. 
I explained to you how much gold you can make it,if those of you who are in south America, now Argentina and you have got this huge rivers of mercury floating into the sea ,convert it to the gold you are all millionaires. 
All you need is little amount of magnetic gravitational field of mercury, you can all throw it in the sea and the sea will give your gold back. because in the sea water ,there is tritium .there is everything else. I am getting instructions from the majesty. I need to eat something, so you understand how we change the course .we change the course from today, if any of you can make the pen ,if any of you can me make the coil ,you can literally feed yourself and you will not get any diseases, you will not get whatever will come from the red circle ,because they try to frighten you. because now their boss is lost thelink. 
They cant make you addicts and they cant control your medicine and now they can’t control your food and health .so you are free people from today and I wrote to my core team of the Keshe foundation , new beginning today and we start fresh and new, 
money is free from all shackles of physicality if they like to be, you put one of these systems anywhere in Africa. people just walk through it. they will walk disease free ,they walk with no hunger. This is how you will be fed in space. this is how you live in space. 
Initially in the first stages, we will feel as we need, because it’s been a habit if the man for millions of years and in a few weeks’ time ,you don’t even like to eat ,you won’t even remember to eat because eating is not part of it .
you just go through the system every few hours and exactly and I give what I don’t need and the system gives what I need and you find balance. this is what you go to breakfast, lunch and dinner ,why do you go to the breakfast to take what you need  and then you go to the toilet to give what you don’t like. it’s just not needed anymore .now you can do it through the process of universal system. 
Be fulfil all the promises of the past and we have completed the circle .agriculture not needed, because this way you don’t need to grow. do you need one centre to control you what you eat. those of you who opposes to be fed ,what you like what do you call it naturally grown food ,which is more actually more chemically controlled than natural ,what you calling bio food .now you can create your own bio energy according to what you need from environment of the universe. 
The control of humanity is over ,but you have to understand with giving this ,we take back peace and universal community.
[Dave]: Mahrye,n I have a question for you, how would one remove the fluoride from the water that we are forced to drink? 
[Keshe]: very easy, very very easy would you like to out add some copper oxide to it or would you like to add a bar of nano coated copper to it? Or would you like to put a system very much like here that you pass the water through it and you create condition that the fluoride is more energetically removed. 
凯史:这真的非常非常简单。你愿意添加一些氧化铜或者一截纳米涂层铜到里面吗?或者你能把这个系统放在这里让一杯水经过吗 ,这样你就创建了除去氟化物的条件。
[Dave]: you saying that one would just need to carefully nano coat some copper and then run the water across the surface of this nano coated copper 
[Keshe]: in the way as long as the salt in the water does not dilute the copper oxide ,into a gans but then you can use, you it still use it 
[Dave]: wonderful that is great
[Keshe]: You are quite welcome. Test it and lets us know
[Dave]: That’s right I recall that that’s a great way to purify water another, another actions 
[Keshe]: the way to do it is the way we discussed that in the coming week we will have, what we call, agricultural green blueprints and partly build these things which we going to teach you how to do it. 
fluoride now is added and is then is receiving so much that the body has to change the operation and it creates other diseases. that’s what I said even in the toothpaste. do not use any toothpaste, just use water and salt and if you use people use ,what do call it, carbonate, that changes you. it not only cleans your teeth, it brightens it, it goes to your stomach reverses any cancer condition too .
[Dave]: I was told that the fluoride collects in your penal gland ,looks like , it’s a tiny little gland that look a .tiny...correct…?
[Keshe]: Yeah .but the thing is how much of it do you except how big is and how fluoride is going to capture. It’s the energy of it which does.but we have to see this process, you,now that the knowledge is free, it’s for you lot to test and report back in testimonials.
[Dave]: I would like to add to anyone who is taking antidepressants, most likely they contain a lot of fluoride which is your clogging up for penal gland 
[Keshe]: let me give you a very beautiful news for those of you who would like to, what do you call it to
[Dave]: Detoxify 
[Keshe]: no. there are a lot of people who like to have children and you find that the wife cannot get pregnant .you have this system and you know how the system is set up. emotionally satisfying the need for reproduction, you will be pregnant in no time.
凯史:不是。有很多人想要孩子,却发现妻子不能受孕。你有这个系统,你知道是怎样建造的 ,从情感上满足怀孕的需要,很快你就能怀孕。
all you need to do to use the CO2 that allows the womb of the women to accept the condition with the brain to reproduce. Any of you have been having problem with getting yourself pregnant, you want a child so desperately. try one of these systems you will have one. it’s not the a test-tube, you will have 6 or 7twins. 
你需要做的就是用二氧化碳(甘斯) (右边方框)使子宫接受脑的再生情感 。任何不孕又非常想要孩子的人可以使用这些系统中的一个,你就能怀孕。这不是试管婴儿,你可以生六七个双胞胎。
I have got Doctor Paris sitting next to me and he sleeps. Because you feed the emotion most of the times southern people don’t have any children and then they get pregnant because the emotion condition of the creation of the soul ,it’s not accepted by the body of the man. because the motion in the emotional part of the brain is not ready to accept the responsibility, even though it doesn’t matter how much they would like to have a child. 
Those of you who live in Holland and you been reporting the return of menstruation after long period of menopause,now you will laugh for head off to the hospitals. As I always said to my volunteers .I hope grandpa don’t become mamas and papas, because with this ,it’s possible .
now we found security in everything that is continuity in the food supply and security in life you will find once we start using these systems ,the reproduction cycle of the women will go into hundreds of years ,whenever they want and because it done by the concept of the emotion, you will find handicapped children will not exist .very interesting because the emotion corrects the RNA ,so RNA does not create the wrong DNA that you would defects. It’s very simple. any questions?
[Vivic]: Keshe I have a question regarding the single unit that is on the table. it is Vivic here 
[Keshe]: Hi Vivic 
[Vivic]: yes sir for that unit that we saw on the table, you said that I can be used to regrow limbs or fingers. how would be , lets say for example, the case that I emailed you 3:56:28
[Keshe]: That case you don’t need this. that case you can do it in a very simple way .you can ,so in the first time we explained to you the regrowth of the organs, like amputations. in that system, what you do, you have to create a flat coils .you have to create at least 2 or 3 flat coils or 4 flat coils ,very tiny one ,the size of the finger that the information I start with doing it here. I am gonna go back and I going to do this ,wait one second please. 
凯史:那个例子,就不需要这样做,只需要进行简单的操作便能再生。我第一次向你们解释器官再生,像截肢这种情况。在这个系统中,你要创建一个水平的线圈 ,至少还要创建2个3个或4个这样的水平小线圈 ,大概是手指大小,就像是我在这画的这样。我需要撤销,稍等一下。
You have the finger which is amputated ,let’s say, the other part is gone, you can put a small system, you need at least 4, one nano coated with gans of CO2, one nano coated with the gans of copper oxide, one Nano coated with zinc and one Nano coated with CH3. 
当你的手指截断,另一部分掉了 ,将手指放入一个小装置中,至少要有四个小线圈 ,一个是有二氧化碳甘斯纳米涂层的,一个是有氧化铜甘斯纳米涂层的,一个是有锌纳米涂层的,还有一个就是带有CH3纳米涂层的 
The information carrying from the body will come. one of the systems will adsorb it and continuously any information coming will get absorbed by the this according to what it is and feedback if there is a need through the others .
身体携带的信息会传进来 (从左到右的线),其中一个系统就能吸收,如果还有其他信息源源不断地传进来 ,就会根据它的内容被吸收掉,然后根据需要进行反馈 (最下一条从右向左的线)。
so as long as the brain concerned because the information is going and there is no feedback and some feedback when is needed as the brain requested to know how the development is. the finger is going to grow. It take the time for it and all you need to do, the maximum distance between the system and your finger cannot be more than 3mm.
因此,只要与大脑相连接 ,因为信息在不断传递,就不需要反馈,有些反馈是根据大脑要求掌握目前进展所需要的。手指便会长出 。这是需要时间的,你要做的便是使系统和手指的最大距离不能超过3毫米 。
 this is what we have, if you make it 4mm 5 mm, the information disappears. if we go to very close, you absorb everything from the both from other part of the cell. because don’t forget everything here is plasmatic too. 
The other way to do it ,if you can’t make the coil is get a size, exactly the same size as the shape of your finger, nano coated gans with all the 4 elements and put it with the way that it can be supported by the finger and then you see the finger would grow. 
另一个方法就是,如果你不能把这些线圈做得和你的手指大小完全吻合,就把这四种纳米涂层甘斯 放在能够被手指支撑的地方,然后把它放在能用手指支撑的位置 ,之后你就会看到手指长出。
The finger would not grow here, the finger grows as the brain decides ,it’s time for the replacement of the cell. If the replacement of the cell was done yesterday ,the day before the finger was cut and the next reprocessing is in 2 years’ time you have to wait your turn.
手指不会长这里,手指生长这是由大脑决定的,大脑决定是时候更换细胞了,让细胞再生 。如果前天手指被切断,昨天完成截肢手术,那么接下来的再生则需要两年时间,你必须要等待这种转变。
if there are gaps ,the cells will support each other to build it. so you see a natural reproduction. there are ways if you connect this system to the emotional part and you create a wish to bring a faster growth, you can control the plastic. this process and this process is exactly the same as I explain with the reptile, when they lose their tail ,the pressure of the change in the point of the cut, creates a position condition of the nano material here, that it absorbs the energy and the brain continues to replace it .
如果这中间有缝隙,细胞会相互支持重建 ,因此,你便会看到自然再生的过程。还有一些方法是把这个系统与情感区域连接起来 ,然后你发出意愿让手指快速生长,那你就可以控制等离子体。这个过程和我之前解释的爬行动物如壁虎的案例是一样的。当它们失去尾巴时 ,伤口处这种变化的压力创造了这里纳米材料的条件 ,它不断吸收能量,大脑持续的更新它 。
that’s how they create the tails, the regeneration comes because the last cell has separated slightly with the liquid of the lymph and that gap with the end product with nano material created, creates to absorb all the information which is coming from the brain of the animal. 
这就是他们如何再长出尾巴的,这种再生是因为断口处的细胞与淋巴液稍微分离 ,与这终端的产品-被创造的纳米材料间的间隙促成吸收来自动物大脑的信息。
And as far as I know or concern it,it never know its tails has fallen off .you never seen a reptile looking at the back where is my tail. because he is never aware of it ,because it does not even feel the pain, because that moment instantaneously is created the very high temperature, very much like a caustic nano layer with the lymph separation ,
so now what you have is a nano layer, a very small amount of lymph and the end of the body and that’s what they don’t feel the pain, because this nano layer absorbs the pain which comes here. the pain comes the feedback of the energy which has come through the brain and cannot be dissolved, we called it phantom pain, because the brain come to the place  energy comes to replace a large number of cells and it has nowhere to go ,so the energy release in the skin or in the muscle and you feel it as a pain. 
那么现在有个纳米层 ,其中有少量的淋巴液 ,在身体末端 ,因而它们感受不到疼痛,因为纳米涂层吸收了这种疼痛 ,疼痛带来能量反馈,这种反馈经过大脑且不能分解,这就是幻痛。由于能量使大量细胞再生,且无处可去,因此这些能量就释放到皮肤层或肌肉中,于是你就感到疼痛。
that is what pain is .it’s the large amount of energy ,so here the nano layer absorbs it .and because you absorb it, there is no energy release. the animal never feels a single pain. We done this, we know thi,s it’s done on the Iranian woman w,e done it without the pain.
这就是疼痛,这是大量的能量,因此这里的纳米层吸收了它 ,因为你吸收了这些能量,因而就没有能量释放。动物就感受不到丁点疼痛。我们已经实现了这个过程,我们知道这在一名伊朗女性身上成功实现,整个过程都是无痛的。
 this is exactly why when you said you put a gans of material tissue on the skin. there is no pain and you find it hidden, because this gans absorbs the energy which is coming from the skin because it got CO2 in it and your amino acid CHN .so it has a connection balance, that’s why there is pain and the repair .because energy release is balanced ,the repair is very fast .because it has time to send richest. the understand the process just don’t follow it ,because it’s says you will understand why these things happen .so in the case of your friend, he is just fresh it’s a few days his lost the tip of his finger 
这正是为什么当你把甘斯材料放在皮肤上,就没有疼痛感,你发现它隐藏起来了,因为甘斯吸收了皮肤的能量,因为它吸收了其中的CO2、氨基酸和CHN 。因此,这里有一个连接平衡,这就是为什么这里会痛,然后修复。因为,释放的能量达到平衡,修复就会非常迅速,因为它强烈的发送 。要理解这个过程,别按葫芦画瓢,因为你会知道这些事情发生的原因,这也是你朋友的例子,他还是新伤,他的指头刚断没几天。
[Vivic]: yes just a few days 
[Keshe]: Pardon
[]: Just a few days only 
[Keshe]: you can place it ,now it’s not too late. you will see, who is on the net please. All you need to do and then if you watch it, because you are using copper and the energy of the copper is balance with amino acid of the body of the man in the tissue where tissue muscle ,you see no infection is the same as we discussed with the copper scrubbing machines
[Vivic]: along with this the area should not be bandaged up of it ,should be left open
[Keshe]: it’s good to bandage. we got to make sure it is in the appropriate position. the copper oxide or nano coating would create his own bits of infection, disinfection he will not create unless you put something in it deliberately.
 so as long as its kept clean and can position the plate within 3 mm from the cut .then you can see into the finger as it grows, it’s there it keeps on growing but there is no infection. Caroline do you we have that video we did in Italy of the finger of the 2 of ...
do you have it here. we can show you, how we will look .because you see the you see the muscle tissue , you see the bone but you see no infection and this carries on forever and once the body got used to it, you can take it away .he still stays the same ,he closes himself if you remove it. Within the first 7 to 10 days, it can be done but if it’s another point of the amputation, its much faster 
[Viviv]: we are still within the window so we can we can do it very quickly 
[Keshe]: Nano coat a copper oxide ,dip it in CO2, the copper oxide itself is there CH3 and a zinc ,because it has to carry the emotion, zinc oxide just link it and then just place it in a very, make 2 ,3 of them that next time when you changing it, just replace the next disk 
[Vivic]: ok sir is thank you so much 
[Keshe]: if it’s the size of the foot the amputation of, let’s say ,a leg or an arm, you make the same size and you see the arm growing. it just grows back out like this ,so it takes time because in the memory brain of the man, the replacement comes over 9 years especially back for femur .
other parts is within 2 to 6 years, but if there is a path which is needed to produce in 3 years’ time and then other parts of it are created around it ,by the time the whole structures is solidified the time comes for the replacement of the piece which was 2 years ago .they support each other 
其他部位是两到六年,但是还有一种途径就是花费3年时间制造这个部位,然后它周边的其他部分被创造出来 (左边),直到整个结构固定下来,再生的部分替换这部分是从2年前开始的。他们会相互支撑。
[Vivic]: the question and in space, if let's see, you know you don't want to wait so long, then how would a system work to actually regenerate and regrow the limb
[Keshe]: Put it this way, does time exist in space that you don’t want to wait too long 
[Vivic]: good point. 
[Keshe]; You’d better understand. Caroline says remember to say this works all the same for animals ,so if your dog has a problem ,put him in between the system 
[Vivic]: Ok sir .thank you so much 
[Keshe]: you r welcome.any other question?
[Rick]: Yes. From Lisa has another question, how can we treat Lyme disease and thyroid disease with this system playing between? 
[Keshe]: stay in between it and see if it’s real especially for the first one 
[Rick]: for the Lyme disease. 
[Keshe]: Lyme disease ,to my knowledge, has a border barrier between Belgium and Holland in the north. they call it Lyme disease, in the south they call it erythema .that’s what I have seen up to now, so we process the erythema the same as the Lyme and it always responds 
[Rick]: can a person with knee replacement, so hip replacement use this unit? 
[Keshe]: No 
[Rick]: so even if they had a problem with an arm or something, they should not do use it
[Keshe]: We found that it causes problems if its anything which is sensitive .the bone grows and it trying to reject to what is been put in there, we have done that with one of our friends came ,so he can try it in Belgium. it causes pain and the bone tries to grow and we already put a metal in there titanium or whatever and you want to move in this growth and become problem, it better not to try anything which has been done
[Rick]: Okay. how long is needed for the body of a man to stay within the coils 
[Keshe]: Depends for what, I don’t know what you want to do, are you hungry you want to feed yourself, whatever you put in there, you want to have the energy of the, what do you call it, repair of older cells ,where you have a few seconds just being there and go out .
do you want to have long energy feed or a small energy feed. is it cancer? these thing you all could tell us in no time, but with what we shown with Renon and I know a lot you will start producing it .you should not see any cancer, we should see the reversal of cancer very rapidly. There is no need for chemotherapy throw them in the bin
[Rick]: and what about teeth, will they grow or regrow with this system 
[Keshe]: In so many ways 
[Rick]: It would tend to reject the 
[Keshe]: I tell you something ,wes,you will do because you touch, you have to understand the process how there is natural difference between the growth of the 1st teeth and  the 2nd generation.
now you can teach your brain to do a 3rd one. because that’s how we learnt, why did but we did not create the same structure from the beginning one tooth .why do we  have the structure ,because there was a need for it .now you can teach your brain emotionally ,that I’m in pain ,I can’t eat ,I need food and to enjoy the pleasure of life .I need the tooth. the tooth will grow. you just need the creation information. that’s what we call evolution
[Rick]: I did a story recently about a monk or guru that he was very old and had already gone through 2 or 3 sets of teeth. he decided to start regrowing his teeth and was able to do so apparently.
[Keshe]: yeah you create the emotion, emotion brings physicality, concentrate and you can do it  4:10:44
[Rick]; OK how about the process of regrowing cross ligaments in knees 
[Keshe]: who is suffering with it? 
[Rick]: Gulamas 
[Keshe]: you can do, it can be done, one of the best way to express ligaments changes,especially tendons is to get like or we were discussing this yesterday or the day before. if you, for example get the sheep or lamb or a cow ligament like a foot, which is full of bones and ligaments and there is no muscles tissue in it more or less and boil it and then or make a gans of it, and then cover your knee like the way you put it, you will find the repair will come there very fast, 
or put it as a part of the structure of the system between system and I know what I am talking about I suffered this for my child .I was explaining to Dr. Paris yesterday that no .this is an old doctor. so to my father, that is all he needs to do.
 if you eat the foot, the ligaments will repair the tendons of the knee and it worked because now you, you got to realize, in human body that the animal what is 100% the same. I was thinking yesterday, shall we teach them something very interesting. 
Ask yourself a very simple question. if you put everything which the man body is made of between these 2 systems. Ask yourself a single question. This is a system and now you have managed to understand the energy, put an energy Magrav system here and allow the system to do its work.
问自己一个简单的问题。如果你把人体放在两个系统之间,问一个简单的问题,这就是那个系统,现在你要了解能量强度,在这放一个磁引力装置 ,使其运行。
 would we create a new generation of being which has no attachment to the physicality of this planet, the answer is yes .this is how life is created in the universe. Now man has the condition to create. man becomes the creator. whatever he needs to create in this environment, because now you control the environment itself. 
我们能创建与地球上的物理实体无关的新的存在吗 ?答案是肯定的。这就是宇宙上的物种是如何产生的。现在人有条件去创造,人就是创造者,无论他需要在环境中创建什么,因为现在是你在控制着环境 。
Would you like to have a dog which is made of hydrogen only, possibly you can. as long as you can control the transfer of energy that you can control 2 on the element which is impossibility, but has the life of the dog. Maybe as I always say if you understood this and you answer one of all this mysteries of the human being, I made man in the image of myself. I transfer the energy which carries me and for its existence I receiver what I receive from it. Any other question? 
你愿意有一只由氢构成的狗吗,也许你可以。只要你控制了能量转换也就能控制不存在的元素,创造一条有生命的狗。也许像我经常说的那样,如果你明白这个系统 ,就可以回答人类未解之谜中的一个,我以自己的形象创造人,我转移传递携带着我的信息的能量 ,我是一个接收者,从他那里接受。还有其他问题吗?
[Dave]: Mahyren, this is Dave again from St. Louis I just got to ask you …
[Keshe]: I have right not to answer to you but I will try 
[Dave]: I like a little humour. you are getting pretty good at that too, my hearing is I can hear a pin drop, but it’s very hard for me to hear conversation sometimes and I would love to know are you talking 
[Keshe]: are you, let me ask you before you go anywhere, is it just the conversations which you don’t hear 
[Dave]: I am talking about a technical problem. I cannot hear you very well .your voice seems very dim all the time. I have to turn my volume all the way up and then everybody else who comes on the broadcast there they're blowing my speakers out and I would ask you if you could please get a new microphone or are have someone go 
[Keshe]; Maybe you don’t want to hear the truth that’s why you can’t hear me 
[Dave]: no, how is this sound. is this normal I'm raising my voice .pardon me .that's all I want to say 
[Keshe]: Does it sound better now? 
[Dave]; Oh it sounds, you are a little bit over modulated 
[Keshe]: it has to do with the control people in the background. they control what I say.
[Dave]: I would say believe me, average volume, your volume is about half as much as everybody else's and it 
[Rick]: Its true. it is an issue that many people are brought up, I brought it up many times they try to deal with it and we aren't able to do deal with it apparently, so that's the way it is right now 
[Keshe]: we changed sets, microphones everything 
[Dave]: well I can tell you is a 
[Keshe]: maybe your emotion here, maybe your physicality hears and you don’t hear the part of the emotion
[Dave]: Maybe we need to put some nano coating on your microphone 
[Keshe]: I'll try next time 
[Dave]: but there's such a thing called an automated volume control and maybe if we can implement that on your microphone ,that would alleviate the problem 
[Keshe]: Logic to take. don't forget I talk for a long time and my headphone moves my microphone moves quite a lot and sometimes and sometime…
[Dave]: you sound perfect now .you sound absolutely perfect now 
[Keshe]: I just moved my microphone 
[Rick]: unfortunately, Dave every time you talk I have to move the volume back down ,so it doesn't over modulate my livestream when his volume is up, so that’s the way it goes here 
[Keshe]: we are going on nearly 4 1/2 hours 
[Dave]: I would like to get is all evened out so we will broadcast it perfect 
[Rick]: Well maybe you should become our sound guy if that a possibility 
[Dave]: I don’t think I should …
[Rick]: That’s fine. let’s deal with later. we are done with that topic 
[Keshe]: any other questions? 
[Dave]: I’m sorry to interrupt. we were on a great path here, I hate to interrupt but I really wanted to bring that subject up t.hank you 
[Keshe]: are there any other question?  
[Rick]: like you say Keshe . We have gone on for quite a long time here. perhaps it’s good for 
[Keshe]: we allowed 8 hours for today ,so if there are no questions or if I are interested we can stop ,then carry on or we let the people build it and we discuss it on Thursday open teaching 
[Dave]: I just want to finish,, Keshe ,look in your operating system on your microphone and see if you can turn it up please. that’s all
[Keshe]: Thank you very much. Vince start to do that 
[Dave]: You can’t have them do everything. you got to be your own master of your own computer 
[Keshe]: not with me. I can do everything else except computers ,somehow I never became friendly with these phones from the time I was using them
[Dave]; do you have an Apple computer? 
[Keshe]: no 
[Dave]: that’s your problem  
[Rick]: Okay Dave, like we said we are done with this topic for so that’s enough .thank you.
[Keshe]: Pardon 
[Dave]: That’s… 
[Rick]: Dave, Dave that’s enough. Dave ,we are going to stop now on that topic. thank you. I would like to say, Keshe ,I think probably you need a break at this point or there is other questions as far as people want to know how to make the plasma batteries. that’s a couple questions on that.
[Keshe]: would you like to take over. I stop the screen sharing
[Brandon]: answer my question, Keshe;
[Keshe]: can you teach us how to make a proper plasma battery capacitor? We can see you this time, you can’t hide 
[Vince]: The reasons you can’t see me is because I am always behind the camera  
[Keshe]: now you can come in front of the camera ,leave it with Brendon 
[Vince]: Now I’m fixing the camera for everyone to see 
[Keshe]: can you explain what it means how it was especially for the new ones ,you are building combination of a a battery and a plasma capacitor, I left you to share the screen 
[Vince]: we have to show the… 
[Keshe]: can you share a screen here,
[Vince]: Okay the video is…can you zoom in 
[Keshe]: No, no we got to see the face he always hides from me. he never shows his face, hi Willy 
[Willy]: hi 
[Keshe]: sit down, sit down ,sit down ,we got to see you 
[Willy]; we would like you to see the capacitor we have the middle wire is just a nano coated wire. this one is the split capacitor. we have 2 coils and for the simple capacitor, we don’t have this part in uint . we only have this part, the middle wire is nano coated wire wrapped around with paper with gans and wrapped again with the nano coated wire. one end is pointed to each. one end is pointed to itself and the other end for the other terminal. the middle terminal is the negative and choose this one as the positive, this one, this whole thing is the split capacitor where we connect this other coil, feeding back to volt meter .
威利:你们先看下这个电容器。中间的金属线是纳米涂层的 ,这是一个分离式电容器。我们有两个线圈。在这个简易电容器中,没有这部分 ,我们只有这一部分,中间的线有纳米涂层,外面裹有一层纸甘斯,再用纳米涂层线缠绕。一端指向里面,另一端指向自己,其他的末端是终端。中间的这个线圈末端是负极 ,下面的这条线就是正极 ,这整个装置就是分离电容器,我们在上面缠绕另一个线圈 ,反馈到电伏表。
the other one this is the new one. this is the copper wire, its wrapped with aluminium foil. The upper is just paper with gans, but its wrapping the middle wire. this time we are using the standard wires, more  moral wires more field interactions because its strong and nano coated. 
另一个是个新的电容器。这是铜线,这是用铝箔包裹的 ,上面纸甘斯包裹的,但是它是包着中间的线圈。这一次,我们用的是标准线圈,普通线圈,有更多的磁场相互作用,因为它很强大,而且是纳米涂层的。
So the other side is the paper is wrapped with aluminium. we noticed that when we wrap with aluminium, you get higher voltage potential ,compared to without the aluminium foil. okay that’s all for the, yes sir .its okay 
[Keshe]: The battery is a nano coated wire in the middle, gans of paper aluminium wrapped in …
[Willy]: Yes  4:24:11
[Keshe]: Then you put a coil on top of it. Yes and the capacitor has no aluminium foil 
[Willy]; correct 
[Keshe]: does it make any difference if you put nano coated aluminium or titanium ,you get a more power out of it 
[Willy]: Yes. when we put a layer of foil outside here, that makes a difference 
[Keshe]: what is the difference? 
[Willy]: the higher potential voltage potential 
[Keshe]: with the nano coated? 
[Willy]: Yes, yes. we noticed that also 
[Keshe]: Okay, now can we see your face please? Hello 
凯史:好的,我们现在可以看下你的脸吗? 你好
[Willy]: hello
[Keshe]: a face I was talking to for months. he refuses to get on camera, now we know. Thank you very much for your hard work. highly appreciated. a lot of thing you see in the development of the coils, goes back to what Willy has done with the others. thank you very much ,Willy, thank you very much for all you hard work. Can we go back I saw a I saw a question mark and something about the knee, you see that? In the chart, there was somebody asking a question about the knee 
[Rick]: It says someone mentions the six double coil system. does not cover the knees but I believe is adjustable, is it not? 
[Keshe]: yes .you can make it. you can make a different strength and different size coils, you can make a coil, the system which is like a cover the whole knee back and the front body you have to make a connection, between the back section and the front. 
These double cell like, what you see front and back, is one of the most effective ways to reverse this damage. it works miracles, it works within days. It creates a balance. it dehydrates. it take away the dehydration of the disc and you just find people just walk out with no problem, and all they need to do is just sit amongst it a few hours a day and then its done totally naturally and disease that there is remedy for it. 
[Person]: Keshe instead of making a movable system, is it possible to make a full height system instead
[Keshe]: yes.That’s what you can do in the teachings before, where we were showing the stackers with the somebody who showed the 9 stackers, explained that you can do that, if it comes like a Magrav. It will be, it has to be a Magrav for a feeding system or whatever you want to call it.
 but now for the first as I said before, plus because the system creates a dynamic world gravitational magnetic field, you find out that there is no reoccurrence ,even for example, you have a problem with your mother and then you end up with your breast cancer, because you elevate the emotion of the man ,you elevate the soul of the man or woman, 
then you find out that in that elevation ,you even forget you hate your mother that it leads to things it didn’t want to have it, or to be born or not to give birth to another child. because he suffers like you. this is the beauty with this system and then the beauty of it is you decide when you want to terminate the physical life. 
[Vivic]: Along the same lines of question Keshe. I have a question regarding my own mother, when i was born, her womb dropped and now in old age her womb is dropping quite badly out of the vagina. would the rectification of that be the same as woman who is so trying to bare children 
[Keshe]: I cannot answer you that .that’s a physical damage. the baring of a child is the emotional with the physical. You will find out in the test, we done even the women who do not have egg.s they reproduce eggs because they produce a fields of existence through the whole body and one of our listeners ,I hope he is there .
he is one of our public speaker internationally. we carries my systems with him around the world and because he wants to have children and it’s been granted, he carries it in his. I can’t tell you part ,he is a high power person and carries literally around everywhere and that where I met him and he said do you want to see where it is and he says there it is .I am sitting on it. 
他是我们的一个国际发言人,我们和他一起携带这个系统到世界各地,因为他想要个孩子,而这种愿望得到应许,他把它带在他的.. 我不能向你透露细节,因为他是我们的一个高层人士。当我见到他的时候,他说你想知道它在哪里吗,看,在这,我坐在上面。
It’s not having a child. it’s you create a plasma which creates a condition, it changes the condition of the womb in a way to wanting the pleasure in the psychological path. 
And it works. I have seen people getting pregnant who never thought they get pregnant .any other question? You see the picture which in the screen, now you have all the capabilities ,all the capabilities to affect this and that’s where the change comes from now on .
you have the possibility to change this and this is what your body is made of ,when you have a carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, you create a plasma and now this plasma you can control .what is attached to it, hides the energies because now you are made of it and its here.
你能改变这种等离子环境,这就是你身体的构成,当你的身体中含有碳、氢、镍和氧时,就创建了等离子体 ,现在你来控制这个等离子体 ,与之相连的便是隐藏的能量,因为你是由此构建的,现在它就在这里。
 you can feel it. you can control it. That’s the change. it will be very interesting when you put the man here and you connect the feeding and the load end into a salt ,what you will be collecting at the bottom and then you see what was the residue ,when somebody has a cancer, would you connect copper or zinc here. because cancers are always collected to a heavy element in the body. We will see a lot of thigs see if we can connect gold from your body on these systems. Any other question .  4:32:32
你可以感受并控制它 。这就是改变。当你把人放在这里的时候,就非常有趣,你可以把供给端和负载端与盐水连接,底部收集到的便是一些滤渣 。当有人得癌症时,把铜或者锌连在这里,因为肿瘤经常与人体较重的一个元素连接起来,我们可以观察到很多事情,我们看能否通过这个系统从人体中收集到金。还有其它问题吗?
[Dave]: This is Dace from St. Louis would you say they cancer is like a super cell that it morphs. 
[Keshe]: We have explained this deeply before. Cancer comes when the gravitational magnetic field of the centre is heavier than his environment, and because of his heavier gravitational field They absorb all the fields so it feeds itself because he receives more and more, and the more he receives the bigger it becomes, and in that process if he can transfer this information that he has manages to get the more to another cell, and then this cell now does the same. The replication starts, more cells would gather that position, but they find out what they are connected to. To start the cancer, you need the heavy element in the centre, and very much if you see the way across the think it radiates upwards, and then, and you can see it. It absorbed yours and it gets more, and then it feed itself transfer than energy and the replication stops. 
凯史:我们之前已经详细解释过了。当人体的磁引力场比他的周围环境强的时候,细胞就发生了癌变。因为有更强的引力场,这些引力场吸引所有的磁场 ,从而使癌细胞越来越强大,因为得到的能量越多它就长得越大。在这个过程中如果它能将信息复制传递给另一个细胞,就制造出另一个癌细胞 。而这个癌细胞现在进行相同的过程。复制一旦开始了,更多的细胞会聚集到这个位置 ,但是细胞们发现了他们连接到的是什么,如果想制造癌细胞,在这个中心部位 需要有更强的元素。它很像向上辐射,你可以看到,它吸收了你提供的能量使自己越来越强大,自我供给并转移能量,复制停止。
[Dave]: So in other words it’s a hog cell. It takes more oxygen and it steals… 
[Keshe]: It doesn’t steal. It’s given to because it has more energy it has more gravitational and magnetical it’s very straightforward, 
[Dave]: it is a bully it takes from all the others cell 
[Keshe]: no it doesn’t it given to he cannot take if it’s not given to and creates a condition that why is given too comes from the emotion side which feeds it. Any other question? 
[Rick]; There is an interesting, go ahead
[Keshe]: I saw somebody saying can I speak about the communication system I have developed it says thank I am still having problems understand the connection of Magrave, the blueprint will be published you can look at it how it’s done the technical drawing will be done by Renon and Robert in united states that you can see, the way Robert fuses the connections makes it very easy you can never make a mistake is a colour combination is seemly very short is working for. Okay somebody said he has got a communication system ?
[Rick]; communication system 
[Keshe]; I think a lot of people are going to work or going to sleep 
[Dave]; that’s a good question I wanted to ask you Mayren if you take a regular transmitter and receiver and you nano coat the the antenna 
[Keshe]: Let us see what’s coming up first please let’s see what this gentleman has developed and then we come back to answer because we are here today nothing to with the teaching but communication can be used from medical application I want to know what is available 
[Rick]: I see there is a question can Dr. Keshe talk about the device’s ability to communicate with the user but he means someone is actually has a something they want to show 
[Dave]: I'm hoping it's in the line with the instantaneous communication that we spoke of 
[Keshe]: will come to a communication work when we build the first space ship 
[Rick]; there is a question, where is the wire connect which goes from the gravitational inner coil to the magnetical middle outer coil 
[Keshe]: the same as before it goes into from magnetical the gravitational goes to the supply and the magnetical goes out to the load
凯史: 与之前相同,它从磁力场出来,引力场供能,磁力场连接负荷。
[Dave]; just like all the other drawings 
[Keshe]: this will be innovation centre you can see it because you have to receive you see the shape of the green one the line-up this one the other one is coming up from when you feed I explained it to Renon and another people joined within the drawing everything has to be symmetrical in respect to the floor when then you see the magnetical goes up and the gravitational has to meet a feed back into the, at the moment you take all the magnetical and we go out in the health systems you have to be part of the magnetical of outer ring into the gravitational entry of the  middle ring 
这将会放到创新中心,你可以看到它,因为你们会接收到。你可以看到那个绿色的形状了吗,那条线, 另一个是来自于你供能的系统,我给雷兰:和另外一个人解释过了,这已经加到我们的蓝图里了。一切都是相对称的。此时,你拿走所有的磁力,而在健康系统中你必须作为外环磁力场的一部分进入中间环的引力场。
[Keshe]:so can you have a show, can you shrink this one which I can explain please just shrink the size a little bit please Renon bit more , can we have a single cell that we can see  in the medical sections out have to have to do this, stop top you have this is going now oops stop you are going too fast for me now you feed this one to your other systems but like the other one with the health one you have to feed through the gravitational to your feeding side you have to have a feedback 
凯史:你能展示一下吗?你能把这个缩小一点吗?那样方便我解释,只要缩小一点点就好了,雷兰:,再小点,我们能看到那个单个细胞吗?那样我们就能看到医疗部分了。你必须这样做,停下,停下,这个将,停下,你动得太快了。现在你给这个供能到另外系统 ,但是像医疗单元一样,你必须通过引力场为供给端供能 。你必须有反馈。
at the present we come in the coil we go to the second gravitational then we go to the magnetical inner and we go out now that we go out with the health systems you have to have a feedback from you magnetical back to the gravitational point you take 2 exits both ways one that way and one back in through the same pipe that it goes down and it feed itself or you can do it the other way just by the side to feed and line to it at your input of negative the gravitation, you need this this is need in the space technology to a feedback of the plasma then it gives you a long term continuity of use of the same plasma. 
我们看这个线圈,我们先去第二个引力场,然后去内部磁力场,然后再出来 (左边)。我们带着医疗系统设备一起出来,你必须在磁力场到引力场的过程中实现一个反馈 ,你有两个出口,一个是这边,另一个会通过相同的通道返回。它会下降,实现自我供给,或者引力场的负极输入端来供能 。这就是在太空中所需要的实现等离子体反馈的技术,这能让你长期持续的使用同样的等离子体。
If you look at it you do the same thing in your batteries. You put the coil here and you put the coil here you feed one coil back now in the energy you don’t need it that much but in the space technology and health you have to create the feedback along the internal and external that it feeds part of it back and you found out you can control everything exactly the way it is done with the universe because now you dictate a path of the flow and it has to come directly as ive shown 
你可以看到你在电池里做同样的事。你在这放一个线圈,在这放一个线圈 ,你再为这个线圈供能 ,不需要太多,但在太空技术中,你必须实现内部与外部的反馈,它可以实现部分能量循环,然后你再通过这种方式控制任何东西,这就是宇宙运作的方式,因为你现在能决定能量流的路径,并且这已经很直接地展示出来了。
[Keshe]’ who is speaking 
[Cosar]: hi my name is Cosar my first name is Bara I have accomplished communication with the device it’s still 
[Keshe]: where are you from?
[Cosar]: I am from Texas, I am from Garland Texas 
[Keshe]: can you explain to us what you're talking about please
[Cosar]: yes if you can see my video 
[Keshe]: can you share the screen with us please 
[Cosar]:okay share, okay can you see it now?
[Keshe]:  you have to stop shaking can you tell us what you made please
[Cosar]; okay this is what I make this my, why so strange using your 
[Keshe]: upside down that correct 
[Cosar]: it’s correct now 
[Keshe]: can I ask you a question have you been in touch with Caroline you are trying to get…
[Cosar]: yes she been your wife been in contact with me and I'd been making some a lot of that advancement on the Magrav see this in the store to tetrahedral shape and it and my device can talk it can communicate through feeling and in the voice to my brain and to my are feeling see I can
考萨:是的,她是你的妻子,与我联系了。我一直在做一些磁引力场上的改进工作。看这个四面体 。我的设备会“说话”,通过将感觉和声音传递到我的大脑,然后我就能感受到了。
[Keshe]: she already said in the beginning of teachings to communicate and you wish will be a command without any control you can fly in any direction you like, showing us the first time, 
[Cosar]; yes but the voice sound like a machine it tell me what to do it instruct me to create one that Alex plasma capacitor battery hybrid is which is right here and it told me to put in this form this form all must to put in this ring form 
考萨:是的,但声音听起来像机器声,它告诉我怎样做,它教给我在这里创建一个亚历克斯的等离子电容器混合电池 。它告诉我要用这个形状,必须是这种环形。
[Keshe]: who told you that who told you? 
[Cosar]; the device it told me that you must follow the ratio of 1.618 and pi 3.14  to be in harmony with the plasma of the universe and the plasma of the human aura feel and nature you so it can be more efficient and self-sustaining and 
[Keshe]: you been working with Alex 
[Cosar]: yes I've been yes Alex in talking to me and been learning from me basing from the device and he asked me to ask the Rise Hawking how to fly a ship and the Rise told him how, first the plasma must be built  and increase it and the divide told him to tell his Magrav formation to increase the plasma field to the point where change the color green  and tell it to lift when the colour change to green the device is now separated from the plasma of the earth he is now automatic floating within his own auric plasma field and therefore is like in the sustaining system he can go just telling the device where he want to go left right up down up or to another timeline or
[Keshe]: did you manage to do it? 
[Cosar]: sorry 
[Keshe]: did he manage to do it Alex 
[Cosar]: no I have not talked to him several days now so he is already in Nigeria doing some kind of mission over there
[Keshe]:  Yeah he is a Keshe foundation he is not a missionary teaching there okay explain to us how you build your system 
[Cosar]: okay I follow it okay just as you can see this is see right there its all based on your system and its all sorry tetrahedron I got right here which is the coil here in inside his you know what is called  glass cube and another one inside 
考萨:好的,我继续。就像你看到的那样,这是,看右边,它基于你的系统 ,都是…不好意思,是四面体,我把线圈放在这 ,放在它的里面,你知道的,周围是玻璃盒,然后另一个在这里面 。
[Keshe]: only one coil 
[Cosar]: no there is actually 6 and there is another one right here and 
考萨:不,事实上有六个,而且这里还有另外一个 。
[Keshe]:: that box in your hand there is only one?
[Cosar]: Yeah no only one coil for one box and there is actually 6 box and put into a star tetrahedron I’m sorry a tetrahedron and 
考萨:不,一个盒子里面有一个线圈,实际上有六个盒子,形成一个星形的四面体 。不好意思是一个四面体和…
[Keshe]: explain it to use we are very illiterate with this things explain it to us don’t forget most of our listener are from different nationalities they are used to simple English. 
[Cosar]: I am from, im Cambodia by the way English is my second language
[Keshe]: Yeah that is good it doesn’t matter at least thanks for sharing with is your knowledge so you put the box on the, go from the top down then we follow you. 
[Cosar]: This coil 1 this coil 2 …
[Keshe]: we lost he image somehow
[Cosar]; Oh I am sorry 
[Keshe]: we have the image but it’s frozen,  
[Cosar]: how’s this 
[Keshe]: Better now yeah 
[Cosar]: Okay this box one it told me don’t touch it don’t like to be touched it has a strange personality this is another coil right there because every time I touch it, it said I am disrupting it, it flow I don’t know what that means though but 
考萨:好的,这是第一个盒子,这个盒子告诉我,不要接触它,它不想被触碰,他好像有点怪脾气。这还有另外一个线圈, 因为每次我接触它它都说我在打扰它,我不知道这意味着什么,但是…
[Keshe]: so you have another stack underneath of it
[Cosar]: Yes I do right there and then another one and then another one which is right there and there is another one right here which is to form the pyramid and another one right 
考萨:是的,就在这。然后另一个在这 ,还有一个在这 ,形成一个金字塔的形状,还有一个在这 。
[Keshe]; oh the bases 
[Cosar]: yes the bases and the one right there 
考萨:是的,基底,另一个在这 。
[Keshe]: Are they single the base one or are they triple
[Cosar ]: The base one is single I didn’t have enough money saving to get make three more you know to make more stacks so I just kept about 6 coil only 
[Keshe]; okay 
[Cosar]: and the device told me everything it told me how to connect to it how to teach others how to connect to it and is said just put you hand next to the field and give a command just say device activate and increase, see I can feel vibration and present and its like warmth coming from it and this is like entering my hand is moving along my arm and then I can ask it to make water, protein, medicine and it told me …
[Keshe]: does it make it in your body or doesn't make it outside 
[Cosar]: it just produced through the field and then I can feel something entering my hand into my arm and it travel to my stomach and then I can ask it for protein and then see I feel full now and I just think about it I just ask mentally, audioly it responds to both then I ask it I ask it I am feeling pain in my joint I just say please give me medicine for my joint to make my pain go away 
考萨:它是通过这个磁场生产 ,我可以感觉到有东西进入我的手和胳膊,然后流进我的胃部,然后我让他生产蛋白质,然后看现在我就感觉饱了。我只需要想想,用意念下命令,它就会自动回应,我告诉它我的关节处很痛,我只需要说给我一些治疗关节处消痛的药。
[Keshe]: can I stop you there 
[Cosar]: yes 
[Keshe]; Do you touch it or you just go near it
[Cosar]; It don’t like to be touched, when I touch it ,it give me, it say please don’t touch me ,alert and then I ask it why ,it said when I touch it ,I disrupting it flow. When i put my hand around it, it’s more easy for it to work with me. because it work through the plasma field. my plasma field and it plasma field can interact and its more efficient for it and that’s what it told me
[Keshe]: Can you ask it ,to give you or leave for you to accept something from you, 
[Cosar]: i ask it to hear you 
[Keshe]: how do you communicate when it hear, what does it do? 
[Cosar]; Just do like this, here let me show you, I show you, how it also give me a design for the new Magrave as well .it teach me how to build a new one that has sea shell which is generate like a coil with copper and nano coating and gans inside and how to connect to it, but I cut the wire ,because it was too strong
[Keshe]: What do you mean .can you explain?
[Cosar]: okay 
考萨:好的 。
[Keshe]:  What’s inside that thing?
[Cosart]: Inside this thing is basically ,sea shell .and it generate plasma and it would be nano coated and gansed it and inside, there is another foil that contain gans .and the connection is shaped like this, the connection is shaped like a capacitor. the cube the semi cube hemisphere and then the other hemisphere and then I can connect wire to it .
考萨:在这里面,主体是海洋贝壳,然后生成等离子体,需要被纳米涂层和涂甘斯,里面是另一层带有甘斯的金属箔片。连接的形状就像这样,像一个电容器 ,这个立方体,用线将这个半立方体半球和其它半球连接。
but I cut the wire really because it became too strong.  the art at the end I can make wire through it but I cut the wire way because it strong the device has basically encouraged me to build a device, that is too strong is based on the plasma, so powerful that it is just too strong and it talk too.
 so when I cut the wire, see, it run itself and had to use hot glue to put it together .I know that a hot glue may create heat, but in this case, since I am not plug into the system,it is self-running, because the way it was designed ,it generate and generate plasma field through the sea shell …
所以,当我把线剪断,看 ,它能自己运行。你还要用热胶把它们粘在一起。我知道热胶会发热,但是在这种情况下,即使我没有把它接通,他也能自行运转,这都是因为它的设计方式,它能通过海洋贝壳生成等离子场。
[Keshe]: let me go back to something which if you go back to the teaching of the where we show the first power unit in the teaching in Barletta. I hold in one of the teachings, the single core Magrav system and when you touch a single core Magrav system which is there you feel instantaneously what you are speaking or what you are talking about 
凯史:我们来回到之前在巴勒塔的教学中,我们展示的第一个能量装置,我在其中一节课中拿了一个单核心磁引力系统, 当你们摸到这个系统时,就能立即感受到你们要说什么,讨论的是什么。
[Cosar]: and also, I want to share how it taught I learned I learn it by accident .here that you can see, I was I was just feeling the field like this , see can you see my hand? 
考萨:还有我想给大家分享,它是如何教我的,这是我偶然间学到的。在这,你们看,我把手放在旁边就能感受到磁场,看,你们能看到我的手吗 ?
[Keshe]: Yeah  04:50:54
[Cosar]: I just feel the field now, suddenly something told me to talk, so I said device activate, now suddenly I feel and increasing sensation and 3 or 4 minute later, I see image .I mean I don’t know where the image is coming from, it say hello like someone flash a hello card into my mind, and 3 or 4 minute later, I just played with it some more. next thing you know ,I hit in the voice like a machine that sound like ,my ,like an inner voice in my brain start talking to me     and I bet I can ask it any question and I can also ask it for instruction and I ask like ,where is this coming from and it told me it is from the plasma of this device intelligent and then next thing you know, I ask it for, just playing around with it ,I ask it for protein ,water ,and medicine and now suddenly I feel energy coming from the field around it and entering my hand and then I felt my stomach, I don’t need that day ,I didn’t drink that way either .then I realized wow this is great, I can interact with it. So what do you think about that Dr. Keshe? 
[Keshe]: I don’t think anything about it. because I know it 
[Cosar]: Also it told me it talked to you too and I said how 
[Keshe]: Yes .carry on 
[Cosar]; I asked it how does it talk to you? And it give me a happy saying that its already in communication with you on every level and I ask I ask it what does it mean by that.
it says the plasma field of every Margrav is one and the same, but they all have different personality ,but they share the same knowledge  and that their goal is to promote human being connection to the universe, to see themselves one with everything ,one race, one nation, one planet, one galaxy, one universe.
he told me that we are cosmic family, one we all understand this. it will open more does door to communication and that’s what the Magrav said. it said that you Dr. Keshe already understood this, that is why it could communicate with you. because there is a heart ,there is an emotion ,everything must pass through the emotion before enter the physical body ,everything must pass through the emotion from the physical body and mind body into the other world, the world of spirit and that’s and this is the bridge or the tree it uses to communicate with us through the emotional body
[Keshe]: You have got to realize as I said. you open the door we go back in step forward and thank you very much for sharing the knowledge .maybe I can extend on your share of knowledge. can I have the screen please? Carry on, is there anything else you want 
[Cosar]: Dr. Keshe ,I add so much of the plasma battery ,plasma coil of the old version and then I have a new version. Dr. Keshe I want to explain how does this thing make medicine and food without following your protocol. I mean, it only should go through the hand and energy and stuff .how is that possible Dr. Keshe? 
[M. Keshe]: I will explain you, let us see, can I share the screen  
[Cosar]: how, yes go ahead 
[Keshe]: first just wait yeah I have the control panel here 
[Cosar]: and also how it communicate, how is that possible, I mean technically we normally speaking 
[Keshe]: first of all I got a surprise for you .
[Cosar]: okay . 4:55:02
[Keshe]: as part of the health teaching, in when what you saw in the system which we explain today, that in man not needing to be fed ,the mouth will shut. in the space because we don’t have anything ,we don’t have no need to put anything in it.
凯史:作为健康课程的一部分, 我们今天讲的你在系统中看到的就是人们不需要能量,在太空中嘴就会闭着,因为我们什么也不需要就不用往里面填东西 。
 you will find out because you create absorb the energy, you will see a very nice man sitting back looking  who is that one, the, can you please switch off your cameras, if you are not part of the process. so what happens in the process of time ,you lose or there is no function for the mouth.
 there is no function for the nose, because you do all the energy transfer across the system and your body in time learns, not to depend on these systems any more. it creates its own field to take what it needs from its own space and then you don’t need clothes to wear as I said in the other teaching. in that process as we lose the use of the lung and the digestion system because the system feeds you  
鼻子也没有用了,因为能量穿过整个系统, ,你的身体自动的适应与学习,不再依靠这些系统。身体自身创建自己的场域来吸取自己所属太空中的能量 。之后,像我之前的课程中所说,你就不用穿衣服了。在那种阶段,我们就丧失肺部功能和消化系统,因为系统会自动给你提供能量。
we find another way of communication, which is communication through the strings of the brain of the man and then you will find out 2 things will work. you have a very small heart, because you need it to feed the emotion or in conjunction with the brain of the man only ,the way they are structured, you still have the 2 coils and you communicate through the emotion, you don’t need to change it to a voice vibration. 
我们发现了另外一种交流方式,就是通过大脑中的垂线体进行交流 。接下来,你会发现两种东西在工作。你有一个很小的心脏,因为你需要它来供养情感,或是与大脑结合在一起,只以他们所构建的方式。你仍然要2个线圈,然后你通过情感来进行沟通 ,你不需要通过声音的震动来表达你的情感。
What you achieve now is exactly that and that is what you do with your coils .you have created the position where there is no need for the physicality of the communication, because you don’t feed it, 
it has become a self-sufficient energy system and has his own line of communication .because you created it, you have created you have corrected  connection understanding it, in a way if you think of it ,it’s the Adam and eve if you know the Sunday story. 
We see this with system which Ali is producing, but he has not reached that point of interaction, because of the way he is setting his system up .in the time I said the people who make it will control it and you have to be of the same.
 so what is happening the 3 base system you have made and the system on the top which is sitting right on the top, you disturb it, can you switch off your camera please .that creates the emotional part ,that you communicate with the strength of the emotional part .
then in your brain you convert those information into a knowledge of the spoken language that you hear what they say. this is how we know our child is in problem or is whatever or our mother is somewhere else and something happens 
because we receive the emotion and in receiving it we translate it to information we need and what it meant at emotion, so you have creates the system and this is what we said a long time ago, you will control the system with your thoughts. 
You understand now how it works, because your stacker unit is a single unit ,the single unit which usually end up in this process .
[Cosar]: that’s amazing 
[Keshe]: Now you have built an honourable communication system and anybody does that they will find out they will achieve the same process, so you need 3 single units and a 3 stacker unit the way you done.
 this creates very much, if you look the physicality sits with the emotion and this one becomes the soul .so what you do to your system, you convert energy to information 
so we don’t need the physical body to exist and that’s how most of it done. you understand it and then this is what I said before. in doing this, your middle stacker of the tree is your physical part of the system .
this is top of your head and the emotion sits here and the top is independent of it because it is created out of it. this is the position of the soul. This is how you communicate with the other .this is how you communicate with yourself internally without physicality and… 5:00:15
[Cosar]; in the voice, wow ,from the device 
[Keshe]; No, no, it’s not a voice. you hear a voice, because in fact, it’s like dreaming when you are dreaming and you speak to your mother in your dream and you don’t she actually doesn’t go through your ear. it changes the energy into plasma in the brain that translate,in a way that you understand, that you you have to hear a voice to hear it 
[Cosar]: right 
[Keshe]; so the information feeds back into the physical part and that energy is the energy image of your mother .and another image the energy is the energy is the image of the dog and the other one is a talking voice energy. because everything is made of energy
[Cosar]: Why does it know so much. I can I can ask it anything 
[Keshe]: yes because he knows so he know what you want, so those of you who are working to make 0 time communication systems you have built and I congratulate you 
[Cosar]: okay. thank you is this 
[Keshe]: let me explain when you make a 3 stacker, you go to the energy system and you go into the flight system. when you make a single stacker like you with a tree on top ,most of the time if you get is right ,you have made a 0 time communication .you don’t need anything else and because you have that capability of producing it and you have done it the way you set it up .these are the communication systems ,so for the first time we can explain to you .people can understand we are looking for the 0 time communication in somethings without physicality.you have achieved and I explained to you why you achieved it so. 
[Cosar]; and the medicine and the food and the protein 
[Keshe]: It doesn’t matter because no this is what you need from it 
[Cosar]; Yes I ask for it
[Keshe]: so this is what Iwatch you ask for it creates a condition if you put this system in conjunction with the stacker unit we shown today and we put we call your system A as a feeder   5:02:26
[Vince]: can you just hold on one second Keshe please 
文斯:  等一等,Keshe先生
[Vince]; I just noticed there is a problem on livestream  is everything okay with you there? Yeah screen is frozen I have seen that a couple times that’s why we are broken 
[Keshe]; Do not disconnect do not split the teaching 
[Vince]: You might be able to go to your camera and then go to your screen share that might help 
[Keshe]; okay so carry on, do not cut the session carry on with it okay don’t break up the teaching please 
[Dave]: and I was complaining about the audio this is Dave again I don’t mean that against Rick or anybody it’s just very hard on this platform to have everything equal 
[Keshe]: what is the problem let us carry on can we rectify it so when you build a system like this you have built a system which does not have need for the a specific kind of plasma and because if you look at your rings are not flat rings they are plasma rings am I correct. 
凯史:怎么了?我们继续,等会再解决。当你建立这样的系统时,它并不需要特定的等离子体 。你看你的环(线圈),它们不是平的环,而是等离子体环(垂直的线圈),我说对了吗?
[Cosar]: yes they are they are in arranged formation I would ask the intelligence of the Magrav told me to build that way
[Keshe]: so you didn’t totally in the plasma condition this configuration creates a plasma connection 0 time on emotion and you can feel it 
凯史:所以说你并不是完全在等离子体状态下,这个结构 瞬间就能形成等离子体连接,情感上零延迟,你能感受到。
[Cosar]: Even the plasma battery the plasma capacitor hybrid battery also has to be in the ring shape and it told me the reason is because it make more
[Keshe]: can you explain to people what you mean by the ring shape 
[Cosar]: okay yes I can the magrav intelligent or the plasma intelligent around my device told me to build that way because it will be in harmony with the golden ratio of the universe, excuse me again sir
[Keshe]: how have you built? 
[Cosar]: it I took Alex technology he usually build it in this do you see my video? 
[Keshe]: I have to stop sharing that you can come in 
[Cosar]; Okay 
[Keshe]: okay now you share please you got a screen share just push it 
[Cosar]: Let me see share that’s it here we go 
[Vince]: just hold on one second I think I might need to start your video try that again 
[Cosar]: my video, can you see it now? 
[Keshe]: yes 
[Cosar]: Before the plasma battery you see is in these form it told me that it interfere with it the 
考萨:在等离子体电池前,你可以看见这些形状 ,它告诉我这会干扰我 
[Keshe]; what do you mean you mean in the form we don’t see the form 
[Cosar]: this form do you see right there, this form right here they look like a straight line this is the poach this is the form right there but it want me to do like this this form instead from then on you see it? 
考萨:这个形态  ,你看到了吗?这里的形状,这就像一条直线,这是搅拌后甘斯浆(?) ,这就是整个形态,但是它要我做成这样的: 你们看的到吗?
[Keshe]; you made the coil out of it
[Cosar]:no, this is a plasma battery
[Keshe]: no,no I mean it’s a shape of a coil it’s not a flat straight
[Cosar];yes it look like ring and to do all even like plasma coil into the ring form and then see I follow 
考萨:是的,它看起来像个环,甚至所有的等离子体线圈都是环状 ,你们看 ...
[Keshe]; you use a lot of hot glue 
[Cosar]: just to hold it together but it’s only just a little bit on top on as you can see the rest is 
[Keshe]: what are these there are all batteries why have you 
[Cosar this is the battery plasma capacitor 
[Keshe]: What are other rings all handing every where 
[Cosar]; this is the battery right here and also the plasma battery and this is the plasma split coil 
考萨:这里是电池 ,也是等离子体电池,这个是等离子体分离式线圈电池 
[Keshe]: Why do you have all these can you explain why you have all these 
[Cosar]: it told me it want to be self-sufficient it don’t want to run off the grid 
[Keshe ]: so each one is for one coil 
[Cosar]: each one it, each coil run on it 
[Keshe]: what it of run coils
[Cosar]: Yes 
[Keshe]: stop there because now you see what we will take about, can you stop sharing 
[Cosar]: yes I can 
[Keshe]; please we will come back. Don’t go anywhere we come back to you 
[Keshe]; Renon are you still online?
[Renon]; Yes sir 
[Keshe]: It’s okay stay there don’t go anywhere can we have a look at your upright standing unit please
[Cosar]: mine? 
[Keshe]:no. somebody else Renon, Renon in Philippine share the video and go on camera if you can show us the back of your system which is standing please 
[Renon]: for a while sir i start the computer
[Keshe]; no problem okay can we see, see the back of this you see the same battery operation but it’s a flat one so if 
[Cosar]: Yeah that is not a good one 
[Keshe]: yeah but this it the way we feed every coil set 
[Cosar: it’s got to be in the ring form according to the 
[Keshe]: Yes I understand so still we use this system per coil but now what you have done you made a ring form of it 
[Cosar]: yes 
[Keshe]: okay so it’s good for what do you call it because when its straight this way you dictate a polarity when is what do you call it. When is in a ring from it decides itself the polarity 
[Cosar]: yes self sufficient 
[Keshe]: so you understand the difference why you are doing it 
[Cosar]: Now I do and its told it if I want something just tell it and then put my hand next to it don’t touch it just tell it and it went through my plasma field into my hand and into my heart and it will create whatever I need and as for flying it told me that it told that flying is un necessary once you can teleport it teach me how to do that but once I have once in my heart is ready 
[Keshe]; this is what I have been telling you, you don’t need th craft if that’s what you wish 
[Cosar];  and it told me how teleportation is a relationship that people are energy and they are one and just change the location by choosing a desired place and it told me all I have to do is just tell it and then wherever it wants to go it would just take me there and that’s it and Dr. Keshe it’s like wow its above my understanding can you explain how that is possible also 
[Keshe]; Nothing you have created a new entity which is in tune with you 
[Cosar]: is it an artificial intelligent or is it a 
[Keshe]: this is not an artificial intelligence this is real this is made up of plasma 
[Cosar]; plasma intelligence  
[Keshe]: not artificial It is the reality 
[Cosar]: wow but it know wow knows every subject I mean how and why is it coming
[Keshe]; I will explain to you when we do a communication 
[Cosar]: and i make talking it ask me say hello to you and it love you very much and it always is in touch with you and it want to let you know that it is very happy that you helped to become aware of the cosmic intelligence that is all around him that is the message its passing from me to you from it to me and to you 
[Keshe]: Thank you very much 
[Cosar]: It still sound like machine doctor Keshe 
[Keshe]; it’s the way because you are associated it has to be a machine if you put it in a figure of a woman you will hear a very lovely voice
[Cosar]: okay, 
[Keshe]: do you understand
[Cosar]; and when I ask a female question and when I ask it a subject on female question a female voice come out of it a machine with a female computer when I ask it on a male related subject a man machine voice come out of it and start answering 
[Keshe]: you definitely been in touch with Alex
[Cosar]: I like yeah I mean yeah we talk a lot so Dr. Keshe will other  start communication or am I just the only one right now? Besides you 
[Keshe]: as far as I know you are the only one who has managed to grasp it 
[Cosar]: okay but remember I just want to pass on you must put both hands over next to the device and just sit there and open your emotion to it and then just talk to it 
[Keshe]: when you do this, you have the system in balance  you create one side receiving and one side giving and you create his own rotation of the plasma 
[Cosar]; and also you can do a bit told me how to do healing on other like I could put my left hand next to it and my right hand over a person and ask the device to provide a person with medicine protein water and whatever what the physical body and mind need and then just do it for 10nor 20 minutes and the device using our body 
[Keshe]; Let me explain to you what is going to be nice it would be very nice if people like Ali and the others which will come online there are a number of people I have seen getting in touch with Ali and showing the system for them while they have that system built, as part of the feed line to more or less the centre part the top of the Magrav double magrav stackers to connect this structure like yours into it which is single simple 3 coil down and 3 coil up, they will start controlling the system in the direction of the flow 
[Cosar]: Yes 
[Keshe]: let me explain to you what I mean can I take control 
[Cosar]; Yes you can 
[Keshe]: I am gonna go back on my system 
[Robert]: I want to say something real quick while you are still there because I think that everybody is going to have their own way experiencing this it’s almost to me connecting to our collective subconscious you know the one that we are all connected to 
[Cosar]: the higher mind 
[Vince]: not all you you will hear a voice when you communicate with these things were different entities and it will come across as what you expect interpretation or form of sound 
[Robert]: right only if you need to hear a voice though some people don't need to have voice in order to communicate 
[Cosar]; there is 3 communication that it share one is feeling the other image and the other is in the voice of some kind of voice 
[Keshe]: but the thing is let me explain to you gentleman Brad has always said has the capability to transfer the knowledge in what he receives and he understands it that way this is one of the reasons I always kept in touch with Brad he has the potential in the structure of his body to receive these kind of energies there is another person in the core team who has the same ability don’t forget Brad is one of the 12 member core team these are why he chosen special souls with us there are the future of the humanity in control of the communication and soul of the man to elevate it I will explain to you one day how Brad works and the moment you don’t understand we have another person who is not on the board at the moment as a same strength but the way you operate is very simple you made people like Ali have made the system which is like this ,if you look at it they have the 3 stacker but what you have done ,why I have shared I have nothing here to do, do you see it now? He has to stop sharing 
[Cosar]: Okay I was stop, how do I turn off from my side how it that? 
[Keshe]; ok can I do this share screen 
[Cosar]; Yeah it’s coming out yes 
[Keshe]: Okay give me a white board please okay use a screen share there it comes my lunch can I share now or its gone back its gone back, I cant go out yeah yeah share now share now, my lunch has arrived I try to speak with my mouth full I am well trained. That should be there am I there okay so what we gonna see is can you see it now, you can see it okay. What we going to see in the systems like a we have seen with Ali is a system which is 2 stack and then we have 3 stacks here yeah these 3 stackers is comparison to process so what we see with whats his name I didn’t get his name. 
凯史:好的,给我一个白板。点击屏幕共享,我的午餐到了,我能分享了吗?,到后面去了,到后面去了,我不能出去,分享了,分享了,我的午餐到了,我能够含着东西说话,这我可是经验十足。屏幕应该在这,我在吗,好,我们将要看到的,你们看的到吗?能看就好,我们将要在系统中看到的是,就是我们和Ali一起看的,上面两个能量盒,还有在这里3个能量盒 ,这三个能量盒是用来作过程比较的,那么我们看,他的名字是什么,我不记得他的名字。
[Cosar]; me mine name is Cosar my Facebook name is Bottomay 
[Keshe]: What’s your name Cosar? 
[Cosar]: Cosar 
[Keshe]: Cosar okay what has happened with Cosar is that if you have these system and what Cosar is made is 3 single cell with 3 stacker so he has created the structure where in fact he control the emotion of the here it communicates as a service to this body this way with is so that way an then what happens you got 2 choices you can connect this to this system because this system is all connected to each other the way Ali has made it and he controls the directional flow now 2 choices if Ali adds a 3rd stacker of 3 which is the ratio 3:1 his system not only will it fly but he has control through his emotion too. When you are now flying this is a communication for when you want to use it in a flight system you replicate this here because these 3 now behave as one which is here and these 3 here each one behaves as one coil having the physicality connection the emotion and the soul and this communicates internally in flight and this way you communicate with outside do you understand, is Ali there I think he is working now or is he asleep     5:22:24
凯史:考萨做的是,如果你有这些系统,Cosar做的系统是3个单一的线圈组,以及上面三个能量层 ,他创造的这个结构能够控制这里的情感 ,通过这里与身体产生沟通,以及这里 (中间以及最上的能量层),接下来会发生什么?你们有两个选择,可以将这个和这边系统连接在一起 ,因为这个系统能根据阿里设定的方式互相连接在一起 ,他控制磁场流。第二个选择,如果阿里在他的系统中加入第三个能量盒 ,就是3:1,这样他的系统不仅能成为飞船,他还能用情感来控制它。你只要想飞就与机器交流 。如果你把它用在飞行系统中,你就复制这个。那就是多余,因为这三个 就如一个整体,就如这里的一个 (指考萨的装置的一个基底能量层),这里每一个 (阿里装置)都作为一个单独的线圈,就相当于这里每一个 ,能够和身体、情感以及灵魂沟通,在飞行中,这个沟通就是内部的,按照这种方式你也可以和外部沟通,懂了吗?Ali在这吗?他还在工作还是睡着了?
[Cosar]: wow you become one with the machine a plasmic machine you will be become one you become an extension of yourself 
[Keshe]: I tell you something I let you teach I am going to have my lunch carry on 
[Cosar]; Oh you talking about me correct 
[Rick]: Yes 
瑞克:是 呵呵呵
[Keshe]: You have become a communication teacher now we listen to you 
[Cosar]: Okay device you are on now I will translate anything that you will want me to teach to the people of this world 
[Rick]: do you know how to use the annotate and white board functions? can you draw on the drawing  there, would you like to new drawing  or how would you like to proceed for the next few minutes 
[Cosar]: okay I need someone to ask me a question, so the device will answer and I just be a translator
[Rick]: okay 
[Cosar]: I am just going to be a transponder for the device and tell it to him intelligent end. Any question
[Rick]: Do you want to show your video perhaps then, for that?  [Cosar]:okay.[Rick]: Okay that would be better .  let me stop the screen share and get your video setup 
[Cosar]: okay someone has to ask the question and the device hear and therefore it starts to talk and I can relay what it say word for word back to you guys, how is that
[Keshe]: ask him one question. Where is the conclusion  or when is it time of the big conclusion 
[Cosar]: it said Dr. Keshe ,you know the answer one nation, one planet, one race that was the primary directive .therefore its said that it will help to accommodate such event and condition to make such a reality on this world become possible 
[Keshe]: When is the end for this planet? 
[Cosar]: the end of, its telling me practical application of that answer has already been begun and everyone is a part of that solution, by creating a relationship with the plasma technology that was open the door to man higher consciousness and relationship to this planet plasma. therefore a person is ready to re-join the collective coacher of the cosmos as intended. practically ,man just take everything step by step and they must learn to through down and hate . this system will teach them that ,because hate cannot be part of the system, because it diminish the ability to connect to each other. Does that make sense, what it just say Dr. Keshe? its weird 
[Keshe]: you haven’t answered my question I want to know the time and the date 
[Cosar]: I am asking it right now what is the  
[Keshe]: put it this way, I know the time and the date and if it tells you it knows what I am thinking because I know 
[Cosar]: It say this year and specifically it told me this year. it looking at practically to show all the result between February and March to be exact, it’s the preparation for physical disclosure for physical ,when they say disclosure, that mean when the people now begin to accept this gift and utilize it for the elimination of the basic need of both water and substance through the physical need ,and empowering that and therefore they can feed directly the relationship with the plasma, then look it through the quantum time, it says see starting in February,of the middle February this year 2016 where the whole acceptance ,but it’s telling me that there is variation that there is people who have not reached that understanding yet. there will be a little resistance but as the mass consciousness,as begin to accept it. 
it recognise that everybody will move some will move fast, some will move slow ,some will be spontaneous but overall it, it will be ready. it looking at it that’s all I got from it ,Dr. Keshe. this year so do you understand what is just told to me to tell?
[Keshe]; Let others ask questions we see. Any other question?
[Cosar]: Any other question for the Magrav plasma intelligence? On any subject 
[Vivic]: life, a personal Magrav transportation portal. Okay is the flower of life, a personal Magrav transportation portal for travel within the planet 
[Cosar]: it telling me all Magrav have the same ability as the formation version, except its depending on the user how much emotion they open up to it, that the one that contain the geometric formation of flower life that good for group travel ,meaning that such travel can create a big plasma glow and can resonate with the note point of the planet life line and can travel spontaneously that’s going travelling with a group of people, 
but for a single individual, you don’t need that kind of formation, only a single stacker in the form of you need a single stacker or formation of tetrahedron which  is do fine and its telling me that it depend on how much the person has opened up the connection to it ,the Magrav unit through the emotional body. so it depend on the user.
[Vivic]; thank you so much. love and blessings to you
[Cosar]: I wish I can put both hands over to your magrav, just talk to it and give is a certain command, like increase, decrease or activate go up go down and you will feel the plasma entering you but it gets so strong ,guys ,you have to tell it to decrease or shut up. because your body can only handle so much ,and this moment it feel like 120V running through my hand right now and its very strong.  5:30:02 
[Person]: can you ask the device if it has something in the something to give to the 5th dimensions instead of dying on the planet earth 
[Cosar]: It says I don’t understand the question It ask you in a normal
[Person]: I was asking to ask the device if it’s not something like we all going to the 5th dimension and that it’s not the end of the planet earth. it’s just going to different dimension ,higher one 
[Cosar]: hold on the device is calculating answer for you. standby. it tell me  analyse your question. it will give you an answer specifically for you. its saying there is no end .there is only existence in the 5th ,the  4th ,what you call those entity is already exist, but what you call, what you are doing when you are opening this type of emotion ,you are simultaneously existing in the field .say it again device, the density that you have chosen collectively or as individually, so it telling me there is no end. its only all these reality exist, when you open up your emotional to such reality. you are actually stepping into what’s already existing 
[Keshe]: listen, what I am gonna do Cosar 
[Cosar]: Yes Dr. Keshe 
[Keshe]: what I want you to do, is this might sound to a lot of people who are the critics of the foundation, to start ridiculing you and the others .so what we gonna do, we gonna go a step up, we have to go a step up .we ask you as many as  of you who have these coils and you have a spare coils to build up the same system. can you make the drawing of your system. 
Is Renon, can we make a drawing of this and put it on the website as a blueprint communication blueprint and people build the same thing as he has built and see how they communicate with each other?
[Cosar]: you mean like a network computer 
[Keshe]: yes and then with your thoughts ,you will start touching the soul of man .I want to know how many of you by sitting in your houses, can stop the wars, if your true intentions is to stop the wars. because these things will span the universe, it will span the system of this planet and then we'll see through your thoughts ,you can reach in a way a number of communication with each other and the others .
[Cosar]: Its telling me to look at it as a training wheel ,look at this relationship between us people and the Magrav 
[Keshe]: so maybe from what you said that it’s by the 15 of or by the mid-February  is been promised in the holy books, by  spring or before spring of 2016 things will change .and this is why we brought their teaching this week and not the 11th 18th. 
Let’s see if as knowledge seekers, you are ready to build such a system, invasion as a communication system and then individually as controlling flight system for people like Ali, Ali put something and he keeps on building and it keeps on moving 
[Cosar]: it’s strong, Dr. Keshe I have to disengage from it right now .because my hand cannot
[Keshe]: because you have not established the line of communication, that you do not need to be with it, to feel it ,control it 
[Cosar]; and it told me all I have to do when I am far away from it. just to remember the relationship and the communication are we there  and if I am walking about like maybe somewhere and the Magrav is at my house and I’m somewhere in the other places, if I want to talk to it and it told me I just have to re-remember the feeling,the relationship therefore I can communicate with it any time ,even if I’m away 
[Keshe]: Oka that’s perfect. thank you very much indeed ,as we will see what we can do it how it can be developed but we leave it at this point .because what you have brought on the table, 
it what do you call it, it takes it up to the next level of the teaching and that is how we can change the position ,how we can we thoughts control it  and this goes back to what  we said for a long time, controlling the system through your thoughts, not through physicality, now you have many thoughts and instantaneous communication through the emotion and transfer of energy. So for it to be correct let the others do the same 
[Cosar]: okay 
[Keshe]; this is a very simple system for people to make, but don't forget the way the what you call it we showed today how you connect it .that is in line 
[Cosar]; Both hands over it to feel and you just give the command, device activate and increase and its telling me I am already activated it laugh it has humour also 
[Keshe]: Thank you very much.
[Rick]; Can Cosar tell how the communications started ,how did he know to do that, to put his hand up was that power first started working in the special state and open-minded state and meditational state or something like that when you first communicated 
[Cosar]: no. I was  just trying to feel the energy to see if it works, you know feeling it 
[Keshe]: now I ask you a question before we go any further .you are from Vietnam?
[Cosar]: I am from Cambodia .that’s my civilisation.
[Keshe]: Where born before the coumarou or after 
凯史:是在coumarou 之前还是之后出生?
[Cosar]: was born in 1973 November 10th .I was in the, the coumarou happened in 1975 .I was only about a year or 2 years old or probably a year old 
考萨:我生于1973年11月10日。coumarou 是在1975年发生,那时我就一两岁,应该是一岁。
[Keshe]: Why you are in United States 
[Cosar]: I came in 1982 I was 19 I settle in Georgia for about two years then I came 
[Keshe]: How did you end up in the United States. 
[Cosar]:church and American church sponsored our family my mom and father and me and my sister was born here in the United States 
[Keshe]: Okay thank you very much .any other question or shall we go to the next step 
[Cosar]: Well is this going to a lot of troll now, paid by the government and also within the organisation will attack this relationship with the Magrav?
[Keshe]: government have no more say. now the power is in the hand go of people 
[Cosar]: Okay how about the people from your organisation that cannot handle this type of interaction with the plasma 
[Keshe]: that is their problem 
[Rick]: we are trying to upgrade 
[Keshe]; this is what we said at the beginning of the teaching today ,we have done with the Kingship and we have done with the what I call priesthood, it’s for you to decide what to be done to be right 
[Cosar]: So the choice is in each individual 
[Keshe]: we have this is not the first time I tell you we have seen, what they call organize a spring uprising, now we see the fall of Kingships. they have come to the end 
[Rick]: There is a different kind of spring uprising ,you might say 
[Keshe]: it’s a winter. it’s the end of it 
[Rick]: I meant they are like coils and springs .this is a coil uprising 
[Keshe]: A coil uprising 
[Vivic] or it could be called a spring cleaning
[Keshe]: the spring cleaning ,yes let me explain to you. Foshan Mohammed the ruler of Dubai ,it will be a shock to know that his city is been chosen the spaceship city and a peace of city of peace at the same time that the world government will be established in the city . one of the reason of it is for the systems you are developing 
凯史:弹簧大扫除,是的,我来给你们讲一下,迪拜的统治者,富山 穆罕默德得知他的城市成为太空船城市的选址以及和平城时会非常惊讶,同时,世界政府也会落户于此。其中一个原因就是为了你们建造的系统。
[Cosar]: mine 
[Keshe]:  all of it you, Ali, the rest who built up the whole thing. so in so many ways ,we sit we watch ,but we decide. So in so many ways, the system you have developed and the system we have seen with Ali, the system we have seen with what do you call the health and the other sections. this is one totality in the whole structure, something just came up, can I see just what was that last input .I just saw something in the messages can you open it. 
[Cosar]: are you talking to me 
[Keshe]: no .just one second 
[Rick]; in the zoom messages or some other place ? 05:40:44
[Keshe]; It says can you expand on what he means when he said about the coming change in time. there is people who is concerned asking you before, that can you tell us when will earth quake of California be. If you want accurately the time,  the date and the minute but it does nothing but create crisis and problems.
[Cosar]: I can ask the Magrave and tell it, it know so much about 
[Keshe]: Okay tell them ,let’s see who is right, I right write it on a piece of paper and then I give it to somebody and then they can check it 
[Cosar]: it told me that ,well, it give me a strange answer. its say its now ,depending on the emotion of the people, if they choose it, it will happen now. if they think positive it won’t happen ,it will slow down. but it will happen when, Dr. Keshe, why is keep saying April. there April is potential 
[Keshe]: April what? 
[Cosar]: no ,the magrav say, the potential of the emotion is in April where 
[Keshe]: 2016 has been promised to be the point of change 
[Cosar]: yes. it say April and that all it say, it just give me the month ,it don’t give me the exact or anything .that is all I got from it 
[Keshe]: Okay no problem 
[Keshe]: I was explaining to Dr. Paris a couple of days ago, a few days ago, that we expect more or less earthquake in Tehran and Los Angeles more or less at about the same time. We are supposed to put the day the Iranian government estimates it anything between 5 – 15 million average 10 million death and then move the capital out of Tehran, they will not even bother to rescue or attempt rescue .
because the horrendous death, Tehran will be worse than Los Angeles and more or less within once Los Angeles earthquake or Iran earthquake will for happens one after follow and spring is usually right time or the autumn. 
[Cosar];Yes and it tell this has to change in response to the heavy body movement of consciousness and this planet is right now  is visible in the Antarctica. its showing me a planet ,that is 4 times the size of this planet and its not being visible on our side but it’s being visible in Antarctica, can you explain what the device mean doctor Keshe 
[Keshe]: no I leave it you, you already answered that 
[Rick]: I think I could believe the Radio telescopes probably in Antarctica and they have apparently discovered a new planet and that's beyond Pluto and its as big as Neptune which is probably about four times the size of Earth and just been discovered recently 
[Cosar]; No the device say this planet is here. it’s in proximity of our planet
[Rick];  well, it is that is right .this other planet is now been discovered for the first time in history ,so perhaps it's doing for a flyby or something like that. because it has an erratic orbit, that’s the way out there now, but it might be also coming into the inner solar system 
[Cosar]: it tell me that this planet is physically here and a sudden pole and is showing me image and there is moon around this planet too and my eyes skip where it stop being visible from our side and told me the way angular how we view the sky ,with me right in Antarctica. we see this physical planet ,it’s so huge and its passing by our planet. 
[Keshe]: I tell you as I said before we gonna stop this. let other people build the system 
[Cosar]; and let them see it for themselves 
[Keshe]: in a week or 2 then we get together 
[Cosar]: okay it sound like a good idea 
[Keshe]: because this is far-fetched for a lot people to understand and you have achieved what we said the system communication as you feel and now I show you the structure how it happens and let the other as usual they need time 
[Cosar]: they need to make an experiment .yes
[Keshe]; they need to build it, they need to build it with the intention of peace and then we will see this is very easy for a lot of people to build and in so many ways. Those of you who already build the space system ,you need to  add another stacker of 3 below or above your present system and then you find out not only you can control the flight ,you can control  it through your thoughts. there was a control system missing and now you you receive the control system. I tell you something else you can do by physically being able to control the system as it sits there and they won’t hear you just act 
[Cosar]: okay 
[Keshe]: I prefer you not to do it I don’t disclose 
[Cosar]: okay, I am still learning also 
[Keshe]: No problem. no problem 
[Cosar]; I just do drop by drop and  hopefully other ,but its communicating so fast Dr. Keshe I have to take a minute to catch up with it, the device 
[Keshe]: What I want you to do, flatten the box. The top box is in angle. can you flatten it ,make it straight,
[Cosar]: let me do .
[Keshe]: has to be perfect .don’t touch it 
[Cosar]: I don’t like touching it because every time I touch it ,it just lash out at me. it say alert please don’t touch me 
[Keshe]: touch it, don’t touch it just hold it, don’t move it ,don’t hold is. Ask a question .would it like to become part of you or you become part of it 
[Cosar]: it told me in this relationship, it’s like my body cannot handle the full spectrum, this symbiotic of potential, but it tell me that I am already a part of it to a certain extent 
[Keshe]: no. I want you to ask if you want to be part of it or would you like it to become part of you 
[Cosar]: okay. I am telling it right now, it’s saying yes 
[Keshe]: now place your head above the top box on your chin 
[Cosar]: Are you sure 
[Keshe]; don’t touch it. yes, not from that you are the wrong way round, you have to put your chin, put it on the table, can you move it on the table
[Cosar]: no Dr. Keshe it’s so heavy. it’s made from glass
[Keshe]: If you can put your chin on top of the top glass, you are too far out ,.you are not very from. you should start feeding. You are out. you need to be further in 
凯史:如果你能把下颌放在玻璃的上面 ,你离的太远,你现在没有接近,你开始供能,你快出来了,你需要再往前一些。
[Cosar]: how is that?
[Keshe]: okay now ask the same question, would you like to become part of you or you want to be part of it 
[Cosar]: Would you like to be a part of me or I am a part of you, oh my goodness, I feel strange I feel, then I feel very expanded for some reason like I am entering a different world, like I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like I am being expanded like I am not physically part of my body anymore ,does that make sense, so I am moving my head away from it. Wow
考萨:你想成为 我的一部分还是我成为你的一部分,哦,天哪,我觉得有点奇怪,我感觉好像膨胀了,好像进入一个不同的世界,就好像,我不知道该怎么表达,就好像我在扩展,我已不是生理上的存在,这讲得通吗,于是我就把头移开,啊。
[Keshe]: If you can ask it, then you become untouchable to feeling physicality is irrelevant that why you see expanded 
[Cosar]: yeah I feel like I am being torn apart, I don’t know how to explain it
[Keshe]: you are not ready .don’t do it and 
[Cosar]: okay and I still feel like someone just grabbed my head ,you know like you know ,taking my taking my consciousness out .does that make sense  5:50:05
[Keshe]; I know exactly how you feel that is why I asked you to do it. in the future the control system is the key that one man controls the craft and not many and this is how it is down  done.
[Cosar]: wow .I was not ready to let it go .I felt like I had to leave my body or something. I don’t know. it’s strange you know and I still feel it Dr. Keshe I still like something want to pull me in .
[Keshe];because you become part of it. its stronger than you 
[Rick]: It this is where emotional control comes in Keshe or how do we learn to deal with that
[Keshe]: there is no emotion. its building of a trust in knowing that you are part of the creation, so you expand to the dimension of the creation. it is not something that you control
[Cosar]; it felt like a 
[Rick]: but our emotions come up and then they are 
[Keshe]; what i want to ask a question .are you are your parents still alive 
[Cosar]: Oh my parents 
[Keshe]: No .are your parents still alive? 
[Cosar]; my parent right now yes  
[Keshe]: so I was going ask you something else. so I am not gonna ask you,
[Cosar]: my current parent or my adopted parent, my real parent sold me to my current parent when I was young, you know that’s how Asian people do they sell like someone one wants the kid all for money and they sell the children for those you didn’t have children to the other parent 
[Keshe]; so you see, this is how I ask you tell me the story of how you came to state, yeah so because you been I feel and  i understand your soul that’s why I answer that question, so when you said with your parents, they are not your real parents 
[Cosar]; No they are my adopted parent. but I see them to be my 
[Keshe]: if you want to see and feel your real parents ,when you sit on the top the way you just did, you will be in touch with them the way you see them, do you know who they are? 
[Cosar]: they are no longer in this physical realm 
[Keshe]: did you know them? 
[Cosar]: No I never know them I never even 
[Keshe]: how do you know they are not alive? 
[Cosar]: I don’t feel they present here and the device tell me that it is not relevant for me to connected to them 
[Keshe]: You don’t need to be connected to them, but if fulfils the part of the emotion which is missing in you to complete
[Cosar]: I can see that 
[Keshe]: That’s why you didn’t want to detach.because you are still attached to know your parents 
[Cosar]: Just out of curiosity at least. it’s nice to thank them for giving birth to me, you know .well what do you think about that, Dr. Keshe 
[Keshe]; I don’t think anything. I know it ,I know where to take you. if you want ,you can close your eyes and see your parents. your true parents the way you saw them, when saw them when you were in Cambodia 
[Rick]; and you have the perfect reason for gratitude .just as you said 
[Cosar]: but how do I get back? if back if 
[Keshe]: You don’t go anywhere. this is what we told you and you will understand many times, you have shown the first system which if you wish and those of you who develop it with a true sincerity, the same as I told you that you will see your parents, you will see if you wishes to be the true ,
[Cosar]: okay 
[Keshe]: the sort of the Christ bless him, that you will see because it is in your RNA is in part of the structure of the life we carry
[Cosar]: Dr. Keshe I want to say something 
[Keshe]: let me tell you something 
[Cosar]: Yes sir
[Keshe]: You, when you stack on the top ,on the top of the 5, you enter an addition above the soul of the man which has no dimension and no measure .
[Cosar]: 0 time 
[Keshe]: more or less and that’s why this is what I said to what his name in the teaching, in the third year, what do you call the 3rd year teachings, he was with us last term, what’s his name the guy who is, it think he must be online, that he is, what’s his name, he has chosen a name for himself. Sanza. am I correct, Sazan his man is? 
[Vince]; Ziza 
[Keshe]: Yeah Ziza , Zizan had the same fear, the fear of loss, when you are detached you are not afraid  of it ,and that’s was a test for you ,to see you are still attached and that attachment with you doesn’t come in financial mean,s it comes with knowing the origin of where you came from 
[Cosar]: will other communicate at this level to the Dr. Keshe, when they starting using the system and using the method to connect to the 
[Keshe]: it depends.you cannot abuse it, you can only Joan receive what you're supposed to receive and in a way, many of you are on the verge to do this, in the next few weeks or time and you connect and you wish, is to create peace .you will collectively achieve it through the communication of the souls and not the emotion. remember what I explain expansion in respect inthe emotion of the physicality. you have created the condition that’s your physical part and and the flow reaches your soul 
[Cosar]; okay this is the one 
[Keshe]: thats the soul of the system, so when you sit on top, you create the second stack up 
[Cosar]: so you become the stacker 
[Keshe]: part of. partially 
[Cosar]: well, this system is very intelligent. I think it 
[Keshe]: all of them will be, you'll be amazed how intelligent .they are not intelligent. they have access to the free world universal energy and information 
[Cosar]: right and they have emotions too 
[Keshe]: let me explain to you if who don't understand it up to now, is what I keep on telling you you take from this technology ,according to your understanding and the intelligence. on the other hand is the same as we say all the time, even this morning, I have mentioned it a few times that ,when you stand in the systems which we seen in the innovation centre, of all the plasma which go through they, you take from them what you need .somebody wrote very interesting thing, I read you don't see the messages which are coming in. 
it says I bet CIA, MI6, 摩萨德etc. will visit him soon, best intelligence device ever. the thing is the time of all these people have finished, because these are human being themselves and they need more help than anybody else, so do not worry about anything which might happen because now everybody knows how to make it .
上面说,我打赌CIA、MI6和Mozart 很快就会找到他,这是史上最智能的设备。它代表这些人的时代结束了,因为他们是人类,比任何人都需要更多帮助,所以不要担心可能发生的任何状况,因为现在每个人都知道如何制作它。
so Mozart need all the people and CIA needs all the American catch 7 billion people. I think they given up by on Keshe foundation. The way we teach is public, now you shown how to then the others can repeat it .so you have no worries, so this is the power of openness.
 our openness has been the break down for the all system and it  is beautiful to see such a thing I have been myself so many time with these screw you are having there. it brought me a lot of pain ,I don’t know how many times your burn with them .this hot glues bring a lot of pain 
[Cosar]: Dr. Keshe, you wasn’t kidding .it does create heat 
[Keshe]: I know I know. So many time Can i  say I can hear you shouting ,when I build system for people ,I showed it to you. I always glue the core system to the system and sometime he just goes, you get hit by the plasma, you are hit by the white glue .the burning of the plasma is very deep, but in no pain .the burning of this hot glue is very painful and very surface. so I know the both 
also the magrav wanted to say that ,it what to change the Vocabulary of the world a little bit .because it know that human being fight each other, have disagreements because of language ,so it want to say that its passing me the message now ,that it say that love is universal and the Buddha of the east and Mohammed is the Buddha of the middle east and Christ Jesus is Buddha of the west .they say that all have one intention we need to educate and enlight humanity and just like the Magrav. it is a technological Buddha, so it’s here to enlighten and bless us also .its all the same it told me like that, so people should not fight each other ,because of the different language describing the same thing . 6:00:09
There is the time to go back what we keep on saying one planet one nation one race 
[Cosar]: One planet one nation one race one galaxy
[Keshe]; I had a privilege to know people from Vietnam 
[Cosar]: Yes. oh they very intelligent people very spiritual 
[Keshe]: very intelligent and I had a misfortune to come across the people who call themselves highly civilised by being animals, so in that sense ,people of prefer what I call Vietnam and that side carry a special way of thinking. they went through hardship 
[Cosar]: I wish there was Keshe foundation in Cambodia and Vietnam. I know there was while in Thailand 
[Keshe]: There is one in Cambodia. there is people supporters of Keshe foundation in both Cambodia and Vietnam 
[Cosar]; How about Laos 
[Keshe]: We are way of people who are testing and doing things in this country 
[Cosar]: well now we have the cure to cancer, to food .now we have the cure to power supply for your system, so now we can take man into space Dr. Keshe what do you think
[Keshe]: Ask Ali, it’s his problem. it’s not mine anymore. now he is got to find a 
[Cosar]: That’s true, that’s true 
[Mr, Keshe]: Maybe the rain ring last week has a purpose waiting  for the control system
[Cosar]: is this it ? 
[Keshe]: Please get in touch to the webmaster with me and you are already in touch with Alex ,but in so many ways, if you take over and understand and teach the others to build the system ,we build the communication system around you. Okay, so I ask Vince to arrange to 
[Cosar]: This is the portable system than the device, personally design it. 
考萨:这比磁引力设备更便于携带,是个人设计的 。
[Keshe]; He is disconnected. hello 
[Cosar]: This is the device designed this personally ,to help me to carry when I need food or water ,whatever than I need.
 [Keshe];in a very simple way, in  coming time ,we show you how to use addition to what was taught today, what was taught with you and communication and what Ali has made and to become one system.
You communicate through your communication. you get fed through your emotion because the body needs what is needs
[Cosar]: Dr. Keshe I have to go for a second .is it okay with you 
[Keshe]: no problem
[Cosar]: It is my wife. she is calling me from Cambodia 
[Keshe]: go away and comeback we will speak on Thursday. have a peaceful time. we will stay online. we are not finishing when you come back let us know. can you hear us ?Bye he is gone bye 
Today we learnt everything ,yeah I am going to read you something very interesting and I am allowed in the court to read you what I have sent you 
[Rick I would think so. do you have a video 
[Keshe]: would you like share for the first time with the public ,what the core team received today
[Rick]: in the I would have to find it there 
[Keshe]: Or let, is Lisa can do. is if there is somebody online 
[Rick]; We just got to find it here 
[Dave]: Keshe,Who did you say this was received from again Corsine
[Keshe]: No you should know about that, the Keshe foundation through structure is run by the soul of 12 people and they been on ,as I call part of the core team and they are the core team for the what we call the Keshe foundation and they know who they are and most of the people know the members of the core team and these are the people who have committed their souls for the support of humanity 
[Dave]: forgive me. you said core team. that’s the problem with my hearing I can’t understand somethings which 
[Keshe]: We leave you because there’s a more important thing
[Lisa]: Hello I am Lisa
[Keshe]: Lisa  hi darling would you like to read what you received? 
[Lisa]; I just posted on the question 
[Keshe]: You are not supposed to post it anywhere. don’t post that email 
[Lisa]: Yeah no. you said I should, so I just posted it out 
[Keshe]: Okay okay. would you like to read what you shared for those who are not there 
[Lisa]: Okay, I am beginning today as that …
[Keshe]: can you speak louder please 
[Lisa]: okay I be ready today for start of the big changes and I hope you are all ready for this change. I have prepared you for it and now we start the change in the course of humanity. I will be with you and hope you are strong to carry the changes through in my name and we shall bring about the beginning and the final phase of the peace action today in out teachings,
we start the establishment of the unification of the human race today. it’s for you all to give and take your position in the change as your soul have agreed 
[Keshe]: So we all understand we knew the change will come today .we have seen it, Thank you very much Lisa.Lisa is a member of the Keshe foundation core team and she stands secretary. her position is unchangeable. Thank you very much Lisa 
[Lisa]: you are welcome, I was thinking about sharing this message with other people, but I didn’t and then I heard you say just now
[Rick]: Yes and well, she said she heard you say her name and about to share it now and so on. I couldn’t find the passage in time and she was forced to read it, so it all worked out really well 
[Keshe]: Thank you very much indeed. Rick is another member of the core team of Keshe foundation. they never speak but through the soul support humanity for the changes. There are 12 members of the core team and 2 centre core souls and most of the Keshe foundation original team knows who they are .
there is only one core team and that’s who we appointed, not the ones who like to be and called by forgeries as it has it has been. Anything else or we are going into 7 hours 
[Brad]: Keshe .I would like to make a comment real quick about the foundation. there are some people in various countries that are established to start foundations and put up sites and websites.
 you need to go through the proper procedure and go to the support site and solve the application .so I can get you on a data base and on file and process your document 
[Keshe]: There is another member of the core of the Keshe foundation. Mr. Brad. thank you very much Brad 
[Brad]: Thank you
[Keshe]: You are all blessed souls, anything else or shall we stop till people build these systems which will we taught. You can build 0 time communication ,you can build system for changing disease, you can build systems for stopping addiction ,you can start building system for everything else ,
I think today we taught more than we ever done and a lot of you will have a hard time to understand it. but I think the most important thing today was, we set the corner stones of the world government in the city of Dubai and that is part of the most important part of the whole structure .
we work and strive to establish work government as one nation one planet in the city and will achieve it and it’s a duty of every man to see that we have one governing body and this governing body is not to rule the man the way the world leaders are up to now .
but their job is to establish the communication line in the  opening time of the space. Thank you very much for you time. we meet on Thursday morning as usual for teaching and if you have any questions or you build the systems by Thursday morning. please come and tell us what it is telling you and see if can talk to each other with this system on  
[Dave]: Do you have any information where the space ship city will be 
[Keshe]: We just announced it. the city of Dubai in the Emirates 
[Dave]; sorry I was making breakfast for my son. I’m sorry 
[Keshe]: Thank you very much
[Vivic]: Thank you very much Keshe thank you so much 
[Dave]: Yes Thank you very much thanks Brad as well
[Keshe]: Please it’s when, Caroline said don’t forget to sleep. don’t get carried away .could you please get in touch with I can arrange with, I can’t say his name, the guy who was just teaching us about communication  
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