(2016年8月12日  星期二)
英语脚本:Lynn Schmaltz(林恩·施马尔茨)
Mr. K.     We have to walk away from singularity of working with a matter, but to work with a combination of matters. And the combination of matters should have one source, and that source has to be flexible to become what you want it, where you want it, the way you want it, for a specific part of the body of the man, or for consumption as a energy by the body of the man. 
What does this mean?  It means that up till now when we wanted to have food, to be absorbed by the body of the man, we went to different resources, and different sources, and what we did we took orange for vitamin C, we took something else for vitamin D, we took calcium, we took potassium, whatever we did. And somehow we took all these in, and in this process then entering the body of the man it changes characteristics from the matter to a gans state, as we have explained.  That in a gans state, in releasing  its energy across the wall of the intestine, then this matter plasma condition became in the lymph condition of the body of the man.  And as it travelled through the body, at a given point, in accordance with the information from paratid glands and the emotional part through the neuro system of the physical part, the lymph in one point changes to skin, in another point changes to heart muscle, in another point changes to a blood cell, or even in one way or another into the bone. 
So, what happens if we change this process?  We have seen the conversion of the matter through becoming gans in the body of the man, through lymph, and then lymph as a plasma changes to what is needed at the point of need.  So, this has been, as part of what w have done and part of what we have seen in understanding the working of the body of the man. 
We are going one step further.  The step further we are going is, in fact, is what about if we create this state, which is the plasma state in the lymph, outside the body of the man?  And, instead of going through all these processes of conversion to make the physicality and the emotional part, just feed directly.  The body wins.
So, in understanding this, this is not something strange.  This is what most of the Keshe Foundation guys, and women, and children around the world for the past couple of years have been doing. You had a matter, which is here, you changed it into a nano material, and then you changed this nano material in a gans state, separated atomic molecular structure, and then you put it into the reactors, rotated it, or you sandwiched it the way we’ve seen Alekz has done, and the other people doing, and you use the energy of the plasma directly to the body of the man. 
So, this way, we bypass the need for specific items and minerals, which we might not have, or we might need in Space. So, what we have done with the new technology is we’ve bypassed the matter state.  And this is where we started all this work from the beginning.   If you go back to the beginning early teachings, the emphasis was the definition of different structures:  the heart, the lung, the everything else, the stomach, the intestine and everything else, to refer and explain that everything is in a plasma condition. 
Now, that we are some 6 months down the line, a year down the line, and we have opened the knowledge further and further, now you can see in reality we are done with this.  This, in the work of the Foundation, in reality, does not and should not exist anymore, because as now, we can create a free plasma.  This is what is happening here, this is exactly the process in this box creating a free plasma environment.  The same as this motor on the floor, they are creating free condition plasma.  Now we know what it is.  So, we can dictate what this plasma can do, that it leads and it can be absorbed by the body of the man without going through digestion system. 
Don’t forget, from the beginning I repeated one simple thing, man uses 20% of energy needs through consumption of the food and 80% of it comes though environment.  So, with feeding the body of the man with a plasma we cannot give it as a food.  We can provide the environment that allows the body to have both gradients of gravitational and magnetical, that it can take what it needs from its environment, that it feeds and sustains life. 
And now that we have learned how to create plasma, in reality we can rely 100% on feeding yourself through plasma technology. This is where we started, because in space you cannot take a cattle, God knows a sheep, two chickens, and God knows what?   We are not carrying the boat of Noah.  Impossibilities!  But, we’re carrying the knowledge, the true knowledge, of boat of Noah, which was when you carry plasma you can have any animal in taste, colour, shape, texture, or smell. 
So, in fact, Boat of Noah carried only the plasma.  It was the man through his imagination and understanding could make anything he liked from it.  Don’t forget you eat it, but as we said, different meat…. whatever, enters your body as a plasma then the body decides what is going to be referred back to calcium, calcium or whatever, according to the energy which is coming and is stored at that strength. So, now the boat of Noah is one plasma.  You decide what you like it to be? You want two giraffes or four elephants?  It doesn’t make any difference you can have a snake or whatever, but you have it in the energy states of the plasma of the matter.
So, now you see the whole understanding, and why from the beginning when the teaching on the Health started I kept to one side, emotion and soul, and not to do with physicality.  Everything was explained in little nitty gritty, how they make a star formation, how they do this to convert.  And, always explained from a plasma point of view, what it delivers emotionally, that in the emotion of the man converts when it needed to the soul to the material that is needed, to increase it or decrease it. 
Your back?  Ha ha ha. 
So, this is where we see the changes.  This is where the knowledge of the man changes in the space technology.  We are not here as a Space programme, we are here as a Spaceship Programme.  A Spaceship programme means making a system from the reality of the plasma, which is a ship with its own structure of the plasma.  Because it’s the plasma which makes the structure, there is no physicality in the structure as you are used to getting in a jumbo.  You decide the wall, the thickness, the colour, the material, and with one switch you can change it to be applicable in different conditions and magnetic fields. 
On Earth, you have planes to fly, cars to drive, ships to go on the sailing, in the water, because each one is conditioned for different environment.  In Space, there is one environment only, and that is only magnetic plasmatic gravitational magnetic field. Nothing else! But of the different strength, of different strength and density of the strength of the plasmatic gravitational field.  So, in Space you cannot have aircraft made of aluminium, and you enter an environment where the aluminium is a soup, you lose your craft and your passengers, you all fall out. Where you fall out God knows?  It has happened don’t worry. 
So, it is the same with your stomach, you’ve got to deliver an energy which can be absorbed by the body, but it doesn’t dissolve the digestion system.   These are all something in the coming time you have to handle.  But you find out you have to build a craft that in its environment can support the physicality if need be.  So, it has to be stronger than the magnetic gravitation field.  Remember one thing that everything in the world of plasma beyond the matter state only exists in a gans state, and no other state if it is going to having physical entity and identify.
So, it comes to one point, if now you have gathered the knowledge to be able to build a craft from interaction of magnetic fields, of the craft, into any shape of the size of the dome you like, why and how you can’t use the plasma condition to create whatever shape you need in the body of the man?  You want to create a toe? You create the gravitational magnetic field of the combination of the elements of the toe, you have a toe. The question is, if you understand how the position in the health changes in the coming time, you ask yourself one question?  Would any man will be limbless, or legless?  Would you be losing your leg and never having it for rest of your life? These become history of the past, because now we can understand, we can create condition that creates all the necessary gravitational magnetic field in the environment where you can allow the body to create its own leg.  We’ve done it with a toe. Now understand we can extend it to a larger scale, organs of the body of the man.  Because, we are not going through there to go there, we are use the information available, create the environment, the imagination does not need to be used, but the current flow from the brain, connection to the lymph and the blood system allows the leg to grow. You can do it within hours, months, or less.
So, the technology is entering a breaking ground, and as you have seen by producing free energy, as you call it, you can have free limbs, and legs, and hearts, and whatever you need.  This is why we are consistent with all our teachings from the beginning when we started.  Now you see everything is merging together, everything is coming together.   This is what we said years ago, we do not take any food to space because we don’t need to.  You carry a plasma condition, and at a point when you want banana you make banana, when you want chips you make chips, when you want bread you make bread. But don’t forget, the body doesn’t know bread.   The body knows the energy in a plasmatic condition that these items deliver for its survival and physicality.  You are dealing with the packages of the energy. And because you know emotion again is another packaged of the same thing, you can deliver the emotional packages with the physicality in the same gans, that once you receive these you feel you already had banana.
These processes approaching very fast.  Now that we released the energy, we release now very soon the process of  conversion of the plasma into matter.   Then you understand how fast the development has come to you.  How fast you can change it? How fast you can bring a plasma to matter state physicality of the man, but it is still in a gans state, or reverse it back to a plasma to use it somewhere else when you need it. 
All the teachings we done for the past weeks and months has been to bring you to the point of not schizophrenic but plasmaticphrenic.  And once we achieve this you will understand the doctors of today will have no jobs in the future, because they are all trained in physicality.  Now you have to train the doctors to understand the motion of plasma, interaction of plasma, how plasmas in their interaction as a gans lead to production of the cells, or organs, or whatever, in matter tangible state. This is where it is going to be very difficult for a lot of people to twist their mind to understand the next phase of understanding of the whole structure of the creation in the Universe. Because you touch yourself, you think you’re a matter, but in fact in the body of the man there is no matter. There is not even…Yes, there could be a matter, if you inject yourself with a metal needle and leave it in there.  Then you’re a matter, but otherwise everything else is plasmatic, it’s in a gans state of different strength to make the bone the blood, and the rest.
So, the tangibility of physicality has fooled man to understand the totality of the creation, and this is where we sit and where the change has to come.  Because now you know how you can change the energy package by slight increase or decrease from Vitamin C to Vitamin D and from Vitamin E to Vitamin C, because the body only sees Vitamin C when it needs it.  The balance which is higher or lower is released in the environment to be taken or given back to where it’s needed. 
So, from now on that we enter the Spaceship Programme in full blast in the next few weeks, and thereon, we don’t go back into the matter state anymore.  Matter does not exist in the Universe under the condition of gravitational magnetic field of a given environment, forces, appearance of a matter, according to a strength which is created.  What this means is that the atmosphere of Earth has created a condition that matter can be seen as copper, zinc, or whatever. If we take the same material and go to planet Zeus, or somewhere in the Space, you’ll find it disappears. Because the gravitational magnetic field of zinc here is in a matter state, in another position in the Universe it could be in a gans state, or gas state, or just free energy plasma condition floating in atomic structure.  So, you understand the matter state in the physicality of the Universe is positioned magnetic gravitational dependent, and that’s all it’s going to be.
So, your food, what is your pleasure to eat, the water you drink, will not be the same in the Universe if you are accustomed to ??Space technology as a Spaceship Programme Spaceship.  If you understand this, then you understand there is no limit in the travelling of the man into Space, in time, Space, and position. Because, once you know how to carry plasma, you do not need to come back to Earth.  You choose your place.  You choose your destination, and you choose how you want the plasma to be changed at the point of need.
In the coming weeks, and coming months, we start showing the conversion of a plasma into matter.  I explained this in the Teachings this morning and in the past couple of weeks in a very slow way.  But, the time is approaching that we have no option but to work only in a plasma condition, and only in a plasma condition which is acceptable to the state of the emotion of the man.  It’s the emotion and the soul which dictates the condition of appearance of the gans to be physical. 
If your emotional part, as of the structure of your soul does not agree, or does not fit the strength at the given point, that given point will never happen.  You’ll never materialize.  Back to the Future being in a state of matter coming back the same time will not exist. And not exist.  In the coming time, Armen is working on it, we can show you how, I was just discussing it with Marko in the end of the discussion with err what you call it the Spanish Group, we can create a condition where while you watch you see materials of different condition appear around and within the environment you are.  
I have guided, err Alekz, in the past couple of weeks to go through this process, and he has seen some of the affects but he doesn’t understand.  Conversion of the energy into gas he has already seen, and he tries, and he will explain it when he comes, because I have told him what to and literally done. 
This is not theories anymore, this is not something that is going to my time, because I have found people who understand the level of plasma, I can tell them what we need, what can be done, and you find they just do it, and you get what you want and they can show it.  And it is the same process as I started with Marko and Armen. 
Because from now on, I take charge to develop very fast one track plasma technology. Up till now it was for you lot to understand.  We presume you have understood.  Now we go at the speed that step-by-step you will see developments, which to you up to even a week ago was impossibilities, creating matter out of space.  Because now we can transfer plasma in a given condition, we create the environment the same as the body of the man.  It receives only in lymph, it gives the emotion through the blood and the right current, what you call, through the nerve system, and it changes to be the same plasma the skin of the man or your nail.  There is no destination written on your, err what you call it, lymph what you are going to be.  Lymph is a continuous ball of plasma floating, and at a given time the amount of energy given, and the emotion attached to it, the energy of emotion dictates if it is going to be a cell of a heart or something else.
So, now we are going through the same process.  In fact we create a box.  Call it the human body box, and then we decide to copy to make a heart, by just injecting the right plasma, creating the right condition, and we start seeing materials in a gans state forming. In fact what we do, we reduce the strength of the gravitational magnetic field of the plasma to the plasma of the cell.  That’s all we’re doing.  The environment we create is slowing down process environment, nothing else. 
This is not nothing new.  You understood this, if you were with us from the beginning, that when the plasma of the Sun interacts with the plasma of the Earth, in the upper atmosphere, it leads to gravitational magnetic field of an element we know as nitrogen.  So, when the Earth gravitational magnetic field puts a barrier in front of the floor of the plasma of the Sun, the product is nitrogen.   So, we created a barrier which creates this. It is very much like you put an ice on the table, or you put it in the water, or you drop it in hot boiling water.  You create the condition what will come out of it, how fast it melts? Or you have a steam in a room, you decide there is a lot of moisture, you going to have nothing to be seen because you create a heat, you cool it down you get a moisture, and you freeze it you get ice on the window?  So, you create the environment. 
Now in the plasmatic condition, we create a plasmatic barrier, gravitational magnetic field barrier against another.   The byproduct of the friction of it gives you the gravitation magnetic field plasma of a nitrogen.  So, we are not doing anything different, but now we understand by running these reactors, which you see, how we can strengthen the condition?  How we can change the condition to get what we need?  Now we are converting very directly energy of a free plasma into energy of a system.  And today, uff,  it is 78.8 14.5, which is more or less 5.5 times what we take out of the grid we are putting back into the grid and if you can say 70m 60 kw hour, and we can convert this 60 kw hour to Vitamin C, then you’ve done a great job.  You have millions of Vitamin C packages, because the energy you read on these meters is not electron vibration, it is a plasma flow which manifests itself at a packages of vibration energy.
The whole game of creation according to man’s understanding is turned upside down.  This is why a lot of people will oppose this because they have to rewrite the books.  They have to re-educate themselves